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All-in-One Ops Management Platform

Taqtics is a technology-based company that specializes in providing innovative solutions for improving operational efficiency.

The client wanted a partner who could work closely with their leadership team to deliver the world-class user experience through their website.



  • Create a new website that would showcase their services and expertise to potential clients.
  • Conduct a workshop with their leadership team to ensure that the user journey of different user personas would be mapped in line with the business requirements.
  • Website needed to have a modern, and professional design that would appeal to C-Level executives.
  • Easy navigation with a clear structure and well-organized content.
  • The website needed to be optimized for search engines and provide a seamless user experience across all devices.


  • Conducted a thorough analysis of Taqtics’ business and target audience which helped us to understand their unique value proposition.
  • Created a website design that would effectively communicate their products to potential clients.
  • We proposed a clean, modern design that utilized a simple color palette and bold typography to create a professional technology website.
  • To ensure that the website was easy to navigate, we created a clear information architecture / sitemap structure that organized content into logical sections.
  • To improve the user experience, we made sure that the website was optimized for speed and performance, and that it worked seamlessly on all devices.
  • We added custom illustrations and animations that helped to bring the content to life. We also included all the relevant sections that could potentially build trust and confidence in the website visitors.
  • We made sure that the website was optimized for search engines by including relevant keywords in the content and implementing best practices for on-page SEO.