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A Global Food Products Supplier in UK

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Project Overview

Unisnacks is a leading distributor of food products in the UK and Europe, sourcing products from across the world to deliver the best.

The business aimed at creating a website which will act as a digital showcase for prospective suppliers and buyers, highlighting the vast list of products available in Unisnack’s catalogue.



  • Special attention to the usability of the website along with the aesthetic appeal of the website
  • Ensuring the loading speed and FCP / LCP parameters of the website in spite of recurring use of imagery throughout
  • Animation effects of elements to add to the visual appeal of the website
  • Refined backend for easy content update
  • Design in line with brand guidelines, choice of elements to be subtle yet highlighting the business offerings effectively.


  • Borderless use of imagery to make it blend in the design and look visually appealing
  • Usage of tactical elements guiding the user in manoeuvring throughout the website
  • Implementation of dedicated speed optimisation plugins and programming best¬† practices to achieve desired page speed scores
  • Provision for multilingual website content for increased accessibility
  • Social campaigns integration with the website in a non-intrusive manner highlighting the value additions for suppliers
  • Research-based selection of colour scheme and images
  • Easy provisioning of content changes at the backend enabling team members of varied skillsets to edit the website content with ease.