P&C Insurer


An innovator in P&C insurance improves agent productivity with Salesforce Financial Service Cloud

The client is a prominent property and casualty insurance company with over a century of experience in the United States.

Their extensive network of independent agents across 8 states provides coverage to homes, small businesses, farms, and churches, and their financial stability is reflected in their “A” (Excellent) rating by A.M. Best.


  • The client relied heavily on agents and agencies for generating revenue, but lacked a platform to track and monitor their operations effectively.
  • There was no accurate single view on metrics related to agent-driven operations, including agent-wise customer mapping and policy sold, agency-wise enforced policies and direct written premiums.
  • The agents required a user-friendly system to capture details of their visits to insurance customers and track the progress of claims processing.


  • TIS implemented a full-fledged Salesforce financial services cloud platform to track agents and agencies’ process and progress seamlessly.
  • The platform provided a self-service platform for agents to manage customer visits, insurance products involved, claim requests, and generate automated agreements in PDFs specific to each state in the US.
  • The client was able to get accurate information on mapping between agents and their customers, as well as track the performance of the agents based on the insurance products they sold.
  • The platform sent weekly customer visit reports that enabled agencies to see the overall events created for their agents and track claims progress or notes related to their visits.
  • Custom reports were generated to help business decisions across eight states in the form of images using AWS S3 storage service.
  • We provided Salesforce maintenance and support services to address complex scenarios, increasing overall ROI of the system.


  • The implementation of the Salesforce financial services cloud platform improved the time taken to process claims request and response by 30%, resulting in faster service to customers.
  • The weekly reports generated by the platform helped improve the productivity of agents by 40%, enabling them to better track their visits and plan future visits effectively.
  • The platform enabled agents and agencies to track contacts, claims, and ownerships, leading to improved accountability and allocation of resources.
  • TIS’s flexible, robust, and responsive managed service solution enhanced the productivity of the client’s existing IT team.
  • The investment in Salesforce resulted in better user adoption and overall performance, leading to increased ROI.