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Content is the king when it comes to any form of digital presence. Our top-class content writers create powerful, engaging content that acts as a catalyst for your digital presence including search engine optimization. We deliver insightful content writing for websites, social media, paid campaigns, or search engine optimization that boosts brand image and elevates marketing efforts, while also matching every business' unique needs.


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Since every online business is striving to garner attention, intriguing and appealing content for a website is a great way to stand out. We ensure that our experienced content writers will provide only the best blog & website content writing services for you.


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Constant engaging content is a surefire way to humanize your brand and interact with your customers. We create content to draw your clients' attention and lead them down the conversion funnel.


Reach your future audience

Clever and engaging content fuels social media engagement. This way more, and more people engage with your brand after already building a connection to your brand through your user-engaging content.


Leave a great impression on the readers

With the ever-evolving online digital platforms, you need to make an impact with your content. This is where we come; our expert content writers deliver content that leaves a lasting impact.


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At TIS, we pride ourselves on understanding our client's needs, creating enticing content, and delivering it on time. Since our creation over 15 years, we have climbed the ladder to become a leading agency among the best content writing companies. Thanks to hundreds of completed projects, our eye-catching content, and a long list of associated services.

Whether your business needs content writing as part of a content marketing campaign, search engine optimization campaign, or social media campaign, we have plenty of experience in providing it. Our work speaks for us as we have gotten our clients published on elite sites such as Wired, Entrepreneur, SAP, Buzzfeed, and others.


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All You Should Know About Content Writing Services

Here are some insights about content writing services that help you take a judicious decision while choosing content writing solutions:

Content writing services have many benefits to those who use them, but they’re often hard to spot because so many people don’t know what they should be looking for. Here are some benefits of using professional website content writing services that you might not have considered before.

1) Get content developed by experts

Getting content developed by experts is the best way to put yourself in the driver’s seat. With so many internet marketing strategies that can increase your online traffic, this is one of the most powerful tools you can use to reach your target audience. As more companies are trying to expand their services, hiring professional content writers will allow you to work on other aspects without worrying about creating new content for your site. Plus, a writer who understands your market well will make it easier for them to generate quality material every time.

2) Quality content helps in search engines crawlability

When it comes to content writing for websites, the more compelling and informational your posts are, the better chance you have at ranking higher in search engines like Google. While it can be tempting to write just for yourself and your current audience, you may find that creating content for an overarching audience helps you write a better story that is guaranteed to attract new readers.

3) Seamlessly manages your reputation

When people are searching for information about your company on the internet, you want it to be positive. Posting blog articles, press releases, and other content yourself can create a confusing message and negate any trustworthiness your brand may have earned with customers over time. With a professional writing service like Writer for Hire, any mistake made by your company is one less worry you’ll have.

4) Improve your brand value

Use content marketing as a way to create brand value. Content marketing has been proven to be very effective in engaging audiences, which helps your brand stand out in the ever-expanding market place. The ROI from content marketing is substantial and impressive – with 92% of marketers reporting that increased engagement on social media sites has led to higher conversion rates. But what does all this really mean? It means SEO content writing services can help you build your brand as an authoritative source for whatever it is you offer so your audience will know what to expect when they arrive on your website.

5) Help manage PPC campaigns and activities

You have to be able to set and manage your PPC campaigns in order to attract the right audiences that would turn into potential customers. But, there are so many distractions that it can be challenging and overwhelming to stay on top of all aspects of running PPC campaigns. That’s where TIS comes in. As your marketing partner, we’ll help you maintain your campaigns by:

  • Monitoring keywords for new opportunities
  • Creating keyword strategies
  • Building conversion strategies
  • Managing impressions and click-through rates

6)  You can improve and increase your readership

With professional content writing for a website, you will get the best quality content in less time. Once your website is up and running, you’ll be attracting readers and giving them good information. This can increase your readership and boost the business reputation. Plus, your quality control is increased when you use a professional content writing company. We can create original posts for you on the topics that you need. It’s important to have content writers that are able to understand your needs so they can come up with appropriate articles at all times. The process becomes more streamlined and efficient because professionals are knowledgeable about industry trends, specialized terminology, and presentation skills.

