Manufacturing Company


A Leading Manufacturing Company Leverages Customized Salesforce® Solution to Improve Partner Operations

The client is a reputed manufacturer and exporter of construction-linked measurement instruments in India, with a strong production base and an impressive marketing network. They are renowned for delivering quality products to their customers.

The client’s commitment to modernizing their business processes and meeting the evolving needs of their customers demonstrates their dedication to providing the highest level of service and ensuring customer satisfaction.


  • The client sought a transparent process to maximize efficiencies and automate the dealer order management aspects of their business, leading them to partner with TIS.
  • The client previously relied on manual processes to enter order details, invoices, and inventory, resulting in a time-consuming and overwhelming process prone to errors.
  • The client realized the need for an automated platform that could easily manage dealer and product information, reduce work duplicity, connect process silos, and reduce manual interventions.
  • The client desired a web portal and a mobile app that could integrate seamlessly with their CRM and ERP systems to efficiently handle all dealer requirements.
  • The goal was to automate and enhance the complete dealer management process, reducing turnaround time for deliveries, offering an easy option for order placement and tracking, and enabling hassle-free access to all reports and past orders through a user-friendly web portal and mobile app.


  • TIS’s team worked closely with the client to understand their challenges and requirements, resulting in the implementation of a customized dealer order management system on the Salesforce® platform.
  • The system centralized all information related to products, dealers, inventory, and deliveries, automating the data entry process and reducing turnaround time for distribution and reconciliation, resulting in increased operational efficiency by over 40% and reduced errors.
  • Our team integrated the new platform with BUSY, the client’s existing accounting software, for easy authentication and authorization of external dealers.
  • To ensure timely updates on the go, our team introduced a web portal and mobile app for the client with an interactive UI, enabling easy order placement and delivery tracking.
  • The custom hybrid mobile app, integrated with the core Salesforce backend through APIs, also seamlessly communicates with the web portal, offering users easy access to reports and updates, all at their fingertips. The new system enabled dealers to find invoices online and access various analytics, providing valuable insights into their overall business with the client.


  • The customized dealer order management system implemented by the team resulted in significant improvements for the client, which included enhanced operational efficiency and a centralized platform for data, reducing manual efforts.
  • The automated dealer order management process streamlined the entire process, reducing turnaround time for deliveries and offering hassle-free order placement and tracking.
  • The introduction of a user-friendly mobile app and portal gave easy access to information, eliminating the need for dependency on emails and personal calls.
  • The system’s layered architecture supports the easy development of future modular components, ensuring the system can grow and adapt to meet the client’s evolving needs.