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LinkedIn is among the most trusted platforms that can be used to give the right direction to your business goals and are an effective way to build relations with the influencers and professionals important for your business collaboration. At TIS, we help you to create a considerable outreach to business professionals with our futuristic LinkedIn campaign management and marketing strategies.


Establish your Brand

We help you introduce your brand to the potential target audience and get to establish your brand amidst the relevant professional network.


Increase Business Credibility

LinkedIn Digital Marketing is an effective way through which you can enhance the credibility of your business as well as your brand staying amidst the most potential audience.


Display Achievements

LinkedIn is also a great platform where you can show your business achievements through LinkedIn social media marketing. This helps you create a positive reputation to attract more potential customers.


Get Constructive Feedbacks

With LinkedIn marketing for business, you can receive a testimonial from the people who appreciate your work or services which can be resourceful enough to provide you with some constructive feedback.


We deliver Professional LinkedIn Marketing Services for LinkedIn promotion



Let Us Help You Grow Your Business Through The Best LinkedIn Marketing Services

TIS offers cutting-edge LinkedIn Marketing Management Services with the intent to help brands to get more visibility, build credibility, as well as to contribute to their industry whilst increasing leads and sales. We help the top brands, to maximize their time and effort, by taking control of their LinkedIn Business Page. We have provided the leading brands with guaranteed results by taking their LinkedIn management to greater heights with the unique LinkedIn marketing services that are created and customized to the brand’s particular needs.

We help brands in creating unique LinkedIn content and run sponsored advertising through LinkedIn’s paid campaigns feature that allows us to display the content on the page feed to people who are not connected to their LinkedIn business page but are the relevant target audience. And, with consistent sponsored LinkedIn content, we help the brands to increase leads through our proficient LinkedIn Management services.


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All You Should Know About LinkedIn Marketing Services

This guide gives you an insight into LinkedIn marketing, and helps you get a judicious decision:

LinkedIn social media Marketing offers you the opportunity to connect with your customers in several different ways, and with over 435 million users, it is no surprise that you can find the exact audience you are looking for on this social network. If you have any questions about this new way of promoting your business, keep reading and learn more about its benefits.

The Best Professional Networking Platform

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network with over 435 million members. And it is only growing every day. With this kind of reach, there is no better time to boost your business visibility, drive new leads and nurture relationships. LinkedIn has made it simple to promote your business and posts on the platform, while still maintaining the most optimal privacy settings for your personal profile.

Reach Targeted Audiences

LinkedIn provides you with the perfect opportunity to target prospective clients. Since you have access to your audience’s first and last name, some basic work history information, and their contact information (email, phone number), you can reach out through direct messaging or paid advertising. You can then take it a step further by providing them the relevant content about industry news, updates, or business-specific articles.

Increases your discoverability

LinkedIn makes it easy to be discovered by your target market on search engine rankings, so you don’t have to spend as much time and money on search engine optimization or other marketing campaigns. LinkedIn allows you to rank higher on search engines by providing an abundance of information about yourself and your business.

Increase Website Traffic

Driving traffic to your website is one of the most basic benefits of social media marketing, and it is especially beneficial when done with a platform like LinkedIn. The best way to increase website traffic is by creating content (posts, pictures, videos) that provides valuable insights to the people following you on LinkedIn. Posting high-quality content will help grow your professional network while also enhancing your personal brand.

Create awareness and improve reputation

There are many ways that LinkedIn can help you generate awareness and improve your reputation as a business. One of the best features is being able to post updates on your company’s newsfeed, which can showcase new projects, wins, and initiatives. Plus, it is one of the only social media platforms where you can go after high-level customers who may not follow you on other networks.

Thought leadership and influencer marketing

The more popular a thought leader is on a specific topic, the more likely people are to trust that person’s opinion. So when it comes to sharing your own thoughts about your business, leveraging the power of other influencers can be a powerful marketing tool.

Find some industry leaders and get them to endorse you for free by asking them for their endorsement and including their photo with a testimonial from them in one of your posts or blog articles. It also helps if you can reciprocate with an endorsement from time to time as well! A great way to connect with influencers is through LinkedIn Groups which are a great place for discussion on topics relevant to your industry and target audience.

Popular Social Media Platform among Business Owners

LinkedIn offers business owners the ability to create a professional profile, network with other professionals, and build a community. It is also a powerful tool for lead generation, employee recruiting, and marketing. In addition, there are various apps to help make it even more useful such as InMail which allows users to reach out to potential customers directly for more personal connections.

Create Better Relationships with Clients

It is hard to build customer relationships without taking time for one-on-one conversations, but email and social media are much easier. This is where the benefits of LinkedIn social media marketing come in. You will have all your customer information available and be able to schedule personalized conversations whenever you want. Simply log into your account, go to Who to Follow in the top bar, and select customers you want to stay up-to-date with or would like more business from.