7) Enjoy 97% more inbound links

It’s a fact that high-quality content with backlinks from authority sites in your industry are key to increasing site traffic and improving ranking in search engines. That’s why using professional writing services is worth every penny. A top-tier content marketing service provides fresh, evergreen and insightful articles on a regular basis, links to authoritative sources where appropriate, builds links back to the client’s site naturally and utilizes high quality graphics in an attention-grabbing way. It should be noted that companies hiring out professional writing services typically enjoy 97% more inbound links than those without!

8) Gain the power of automation

With blog content writing services, you’ll gain the power of automation. This means that your website will be able to get much better visibility online and have more people seeing your content, which can eventually lead to higher conversion rates. If you hire someone from a SEO content writing service, then they’ll know exactly what to do in order to rank higher in search engines and make your website stand out.

9) Provide more value and knowledge to your readers

Properly written content is extremely valuable for any business. The last thing that you want to do is put out low-quality writing, which will only reflect poorly on your company and make it harder to generate traffic or develop an audience. If you’re in need of someone to craft high-quality content for your business, it’s important to know all the benefits that come along with a SEO content writing service.

10) Gain huge traffic from blog

Web content writing services offer a great way to help you gain traffic from blogs and other publishing outlets. Custom content provides valuable exposure for your company, and for each piece published the writer will include an embedded link to your website. So, whether you’re looking to increase the ranking of your web pages on search engines or build relationships with influencers in your industry, creating custom content can be an invaluable investment in your business.

Search engine optimization (SEO) content writing requires the use of specific keywords to make your site appear in search results when users look for related terms. Though often overlooked, these tips will help you develop the skills needed to write SEO content that can lead to skyrocketing your traffic and sales numbers.

1) Use keywords in headlines

This one is a given, but it doesn’t hurt to reiterate it. Chances are, the headline will be all anyone sees before deciding whether or not they’ll read on. Make sure you use those words and phrases in the titles and headings of your content. A good place to do this is the first sentence of the paragraph. As an example, if your company’s name is ABC Computer Repair, you can start by saying ABC Computer Repair: Dedicated, Hands-On Service. Add a dash of H1 tags into each post on your site too so that search engines see them as being relevant to your business.

2) Write unique copy

Your content is the primary marketing tool for your website, so it’s important that you don’t copy what other people are writing. Make sure to write a unique copy by thinking about who your target audience is and taking a peek at their interests in order to improve your writing for them.

3) Keep the audience in mind

Before you start writing, you need to remember your audience. This is vital because the whole point of SEO content writing is for a person who is not interested in your topic to click on your content and read it. In order for this to happen, you need an attractive headline and an engaging introduction that’ll hook the reader’s attention and compel them to read the entire piece.

4) Start with a catchy intro

In order to create a well-written, informative blog post that delivers on your readers’ expectations, you’ll need some good tips up your sleeve. Some of the best ways you can improve the quality of your blog posts and keep up with the best practices for high-ranking pages are by paying attention to keywords, topic density, and inclusion of social media sharing buttons. Read below for ten proven ways you can do just that!

5) Write like you speak

Just a few short sentences can make or break your blog post, and that is the exact reason why you need to know how to write like you speak. It sounds easier than it is, but there are ways that you can actually do this – and they’re not as hard as you think. If you’re looking for an ultimate guide on how to do this, then scroll down and let’s get started.

6) Focus on relevant content

Start with a plan and choose your keywords, then work your way down the list. Try to focus on relevant content. Having good content will help you rank higher in search engines and encourage more people to click on your links. Once you have all of that in place, make sure your posts are social media ready and shareable and you’ll be set!

7) Break it up with subheadings

When creating content for your website, be sure that you use relevant subheadings. It’s a common mistake for writers to include too many subheadings or titles that are way too broad, so it’s best to keep them as specific as possible. Relevant subheadings make it easier for the reader to find the information they need quickly and easily. They also help with search engine optimization (SEO) because search engines are more likely to pick up on keywords when they appear in the page title and headings of content.

8) Include hyperlinks whenever possible

Include hyperlinks. Most content is written for the reader, not for search engines and including links shows that you are trying to provide context and aids readers in understanding what you are talking about.

9) Proofread your content thoroughly before publishing

Proofread your content thoroughly before publishing. It’s the first thing people see, and it makes a good impression. You wouldn’t want sloppy writing associated with your business, so be sure to edit thoroughly before publishing. Remember that there are two major aspects of proofreading – grammar and spelling. They are related but distinct; mistakes in one may or may not cause mistakes in the other depending on how the sentence is constructed (grammar) or spelled (spelling).

