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Source of Cars Technical Specifications

TheCarSpec is a website that provides a platform for car enthusiasts to get reliable and comprehensive information about different car models in the market.

The purpose of the website was to allow car enthusiasts to find information about the series of launched car models over the years, by filtering through the search results.



  • The website should be visually appealing and easy to navigate
  • The website should be responsive and mobile-friendly
  • The website should load fast and be optimized for search engines
  • The website should allow users to search for specific car models and brands
  • The website should allow users to read and compare different car models
  • The website should have a contact form for users to reach out to the website owners
  • The website should have social media integration to allow users to share the website’s content on different platforms


  • Delivered a clean and modern design that is visually appealing and easy to navigate. 
  • Used a white background and included high-quality images of cars to make the website more visually appealing. 
  • The website’s layout was organized to provide a user-friendly experience, with the header containing the logo, search bar, and navigation menu. We also used color schemes that matched the branding of the website to enhance its overall look.
  • Developed the website using the custom content management system in PHP which allowed us to create a responsive and mobile-friendly website.
  • Optimized the website for speed by compressing images, and reducing HTTP requests.
  • Enabled users to search for specific car models and integrated a search bar into the website’s header that allowed users to filter their search results by make, model, year, and other specifications.
  • Included a contact form that users could fill out with their details and message. The contact form was designed to be user-friendly, with clear labels and instructions.
  • Allowed users to share the website’s content on different social media platforms.