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Being the world's largest video-sharing website, YouTube offers businesses an opportunity to promote their products or services through video marketing. And according to the research 62% of customers prefer watching a video instead of reading content in the text. So, YouTube Channel marketing services give your business a great chance to target a huge audience base to showcase your product or services and generate more leads.


Capture Audience’s Attention

YouTube is the second most visited website; therefore, your potential for business exposure is extraordinary here, and by focusing on creating captivating videos that stand out from what your competitors are doing, you can capture everyone's attention.


Increase Branding

It is a very old saying that products are made in the factory but not brands because brands are built in the minds of consumers. However, video advertising is one of the best ways to imprint the brand image in the minds of your potential customers.


Increase Business Reach

YouTube has exceeded 5 billion views per day, which is a great opportunity to showcase your products on this platform. So, YouTube marketing service is a prudent way to increase the reach of your business by leveraging the proper video marketing strategies.


Boost Search Engine Ranking

Building your YouTube Video SEO strategy can generate real SEO results for your YouTube channel. And with the right tactics, you can drive a lot of traffic to your videos on your channel and, in turn, to your website as well.


The Best YouTube Marketing Agency In India Delivers World-Class YouTube Video Marketing Services



We Create And Optimize Effective YouTube Video Marketing Plan That Directly Connect With The Target Users

Looking to launch your product or service promotion campaigns on YouTube? The best YouTube Video Marketing Agency is here to help you out. Our certified YouTube marketing experts have worked with several top brands and our video production team creates a varied range of videos as per their business vertical and needs. The effective videos then get promoted and distributed through other digital marketing channels.

Our YouTube marketing campaigns are efficient enough to create a buzz about your brand and successfully market it on YouTube. So, discuss our affordable and effective YouTube Video Marketing Services to target a wider audience with our certified YouTube experts’ guidance. That means it is a great opportunity for you to streamline your promotional video with TIS’s amazing marketing services.


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All You Should Know About YouTube Marketing Services

The guide covers a detail insight about YouTube video marketing that help you get the complete knowledge of this service:

YouTube, the second most-visited website in the world, is an ideal platform to build your business’s brand awareness and customer base. Hosting videos on your channel and embedding them on your website can drive prospective customers to view your company’s offerings, build trust and credibility, increase sales, and establish yourself as an expert in your field. These are just some of the many benefits of video marketing on YouTube for your business. Discover this effective digital marketing tool with the list below:

Increase brand awareness

Increased brand awareness is the most popular reason to use video marketing. When your content is viewed, even on mobile devices, you have a chance to show off your business in a more intimate way that will make people want to connect with you. Now, how do you create that great video? There are lots of YouTube video marketing services out there. It all depends on your personal needs and the level you want to start at. A professional YouTube Marketing Company in India can help care for all the details, so you don’t have to worry about anything else but creating videos people want to watch.

A much more comprehensive audience reach

YouTube video marketing services give you a much wider audience reach and are often the best option for your business. Plus, you can watch videos at any time without a cost and share them on other platforms to help increase your reach. If you are trying to get in front of new customers, this is an essential form of marketing that can’t be missed!

Boost conversions

Using a youtube marketing service can benefit your business, especially if you want to boost conversions. For example, when people want to learn more about a company and its offerings but cannot find the information they need on the company’s website, video marketing will provide an alternate medium in which this desired information can be found.

Help you get found on Google.

While ranking a business’ YouTube videos on the first page of Google’s search results can be challenging, there are still many benefits to using video marketing services. Videos help your business get found on Google by improving keyword optimization and creating quality content. Plus, once you rank higher on Google, more people will find you and click through to your website. This helps improve your rank even more with new visitors already familiar with your company.

A higher number of sales

YouTube videos offer all sorts of benefits for your business: with hundreds of millions of visitors, it is one of the most powerful marketing tools. They are easy to make and optimize, plus they’re free! And if you use them correctly, your potential customers will not only be able to see who you are – they’ll feel like they already know you. This means more views, more connections, and even higher profits.

Increased audience engagement

Your audience will be more engaged with you when they feel like they know who you are and what your business is about. Increasing audience engagement has been proven to increase conversions, as people are likelier to purchase something from a brand that has established rapport with them.

Build Your Email List on YouTube

YouTube is a valuable tool for building your email list. Leverage it to capture viewers’ emails while they’re engaged and feeling like they have a connection with you. Add an opt-in form to your YouTube video by overlaying a pop-up on the screen with text, such as Sign up below to receive weekly updates. When someone chooses the option, they are redirected to a thank you page with an HTML form embedded within the page that includes their information in a field labeled email.