10) Include images or infographics wherever possible

Include images or infographics wherever possible- relevant content tends to rank higher than textual content on search engines. Use these graphics along with concise, clear language. If you can’t find an appropriate photo or graphic online, try drawing a diagram or chart that visually explains your point. Make sure the reader knows why they should care about your topic and tell them what steps they need to take next.

There are so many content writing agencies! With so many options available, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and end up hiring the wrong one. Read on to learn about some key things you should consider when searching for the right content writing agency to outsource your content creation work to.

1) Look for testimonials

Find a reputable and reliable content writing company that is dependable, has experience, and strong testimonials from previous clients. Different companies have different rates for what they offer which should be taken into consideration when looking for a quality company.

2) Choose an Agency by Their Work

When searching for a reliable and cost-effective content writing company, it’s important to look at more than just their rates and company qualifications. Great content needs more than just high quality grammar and an ability to string words together – it needs originality, clarity, insight, humor, entertainment value and more! Consider what you need your content writing agency to do for you or what type of business you work with before selecting them so that they can tailor their services accordingly.

3) Research About Them Online

Researching online is a way to find reviews, past work and testimonials from previous clients so you can get a feel for what their approach is and how well they execute. But if you live outside of India, this might not be possible. The next best thing would be referrals from fellow entrepreneurs who may have dealt with the company in question before or know people who have dealt with them successfully. This will give you some form of validation that there’s some worth looking into about the company being discussed for potential hire.

4) How Much Are They Willing to Help You with Marketing?

Many agencies offer general marketing assistance but what you need to ask for is a package that includes strategy and implementation. Marketing efforts can take place before, during and after the project is completed so make sure your partner is willing to be there at every stage of this process with you. Your goals should align with theirs or you will soon find yourself straddling two directions while they see this as just another cog in their wheel. They should share a similar vision and perspective which may include targets, objectives, competitive analysis, marketing mix along with everything else you’re looking for to accomplish success.

5) Do They Customize their Content?

If you’re outsourcing your content, then yes, they should be able to create new materials for you on a regular basis. But, this does not mean that you should work with them if they can’t quickly and efficiently customize existing material for a client or come up with a style of content that is different from their original style and still succeed at it. The company should also have enough company writers to meet deadlines so they don’t wait around to write an entire post while another one is due tomorrow or next week.

6) Does their Service Meet a Need You Have Right Now?

7) What is Their Vision When it Comes to Content Creation and Marketing?

Knowing what their vision is, who their target audience is and how they work will give you a better idea of whether you want to work with them or not. If they’re looking for SEO and guest blog posts but you only have to create fresh blog posts and infographics, that may not be a good fit. Content creation agencies should have an understanding of who their target market is and have a good idea of how they plan to reach them before trying to attract new customers.

8) Who is on the Team That Will be Working On Your Project(s)?

Content writers are the people you need most because they’re the ones doing the work and making sure your content is on point. Good company writers will help you create an identity with words, bringing cohesion and focus to both your blog and marketing copy, two areas that can often feel vague or nebulous (at least until you get a good writer involved). Quality writing takes effort and is time-consuming; it can’t be done as quickly as assembling a database of keywords for some keyword stuffing SEO work.

9) Is Your Budget in Sync with Their Pricing Structure, Capabilities and Terms of Engagement?

Your budget should be in sync with a number of factors, including pricing structure, capabilities and terms of engagement before selecting a content service provider. With certain industry niches, such as law firms, tech or software companies for example, it can make sense to go with an offshore content service provider in a lower cost country in order to cut operational costs or focus on building revenue-generating projects rather than driving up marketing expenses .

10) Set Deadlines and Track Progress

Define the scope of work and project timeline up front and never lose sight of it. This will ensure you don’t commit to more than you can afford and will also keep you on track during revisions, finalizing the contract, etc. Track project status using charts and graphs when possible to help readers see progress quickly. Set a firm budget for a project before beginning one so there are no unpleasant surprises later on if things go overtime or over budget – don’t make this part variable for each project or client!

SEO content writing can be challenging at times, but it doesn’t have to be difficult if you avoid these mistakes that content writers often make. By avoiding these common errors, you’ll find yourself creating content that produces the results you want, with far less effort and time spent on your part. So take a look at these big mistakes, and then get to work on your content!

