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uPVC Plumbing System Manufacturer


Industry leader in the manufacture of uPVC plumbing systems, water management and piping systems.

The company is a leading manufacturer of uPVC plumbing systems, water management systems, and piping solutions.


With its presence in over 50 countries, the company has a diverse customer base ranging from households to large corporations.


  • The company used inefficient and time-consuming manual processes for lead management and tracking.
  • It was difficult to manage large volumes of customer data and leads from multiple sources.
  • There was also a lack of real-time visibility into the sales pipeline and performance metrics.
  • It was especially difficult to ensure timely follow-up and communication with leads and customers.
  • The company was in an urgent need for a centralized platform for sales management and collaboration.


  • TIS’s team implemented Salesforce Sales Cloud with Lightning Components to streamline the sales process and improve efficiency for the company.
  • The integration with existing systems and data sources enabled seamless data flow and lead management.
  • The customization of the platform matched the specific business needs and processes of the company.
  • The team also implemented real-time analytics and reporting to provide insights into sales performance and pipeline metrics.
  • Training and support for the sales team was also delivered to ensure adoption and effective use of the new platform.


  • The company witnessed improved lead management and tracking, resulting in increased conversion rates and revenue.
  • The sales pipeline and performance metrics are better understood, enabling data-driven decision-making and forecasting.
  • Communication and collaboration between sales team members is streamlined, resulting in improved productivity and efficiency.
  • Manual processes and paperwork are significantly reduced, resulting in time savings and reduced errors.
  • All of this has also led to increased customer satisfaction due to timely and personalized communication and follow-up.