Increase the Understanding of Your Product Visually

A quality video can increase the understanding of your product visually. Instead of viewers imagining what a chair might look like, they can see it. Unlike other forms of marketing, video marketing also allows you to capture viewers’ attention as they are immediately drawn in by images on the screen. And it’s never been easier or cheaper to produce high-quality, detailed, and informative videos.

Offer Your Consumers the Medium They Want

Video marketing is more than just providing people with information about your business. It also allows you to offer your consumers the medium they want. Whether that’s what they need or it’s what they think will make them feel better, video marketing services are here to help. Consumers today are bombarded with distractions and advertising. Still, it takes less than a minute to watch a promotional video and see how easy it is to contact a YouTube Marketing Agency in India online or over the phone.

Track Potential Buyer Consumption Patterns

People are spending more time than ever on social media platforms. The average American spends about four hours on their phone daily, with 85% checking Facebook or Instagram at least once daily. With this much time spent scrolling through social media posts and looking at YouTube videos, it’s no wonder that video marketing has become such a popular strategy in business today. Videos have the power to convey your message in a compelling way that might be too long-winded to pull off in text form, and there are plenty of other benefits as well!

A lot of small businesses think that once they have a video, they can just push it out on YouTube and sit back while the leads and traffic start rolling in. But it’s not that simple; there are a number of key factors you have to get right in order to make YouTube work for you. Here are some tips for successful YouTube video marketing to maximize your leads and traffic!

Create some videos that are fun

You are more likely to get a new subscriber when they watch your videos and find them engaging. You can be funny, poignant, dramatic or just plain weird. Mix up your content, so you don’t sound like everyone else. Engage with viewers by answering their comments on your videos, following them back on Twitter or Facebook and asking questions in the comment section of the video. Remember that some of your views might not convert into leads but they may still become your audience members over time.

Create an engaging thumbnail

Engaging thumbnails are critical for marketing videos on YouTube, since the first thing your audience sees is an image of your video. In order to have an enticing thumbnail that grabs your audience’s attention, there are a few tips you should keep in mind.

  • Make sure it has clear text so viewers can easily identify what the video is about. The text also needs to be readable against all backgrounds, which means you’ll need to avoid using light or white text.
  • Use different font styles and colors that stand out while still being easy to read.
  • Try adding eye-catching visuals like contrasting backgrounds or animation effects (like circles expanding).
  • Add logos or branding elements if they’re relevant and consistent with your other branding efforts.
  • Use a graphic designer if possible who can create something memorable or innovative like a photo montage with captions of highlights from the video instead of just using words or blocks of text for a more visually appealing design.

Create buzz on social media

Once you have a handful of videos, set up some social media marketing tools to amplify the buzz. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest all make sense with different niches, but even if you’re only on one platform start there as it will help build your fan base. Then choose a goal: email list subscribers? App installs? Social shares? Brand awareness? Once you choose the goal set a specific conversion event that leads visitors to sign up. For example, on your blog popups ask viewers Do you want to join our newsletter? while they are watching your video.

Optimize it to be SEO friendly

SEO-friendly videos have to meet some fundamental needs:

  • Information about your product or service (video title, tags, description)
  • Videos that showcase customer experience with your company.
  • Optimized text to make the keywords easily found on a search engine.
  • Conduct keyword research before creating the video to optimize content.

Promote your videos on other platforms

A quick way to get your videos seen is by promoting them on other platforms. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn and more all have built-in video players where you can share your content. Make sure your videos are optimized for mobile devices so viewers can watch them easily on their phones. And when it comes time to release a new video, upload it to as many platforms as possible so that you’re reaching the maximum number of people possible. When your video goes viral or sees lots of activity on a particular platform like Facebook or Twitter, make sure you upload the video there too!

Use hash tags on your social media posts

Create a company or product-specific hashtag. Some common tags are #BMWlife, #Alxstyle, and #XiaomiLive. These tags allow you to follow conversations happening on other social media platforms that have already used your tag. It also allows people who mention your hashtag on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or other social media channels to be easily followed by all of your followers when they post content. This is a good way to make new connections with prospects as well as keep up with what’s being said about your company or products on other platforms where you don’t have an account yourself. If you create an appealing hashtag people will more likely use it in the future without prompting from you first.

