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Delivering Pets Food and Accessories for 12 Years

Petsworld is an India based, 10+ years old e-commerce store which primarily deals with food supplies, accessories and other products related to pets.

The business was on the lookout for an agency which can assist with their 360 digital marketing plans to augment conversion rates and support website design revamp recommendations from a digital marketing perspective.



  • A well-performing e-commerce store looking for improved rankings in Google search results, organic conversions, and increased organic traffic.
  • CRO analysis based on heatmaps and analytics was executed to correct the on-page issues
  • A large set of keywords were researched and finalized specifically from the pets e-commerce niche.
  • A Large number of blogs were written to improve keyword mapping and SEO performance.


  • A large number of informative blogs made the link acquisition process easier and high-quality links were acquired in large numbers leading to a high number of keywords ranking in the first 2 pages of Google.