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Integrating Your Content & Social Media Marketing Seamlessly

Integrating Your Content & Social Media Marketing Seamlessly
By Team TIS

The great merge – this is going to be the recurring theme in internet marketing this 2023. As the internet browsing experience become highly multi-sensory, your strategies should touch on your audience’s different interest points almost simultaneously, hence, the need for integration.

Two online marketing executions that definitely need to be seamlessly integrated are content and social media. After all, Tweets and Facebook update posts are essentially pieces of content published on social platforms. An effective synergy between these two strategies will produce better results.

So, how do you integrate social with content? Believe us, it’s not rocket science. Here are a few easy-to-implement tips we culled to help you get started.

Align Your Content Calendar with Your Social Media Schedule

This is an example of how your social media posts can amplify the reach of your content (blogs, articles, podcasts, videos, etc.) marketing. Typically, you create social media posts at a much faster rate than your content development. This is perfectly fine. Just be sure that every time you publish a new piece of content, your social media updates are there to back it up.

Proofread Your Social Media Posts Just Like Any Piece of Content

A content marketing team usually appoints an editor that checks everything from grammar, spelling, syntax, and construction. Implement the same level of meticulousness in polishing your social media updates. If you’re going to use social media to promote your content, you have to ensure that social posts are impeccable and free of basic errors. No one wants to read anything that is not grammatically sound

Use Social Media to Generate Excitement for Your Upcoming Content

This is one of the benefits of syncing your content calendar with your social media schedule. A few days before you publish, say, a new blog post, your social media marketing team can create a teaser to generate buzz and anticipation. This teaser phase can be done in two or three stages until you finally reveal what’s new. Your creativity is your only limit. Use media-rich materials such as photos and videos and intriguing one-liners.

Promote Content by Triggering Conversations

It’s pretty standard how social media marketers share their company’s new content on social media. It’s usually composed of a short summary, the link to the content, and a thumbnail photo to accompany the link. However, don’t forget the social aspect of content sharing which is to spark rich dialogues. Yes, your followers can comment on a blog post or an article itself, but conversations in social spaces are usually more sustainable and the insights you get are extremely rich. Plus, it boosts your level of social activity which is good for SEO.


The foundation of social media has entirely changed the business world. As more and more social media platforms are being created, the number of opportunities to showcase your content and spread awareness about your brand is also increasing.

However to use this media to the best of your benefit you must understand both social media marketing and content marketing and how to effectively integrate them. By using the tips mentioned in this guide you will be able to utilize the power of content marketing in the best possible manner.

Integrated marketing communications have been around for years in the field of traditional or offline marketing (i.e. advertising and PR) and today, its value is being realized in the field of internet marketing. Try out the tips above and let us know how social media was able to amplify your content marketing and vice versa.

By Team TIS
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