Promote your YouTube channel with email campaigns

It can be challenging getting your videos seen in a sea of content on YouTube. To get your videos in front of more people, think about how you might promote them with email campaigns. For example, you could link back to the video’s URL in your email signature or include it as a part of your regular newsletter blast. You can also make use of social media marketing by promoting your YouTube channel profile on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. Just be sure to give enough notice so that others know when the video will go live or is going viral.

Create a clear call-to-action

Ask your customer a question in the beginning or end of your video to get them interested and drive conversion by asking for a response. Choose high-quality music, create a clear call-to-action, use annotations to point people where you want them to go, optimize your description field with keywords, tag people who are in the video. It’s always better if you already have customers! Keep videos short (<2 minutes). Tag videos with related keywords so they’ll be more discoverable on YouTube.

Collaborate with others who can help you get discovered

Start by looking at other videos in your niche. You can comment on videos that have fewer views than yours or like a video, post a comment or subscribe to a user’s channel. Some people will reply back and start conversations. Find similar influencers in the topic area you are addressing in your video and try reaching out with an email or tweet. Try connecting with bloggers in your field who might want to write about you, making sure they share it on their own blog before sharing it on their social media accounts. This will boost the number of social media shares by tens of thousands. When you make your videos, consider how they can be shared easily on Twitter or Facebook when they are published.

Tap into influencer marketing opportunities.

You can tap into influencer marketing opportunities by getting the attention of people with a sizeable following. For example, if you create a video that’s all about cats, you might contact an individual or company that posts about cats on their own channel and have them post it. The main takeaways are: Always ask permission from the influencer first before sending them your request, keep your requests concise but personal, research similar videos posted by the influencer so you can see what type of content they are interested in (you may need to give something in return).

Since there are so many agencies out there, you don’t want to waste your time or money going with the wrong one. Fortunately, this quick guide will help you learn about the most important things to look for in an agency, and how you can use them to ensure that you’re hiring the best YouTube marketing company in India possible!

You can’t do everything

As you may have already noticed, not everyone has the skills or expertise to produce successful marketing campaigns. A professional agency can do what you can’t so that you can focus on running your business and managing your social media account instead of getting bogged down in the logistics of video production.

They see what you don’t

YouTube has become the largest media site in the world and it is becoming difficult for marketers to keep up with what you need to do to be successful. There are so many moving parts, the competition for visibility is fierce, and it can feel like you’re going against Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest all at once. They see what you don’t. That’s why having an experienced professional on your side who knows how everything works will help you stay focused on making great content that gets found easily.

They are experts in their field

YouTube marketing is best performed by experts in their field. They are professionals who have worked in the online industry for years, are more in tune with current trends, know what works best and what you’re looking for when it comes to getting a high return on investment. The experience that they have can also be used as leverage if your budget or business requires some convincing.

They tell a story that sells

One of the most important steps to growing your business on YouTube is to increase the views on your videos. So, when you hire a marketing agency that specializes in YouTube marketing, they should help you strategize and come up with a video title and thumbnail that will drive traffic to your video page and convert viewers into leads.

They should also focus on coming up with creative ideas for promoting your videos, including (but not limited to) paid or non-paid advertising methods. This includes reaching out to influencers to promote content related to your brand. Their video strategies will typically include asking customers what they want and what questions they have in order to develop high quality answers through an online blog series or whiteboard instructional videos.

It’s more cost-effective

YouTube marketing agencies are the best way to get your video more views, likes, and subscribers. Whether you’re running a video marketing campaign or just want to increase the numbers on your personal account, hiring an agency is not only cost-effective but also an invaluable tool for getting your company or organization in front of new people. It’s time to start working with professional marketers so that you can fully maximize the potential of your YouTube presence.

They come up with innovative ideas

A good YouTube marketing agency in India has to be creative and innovative in order to come up with new ideas and methods. They will have new ideas you never would have thought of, too. However, before you hire an youtube marketing company in India, make sure that they have experience in the areas that are relevant to your needs, such as in making videos or writing blog posts. If they’re not familiar with these tasks, then it won’t do any good for them to do them for you since it will just slow them down and tire them out.

They are up-to-date with best practices and strategies

In today’s fast-paced and always changing social media landscape, using professional marketing agencies to help you get the best ROI on your videos is not only smart, but necessary.

They have advanced video editing tools

Look for a YouTube marketing agency in India that has video editing skills, but is more advanced than what most internet users would be able to do on their own. It’s not enough to have a compelling video with great production values-the content needs to be high quality too. Video marketing agencies use advanced programs like Adobe Premier Pro and Final Cut Pro to produce great videos in no time at all.

