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Improving Global Healthcare Access

MediGence is a leading healthcare tourism facilitator aimed at improving global healthcare access and enabling people to make better healthcare decisions.

The website is the primary digital entity of the business which serves as the centralized interaction point for hospitals and patients.



  • Considering the target audience at a global level (varied demography, languages, ethnicities) the design had to be intuitive, appealing yet very simple to use, bundled with short and crisp brand messaging to build trust and engagement.
  • User engaging colour scheme, icons, content and design language focused on building trust and ease of use given the business domain.
  • Patient onboarding, requesting a quote and database management of the network of hospitals and doctors had to be robust, secure and simple to use with role management provision.
  • Addressing the ever-evolving requirements of the dynamic user expectations and medical industry.
  • Third-party tools integration for marketing automation, website analytics, user-journey analytics and AI-enabled chat experience.
  • SEO-friendly design and development including the strategy to create regional pages.


Colour psychology, choice of elements, sequence of sections all intricate details were taken into consideration to build a website design which converts the website users into business leads by providing all relevant information hands-on while never appearing sales-oriented.

Mentioning all information about doctors, hospitals and choice of booking consultations in a few simple interactions brought transparency into the design and the choice of colours, ample whitespace made it easy to interact with the website all contributing to the trust factor of the user.

The whole user experience on the front-end was created from a patient standpoint and the kind of details and urgency he/she might have while looking for a service. Easy sign-ups, consultations, and information make it easy to register and keep a track of our medical history in a personalised dashboard.

Leveraging the immense potential that marketing automation tools provide customised user journeys were defined and marketing material, custom notifications, personalised emailers, customer history-based discounts etc. were distributed at specific times pertaining to their user journeys.

The choice of development platform, security measures, and custom backend panel was in line with the requirements of brands like Medigence which in a short time has proved to be a key healthcare facilitator.

SEO design and website content was created to support and leverage the content marketing efforts that the brand consistently puts in.