Industrial Equipment Supplier – Salesforce

Middle Eastern Supplier of Bulk Pipes, Valves, Fittings, and Industrial Equipment.


Project Overview

The company is among the leading bulk suppliers and distributors of pipes, valves, fittings, and various other industrial equipment in the Middle East. 

With a vast product portfolio, the company caters to several industries like oil and gas, marine, construction, and power generation.


  • The company had a large customer base, and it was difficult to keep track of all the requests and inquiries recieved, resulting in lack of coordination between various departments.
  • The customer support team was also struggling to provide prompt and accurate responses to customer inquiries due to the lack of a consolidated system.
  • The company’s customer support team was tracking customer issues manually, which led to data entry errors, delayed resolution times, and impacted customer satisfaction levels.
  • The company’s customer support team also couldn’t measure the effectiveness of their support operations, making it difficult to identify areas of improvement.


  • Our team implemented Salesforce Service Cloud to create a centralized platform for the company’s customer support team to better track the track customer issues and inquiries.
  • We also customized the Service Cloud instance with specific workflows and automated processes as per the company’s requirements to improve the speed and accuracy of customer support responses.
  • The implementation of Service Cloud’s self-service portal allows customers to track their requests and inquiries and provide updates in real-time.
  • Integration of Service Cloud with the company’s ERP system facilitated to streamline the ordering process, reduce errors, and improve response times.
  • Our team also provided extensive training to company’s customer support team on how to use the new system effectively.


  • Salesforce Service Cloud allowed the company’s customer support team to track customer issues efficiently, resulting in a significant reduction in resolution time.
  • The self-service portal also led to a reduction in call volume, allowing the customer support team to focus on more pressing customer issues.
  • The centralized system facilitated more accurate tracking of customer issues and inquiries, leading to improvement in customer satisfaction levels.
  • Automated workflows and processes reduced data entry errors, leading to a noteworthy increase in data accuracy.
  • The integration of Service Cloud with the company’s ERP system also improved the response time for order requests.