They can help you in other areas of digital marketing

Hiring a professional YouTube marketing agency to help you with your digital marketing can help you in other areas of digital marketing. For example, an YouTube marketing company may suggest tactics or have experience that would have been overlooked by someone who does not understand the dynamic between various forms of digital marketing. As such, it is important for both you and the YouTube marketing agency to make sure that you are on the same page when it comes to goals and expectations. This ensures that your campaign has what it needs to be successful, whether it’s through thorough research, creative video content, social media outreach or something else.

By avoiding these big YouTube channel marketing mistakes, you can make sure your videos get the views they deserve!

Lack of Objectives

With all the noise in the world of video marketing, it can be hard to get your message out. The best way to use video marketing is by setting a goal and creating videos with a specific objective in mind. This way, you are able to measure and evaluate the effectiveness of each video while streamlining your efforts and saving time on production. Here are some objectives that should be considered when making a video:

  • Explain what problem or need is being met
  • Convince potential customers why they should buy your product or service
  • Testimonials/Customer Reviews
  • Testimonial Videos Including customer testimonials can help strengthen your case for purchasing and provide an authentic perspective from someone who has used the product.
  • Product demonstration videos give viewers a close-up look at products or services, including what makes them unique or better than other options available.
  • If you want to position yourself as an expert in your field, one strategy is using corporate promotional videos where staff members talk about their qualifications and success stories within the company

No data-driven work

One of the biggest mistakes that content creators make is not relying on data. Despite the volume of data that is generated from analyzing comments, shares, and even views on a video, too many content creators just continue producing content with no regard for any analytical feedback whatsoever. When you produce videos or publish posts with no data backing them up, your videos or blog posts are likely not meeting audience expectations or supporting your objectives.

Wasting the budget

Over and over again, business owners struggle with how to promote their video content. And this is all because they’re making some mistakes that, if avoided, would change the marketing game. For one thing, people have the tendency to try out so many different strategies that they don’t get the results they need. This type of half-hearted approach can actually be a time waster and a budget sucker. Furthermore, not working within your industry space is a great way to exhaust yourself and spend all your money on content promotion with little to show for it at the end of the day.

Neglecting SEO

Most YouTube channel marketing campaigns are not optimized for search engines. Making sure your videos are tagged with keywords and properly spelled will help them be found in searches on Youtube, Google, and other search engines. Not only that, but also make sure the description of your video includes a unique keyword rich sentence about the content. So start up with an SEO for youtube tool like Google Keyword Planner and figure out what those terms are!

Making your video too long

Always keep your video short and concise. If you have a ton of content, consider making several videos, rather than one long video. Your viewers are likely in a constant attention deficit mode, so don’t bore them by going on for too long.

Not focusing on a single message

One of the biggest YouTube video marketing mistakes you can make is not focusing on a single message. Marketers often create multiple videos with different messages, but if you really want your message to stand out and have an impact, it’s best to focus on one thing. Reaching out directly to your audience is an effective way of getting them engaged with what you’re saying. If you have many videos and messages, they will get confused as they can’t focus on a single one.

Not including a clear call-to-action

Remember, the content you produce doesn’t exist in a vacuum. Your video needs a clear goal so that people know what you want them to do after they watch it. For example, if your video is intended to drive people from YouTube to your website where they can download an ebook on how-to make money blogging, at the end of the video give them the exact steps for getting there.

Expecting instant results

Many people go on to YouTube with the idea that they will become the next big thing overnight. But the reality is, producing a video and uploading it to your channel can take hours of work, while thousands of other videos are being uploaded and vying for eyeballs. Unless you’re willing to wait and engage in some sustained hard work, be realistic about what you might accomplish on this platform by expecting instant results and not putting in your time, attention, or creativity.

Bad titles

The title of a video is one of the most important aspects, because it can make or break your success. If you want more views, likes, and subscribers from your videos, you have to learn how to write effective titles.

Irrelevant content

Your videos should be very relevant to your niche. If you’re a travel company, don’t publish videos about teaching English in Peru and have them live on your company’s YouTube channel. The people who come looking for the content you specialize in will be immediately turned off. Make sure any video you publish on your own channel is true to the brand personality.

Here are some ways that will help you optimize SEO for YouTube and generate more traffic to your channel.

Use Descriptive Tags

A great way to get your video ranking high on search engines is to ensure that your video title includes relevant keywords, while being clear and concise. Try not use abbreviations, technical terms or acronyms, as they can cause confusion amongst viewers and negatively affect click-through rates.