1) Not Knowing Your Audience

In web content writing, one of the biggest mistakes people make is not understanding their audience. Make sure you know who your target demographic is and speak to them accordingly. In addition, be original and different when possible to avoid being boring or bland. The goal is to provide quality content that your readers will enjoy and share with their friends. If you are just regurgitating the same information over and over again, nobody will care about what you have to say!

2) Not doing keyword research

Knowing the research behind your content is vital to a successful blog post. Keyword research determines what information people are looking for and how people search for this information online. This not only makes the writing process easier, but it can help you build an organic following on social media. More importantly, keyword research helps determine which articles people will be likely to share with others – both in person and digitally!

3) Boring and complicated articles

Boring and complicated articles are just not the best way to communicate. The only thing your reader will remember is that they couldn’t follow along and found it confusing. Your content should be easy to read, quick and painless to understand and more importantly engaging!

4) Inconsistent Quality Of Your Content

It’s so important to have quality content on your site, both in terms of words and visuals. No one wants to read a site that is all over the place in terms of font size and text and you don’t want to be sending inconsistent messages either. It can cause confusion among readers which hurts your brand in the long run. Keep it consistent with a layout and theme that’s easy on the eyes, like black text with white background. Use photos sparingly and ensure they represent what you want to convey.

5) No SEO strategy

It’s essential that every piece of content you create is optimized for search engine optimization (SEO). Why? Let’s break it down. With an SEO strategy, your content will have a higher chance of ranking higher in search engine results pages (SERPs). This makes it easier for people to find and read what you wrote. Without one, the probability of someone finding your piece of content without looking for it specifically is next to nothing. When in doubt, consult a professional SEO specialist or agency like TIS. There are many tips out there online that might work, but following best practices is key for increasing your rankings or traffic on a popular website like Google or Yahoo.

6) Trying to please everyone

One mistake is trying to please everyone. Do not be afraid to put your thoughts out there and make decisions that others may not like. If you try to please everyone then you will end up pleasing no one. Know your audience and create content that they will like and engage with.

7) Ignoring your buyer personas

Too often, content writers create topics that aren’t relevant to the site’s audience. There’s nothing worse than creating an in-depth blog post about a topic that only 0.5% of your traffic may find interesting. You need to remember that you are trying to speak directly to your buyer personas, and tailor your content so they can easily learn what they want.

8) Not Paying Attention To Formatting And Structure

Many content writers think that all they need to do is write, but really content needs to be formatted in a certain way in order for it to work well. Neglecting this can mean not highlighting important parts of your writing, confusion with formatting, and even formatting issues on the website that show your writing incorrectly. These are just some of the mistakes that you could be making if you are not paying attention to formatting and structure.

9) No clear calls-to-action

Your content should always have a clear call-to-action. When you write your content, ask yourself: What do I want the reader to do when they’ve finished reading this? Make sure your content ties in with your brand’s mission statement.

10) Bad grammar, spelling or typos

Poor grammar, spelling, or typos are the most frustrating mistakes for readers. This can lead to them jumping ship and never coming back to your blog or website again. Check every sentence as you type it, ask someone else to proofread what you’ve written, and read it out loud. A few minutes of extra time spent editing your content will help ensure that it’s perfect.

Before you decide to hire content writers, there are some questions you should ask that will help you get the most value out of your writing investment. Take some time to make sure you’re working with professionals by asking these important questions before you pick your writer(s).

1) What are your references?

If your business needs specialized copywriting services, it’s important to hire someone who understands your niche. Be sure to contact people other than their most recent clients to get a more well-rounded idea of how the writer operates. You should also make sure they have up-to-date experience in the subject matter that interests you and don’t just take on any writing opportunity that comes their way. It’s worth spending some time talking with them on the phone or at least having a conversation through email in order to determine if they’re the right fit.

2) How do you create content?

Take a good look at the content you want to create. Think about the tone and voice that best fits your brand. Are there any guidelines you have in mind? Who is the intended audience? Will images be included? Once these things are figured out, it’s time to start sourcing content providers. Don’t worry, this process is easier than it sounds. It can actually be broken down into three steps: deciding on who should do the writing, finding qualified candidates and vetting them to find the best fit.

3) Will my team members be allowed to contribute too?

Will my team members be allowed to contribute too? If so, this will provide more eyes and ears on your content while saving time. Content experts like to be recognized for their work, so offer to publish bylines of those who contribute. And if it’s important that team members have editing or other special permissions, make sure the contract specifies these conditions. Your contact should also understand your organization’s policy about plagiarism and similar problems and will be able to reassure you about these concerns before accepting the job.

