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World's Leading Manufacturer of Plastic and Metal Standard Machine Elements

ELESA+GANTER is a commercial joint venture between the two world leaders of standard machine elements: Elesa S.p.A (Monza, Milano, Italy) and Otto Ganter GmbH & Co. KG (Furtwangen, Germany).

The objective of the project was to increase the organic visibility of business-relevant keywords for Search Engine Rankings keeping in mind the active competition in the industry.



  • Being a large enterprise in industrial tools and machinery, the India division of elesa+ganter had to enhance the organic presence of their products on search engine results.
  • Business relevant keywords and relevant website traffic to be focused upon for the domestic market i.e. India
  • Detailed technical audit & on-page optimization of the website
  • Compete actively with other industry leading companies to stay ahead of the competition
  • A thorough analysis of backlinks and disavowing of links basis on the same.
  • Goals and conversions setup in Google Analytics
  • Building high domain authority backlinks through industry-specific websites.


  • Optimization of meta tags titles and descriptions of the website focusing on the keywords of choice
  • High-quality link acquisition from relevant websites through guest blogging led to an increase in the search engine visibility of the website in a short period of time
  • Better monitoring of relevant KPIs through Google Analytics, which helped in making informed marketing decisions.
  • Ranking on business-relevant keywords ensured the improvement in the quality of website traffic which resulted in better sales.