Health Care Service Company


Largest Health Care Service Company Migrates to Salesforce Lightning

The client is a global healthcare services provider with headquarters in the United States and Ireland, specializing in supply chain and logistics solutions for pharmaceuticals and manufacturing medical supplies, including gloves, apparel, fluids, and laboratory products. They bridge the gap between clinical and operational healthcare to deliver healthcare solutions and data-driven insights.

The client’s services are critical in providing a link between the healthcare industry’s clinical and operational sides, enabling the delivery of healthcare solutions and data-driven insights.


  • The client’s Australian division was facing a productivity issue due to operating on an old version of Salesforce called Salesforce Classic. They needed the new features available only in Salesforce Lightning to improve their sales operations, including managing sales opportunities, work orders, and inventories.
  • The client required a seamless transition from Salesforce Classic to Salesforce Lightning without interrupting their business-critical sales operations. TIS provided the necessary technical expertise and experience to ensure a smooth transition.
  • The client was facing challenges in managing their sales operations due to manual processes and data silos resulting in poor visibility of customer data and sales pipeline.
  • The client also required customization of Salesforce Lightning to support their unique sales process and workflows.
  • TIS conducted a thorough analysis of the client’s existing sales process and identified areas of improvement to streamline their operations.
  • We developed a customized migration plan to move the client’s existing data from Salesforce classic to Salesforce Lightning without any business disruption.
  • Our team implemented Salesforce Lightning with customizations to support the client’s unique sales process and workflows.
  • The implementation of Salesforce Lightning resulted in increased productivity of the sales team, improved visibility of customer data and sales pipeline, and streamlined sales operations.
  • The also provided training and support to the client’s sales team to ensure a smooth transition to Salesforce Lightning.


  • Conducted initial analysis of the current Salesforce, business process, and bottlenecks to develop a migration roadmap with limited impact on the existing process.
  • Migrated every user from Salesforce Classic UI to Salesforce Lightning UI, while providing demos on the Lightning UX/UI for seamless onboarding.
  • Enabled Lightning voice for sales users to connect with customers instantly, and synchronized apps for real-time scheduling of meetings with clients.
  • Upgraded Visual Force pages to Lightning, improving responsiveness, user engagement and overall UX.


  • Salesforce Lightning implementation significantly improved the client’s productivity and user experience.
  • Features like Outlook, Voice, and UI helped increase productivity by 70%, resulting in improved revenue.
  • A survey among internal employees yielded a 90% CSAT score, indicating successful adoption of Salesforce Lightning.