4) Can we schedule a brainstorming call with them?

The call should be a brainstorming call where both sides work to get a sense of one another. You need to see if the writer is interested in the topic and wants to develop an expertise on it with this position. With this call, you will also make sure that the skillset, motivation and work process are a good fit for your needs. It’s best to complete an interview as well; whether in person or over Skype (sometimes it works best if both parties video-chat). An in-person meeting gives the opportunity to speak off-the-cuff, offer information, answer questions and get a better sense of how they behave.

5) Do they speak my target audience’s language?

Language is not just about what words you use; it’s about how these words are used in context. The language must match with the target audience’s language, or their needs and priorities may not be met. Once the content is translated into another language, it becomes the business’ responsibility to see that translations are done accurately to avoid complications. For instance, if an organization sends content out in English only, they’re doing a disservice to themselves by ignoring potential customers who speak other languages and might therefore avoid contact with them.

6) Are they available when I need them?

The real world won’t stop because you need to hire a writer. Work hours, family responsibilities, and unexpected tasks can all derail the best of intentions. That’s why it’s important to work with a writer who is available when you need them. A high quality writer should be able to respond quickly to requests, even if they have other obligations outside of their writing work.

7) What should my final draft look like?

Whether you are an expert in the topic and need a professional writer to help create information-rich articles or if you’re an employer looking to hire someone who can manage writing and editing tasks. Be sure to find out how long the person has been writing professionally, the average word count of their work, what their rates are per project (and per word), and if they specialize in a certain subject area. If someone has no experience but their proposal looks promising, consider hiring them for one project as a trial.

8) Do they offer social media optimization?

Most people hire marketing firms like TIS because they want their message to reach as many people as possible – including those on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Clients should understand upfront whether or not their potential partner provides these services in addition to more traditional print publishing opportunities.

9) Will they have an editor review my draft before it goes live?

Will they have an editor review my draft before it goes live? If not, it’s important to hire one independently so that your final product is polished and error-free. Editors review everything from grammar and spelling to logic, analysis, audience engagement, sentiment and tone. In the best cases, editors are versed in a number of subject areas to ensure consistent levels of quality across the board.

10) Do they have an office I can visit in person if needed?

This will help them see if it feels like a good fit and to assess their work space, including the kind of people they work with. It’s always best to meet in person if possible because the first impression is often the strongest and making a personal connection will ensure that a company likes what they are investing in.


Know All About Content Writing Services Offered By The Professional Content Writing Agency

Here are frequently asked questions often asked by our clients:

We are one of the leading content writing agencies. Our USPs include low prices, timely delivery, and trusted writers with degrees in related fields such as journalism, creative writing, and business communications among others. We value our customers’ satisfaction so each of our writers does their best to fulfill your requirements and expectations. Here are some other advantages you get while working with us:

  • Our services are affordable
  • We’ve written over 2 million words of content so you can be sure your project will be in safe hands.
  • You’ll get free revisions if necessary.
  • Dedicated writers with expertise in different areas, from gardening to finance to technology.
  • 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

Let us write your content at a reasonable price!

Our team of experienced content writers all have more than five years of experience in web content writing. The depth and breadth of their combined knowledge has made us experts at this niche, whether you need to hire someone for contract work or for a full-time position with benefits and company match.

Yes, all content is totally original and written by one of our professional writers. There are never any cases of plagiarism at TIS. Our content writing services are entirely original and will never contain anything that is previously published or posted elsewhere.

Yes. You own the content that we create for you as part of your content writing services. After we have created it, all rights are transferred to you and we will never use it again unless authorized by a written agreement between both parties. We do not plagiarize or resell any content without written consent from the owner. We write original, high-quality content on topics relating to business, marketing, health and wellness, technology, finance and more.

We provide flexible pricing that helps us work with any size business. Our rates depend on a few factors, including volume of work and duration of engagement. Whether you’re just starting out or have been in business for decades, we can help you market your company so that you can focus on what matters most to you. Contact us today for more information.

TIS offers web and blog content writing services on a per project basis. There are no upfront fees and no hidden costs, making this option one of the most affordable writing solutions available.

We get content written by professional content writers who are experts in their fields. They research and write content which will be thoroughly edited by specialists before it’s published on your blog. That way, you can be sure that we are publishing quality articles each time.