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Carrier Wheels

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Leading Manufacturer & Exporter of Steel Wheels

Carrier Wheels Private Limited is one of the leading manufacturers of steel wheels for Automotive, Agricultural, Construction, Earthmoving, Implements, Forestry, Floatation, and Off-Road Equipment. Carrier Wheels Pvt. Ltd. has an installed capacity of 2,000,000 wheels per year and exports to more than 20 countries.

The business aimed at standing out as the leading manufacturer of steel wheels in India and then expanding its organic outreach to countries serviced globally. The SEO approach is considered a mix of brand keywords and product-specific keywords.



  • Mid-scale enterprise based out of India in the manufacturing sector on the lookout for improved keyword rankings in Google search results.
  • Link building activities were planned in bulk for the initial months as prior to this SEO effort wasn’t put on the website and it required an initial boost.
  • Keywords were selected based on the product lines with the highest sales figures in past.
  • Compete with industry leaders like WheelsIndia for the organic rankings on Google search engine results.


  • A selected set of keywords started ranking in the very first month itself thanks to the targeted link-building activities.
  • Content length chosen for link-building activities differentiated it from other competitors helping it to achieve the target positions early
  • Brought the rankings at par with the nearest 2 competitors in the same domain
  • Enhanced business dependency on organic website leads for new business development