Tags are used by YouTube as well as social media platforms and search engines like Google or Bing in order to help identify a video’s content so that viewers can find it more easily in searches and other videos uploaded by other people about the same topic.

Include Keywords in Your Video Title

You want your video to be accessible by a general audience, but include keywords in the title so it pops up on relevant searches. If you talk about a specific business or product, use that name as well as words describing the topic of your video.

Always Provide Value

One way to optimize your videos is by making them valuable. These are the things you should think about when making your video:

  • What am I going to talk about?
  • Will anyone find this interesting or useful?
  • Why will people want to watch this video and not just read a blog post instead?
  • Am I creating a video that goes with any of my company’s social media feeds?

Add a transcript to your video description

Include a transcript with your video that includes a transcript of what’s said in the video. The transcript can also include keywords you want to rank for. Include your keywords or links in the transcripts to help increase the ranking. You can upload a word document, text file, PDF, or any other format. Or you can simply type them out and make sure they are easy to read by using white font on black background.

Consider Secondary Metadata Tags

In order to give the video’s title, description, and tags more weight in the search engine algorithm, use data-rich secondary metadata. Tags are especially important because they provide a way of talking to the crawlers that crawl your site. When you tag a video with words and phrases related to your niche, it gives them information about what you’re trying to do with that particular video. Think of it like tagging a blog post in Google: when people search for content on a certain topic, Google displays your blog post as one of the results.

Don’t Forget About Subtitles

If you are using YouTube as a marketing channel, it is important that your videos be optimized to help you rank higher in search results. One of the best ways to do this is by adding subtitles or closed captioning so that the search engine can detect the audio on your video.

Keep the Length Appropriate (2–5 Minutes is Ideal)

Keep your videos as short as possible, but not so short that they don’t provide good value. Be sure to include a title, description, and tags in order to make it easier for viewers to find them again later on.

Interact with Comments and Respond to Viewer Feedback

It is an obvious need to respond to comments on a video, but you will see a lot of people who leave comments without the person ever responding. Keep in mind that when you comment on their video and they have an opportunity to view your comment, they will remember your username and that can be good or bad depending on what you said.

Keep it Relevant to the Topic of your Channel—Don’t Spam!

Remember not to over-optimize or write spammy content though! Stick with relevant keywords and phrases as much as possible so that viewers can learn about what the video is all about.


Know All About YouTube Marketing Services Offered By The Best YouTube Marketing Agency In India

TIS is the premier YouTube marketing agency in India, offering expert advice and assistance to businesses interested in promoting their brand through high-quality videos on one of the most influential social media platforms available today. Here are some frequently asked questions about our services and this agency that you may be interested in learning more about as well!

At a glance, we are a YouTube marketing agency. But what sets us apart is that we offer complete digital marketing services. We work to market your products or services across the web, with video production being our main form of digital media marketing. We have developed the expertise in YouTube channel marketing that you need, and can help promote your business globally in a short period of time.

We have been in business for over 10 years of experience, and we are also one of the only YouTube channel marketing agencies that guarantee views to clients. We have been working with major brands and influencers for years, but also value individual users as well.

TIS is a video marketing agency provides results driven strategies to execute your YouTube goals. We can find out what your goals are and how we can help you reach them. Our team is also comprised of many video producers, videographers, editors, artists, as well as graphics designers and product specialists. This means that no matter what medium you need to grow in, our team will provide you with a world-class product or service.

At TIS, we understand that every business is different. That’s why our pricing structure is flexible and can be tailored to your needs. We offer multiple packages for video production and distribution, so you don’t have to worry about any surprises when the bill comes.

Whether we use actors or real people depends on the needs of your video. If you are selling a product, it’s easier to edit someone on-screen talking about the benefits of your product. But if you want to show off your staff at work or interview potential employees, it’s better to use real people. The best way to start is by thinking about what messages you want conveyed in your video and what goals need to be met.

In our creative process, we typically go through two rounds of edits. The first round is a conceptual edit based on your brief and the goals for your video. Once we get those down pat, we film to achieve the intended message in the most impactful way possible. This second round is what some call a fine edit. It’s less about telling you what to do and more about tightening up your video to make it as cohesive as possible. And of course, after that, color grading!

We always require updates from you throughout the project process to maintain communication and keep us in the loop about any changes. We will always ask for them, but if you do not wish to contact us, we will contact you with a list of topics that need to be addressed before proceeding on with the project.

Yes, we are happy to send over a link to a video created for one of our clients. Please contact us and provide the best way to get in touch with you as well as your preferred email address, and we will be more than happy to send you one.