Effective Platform for Generating Leads

LinkedIn provides a variety of marketing tools to attract new customers, generate leads, and grow your company. When used strategically, LinkedIn can be an effective platform for generating leads and attracting new customers to your business.  In the long run, this type of marketing can help you get more sales with less work. Many people prefer not to put their personal information on social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter so they use LinkedIn instead which makes it perfect for lead generation and networking. With these simple steps, you will be able to make the most out of your time on this highly sought-after social media platform!

Effective Tool for Recruitment

One of the top benefits of LinkedIn social media marketing is for recruitment. If you want to find a new job, look through potential hires or even candidates you can poach from your competitors, having a professional account on the social media site can be a goldmine. Similarly, if you have available job openings at your company, this can be an effective means of finding qualified candidates and recruiting talent.

When you are choosing an agency to help you with LinkedIn marketing services, there are many factors to consider. Some of the following questions will help you decide which agency is right for you!

1) Do you know my business?

This is the most important question of all! The more they know about your business, the better they can assess what solutions you need and what ROI you could expect. If they don’t know your business and industry or have not done research on it, this should be an immediate red flag. You don’t want someone who is unqualified trying to help run your company’s social media interactions!

2) Do you outsource any of your work?

LinkedIn marketing agencies that outsource work are more likely to not have control over the process of your project. This could result in low-quality work; deadlines not being met and you paying for something you don’t want.  Only outsource content production or ad campaign management if you know the agency is trustworthy. If they are competent enough to be your contractor, then they should be able to do good work even with limitations on their end.

3) How much do your services cost?

How much does your agency charge for services? What does that include and how does it compare with other agencies? If you are not getting what you need for the cost, then you may want to start shopping around. You don’t want to overpay and have sticker shock after all your hard work.

4) Do you follow LinkedIn marketing best practices?

What best practices does the LinkedIn marketing agency follow? How often should they revisit the plan to be updated? Should they come up with strategies to address an ever-changing industry? These are just some of the questions you might want to ask. Additionally, you will want to see if the company offers tailored packages for different services or prices. You may not need someone who specializes in proper LinkedIn marketing for business if your main concern is blog writing. That is just one more way that this list can help you find your perfect match.

5) How do you keep up to date with industry changes?

One way we stay on top of changes in the industry is by staying up-to-date with the latest developments, such as LinkedIn’s latest algorithms that change the visibility of your page. Additionally, you need to make sure that the team has strong LinkedIn promotion knowledge and continues learning best practices so that they can produce quality results for our clients.

6) What is your LinkedIn marketing process?

What are the process that is expected from the agency and their respective team? Most agencies offer a similar process: Understand your needs, Review your goals, Develop strategy and creativity, Execute the plan, Measure and refine and Follow up.

7) Who will be my contact person?

One of the most important factors when it comes to your choice of a LinkedIn marketing agency is its client management. One of the top reasons why some people choose one Linkedin digital marketing company over another is because they feel like they can really connect with the individual that they will be working with on their projects. If this is something that you feel strongly about, be sure to find out as much information as possible about your contact person. What are his/her professional qualifications? Does he/she have a social media presence?

8) What results can I expect in the first 180 days?

The first 180 days of your LinkedIn campaign are critical and it is important to have concrete metrics or results. It is best if the agency has its own reporting dashboard that allows you to track visitors, conversions, goals reached, and emails captured. The dashboard should be very detailed in order for you to view the changes over time. All this information can help you make informed decisions about what communication channels are effective and which ones may need adjusting.

9) Will I see everything that gets done and has control over it?

LinkedIn Marketing agencies are experts in their field, so you will likely not have a full understanding of what goes on. However, it is vital that the company be receptive to client feedback and instructions. A good LinkedIn digital marketing company would act as an extension of your team and as such, they would allow clients to keep tabs on what they are doing and provide direction wherever required.

10) How will their tactics improve your conversion rate?

When it comes to choosing a LinkedIn social media marketing agency, it is important to find someone that not only has extensive experience in the field but also wants your company to succeed as much as you do. With many LinkedIn promotion agencies being solely focused on conversions, they are equipped with the skills and strategies needed for any company.

One of the best ways to market your business online is through LinkedIn social media marketing, which means that you need to hire a LinkedIn marketing agency to help you get the job done right. There are plenty of reasons why you should hire an agency to handle this job, not just because it will save you time and money, but also because it is easy and more efficient than doing the work yourself!

1) Budget

LinkedIn marketing for business is growing rapidly, so it is increasingly essential for any business that wants success today. This not only includes the cost of hiring a LinkedIn social media marketing agency but understanding what you are getting for your money. Marketing can get expensive quickly, so companies need to be careful about how they invest their LinkedIn marketing budget. Deciding on the type of strategy and executing it across channels is no small feat, which is why some entrepreneurs choose to hire professional LinkedIn marketing agencies.

2) Creativity

Agencies have professionals who are creative, who understand their industry, and who will offer you their best advice on how to move forward. They have the tools and know-how necessary for creating effective marketing campaigns because they spend all day thinking about how best to reach your target audience. The best LinkedIn Marketing Agencies are experts at listening and understanding your business so that they can create relevant strategies for you.

3) Technical Expertise

LinkedIn marketing agency has the expertise needed to design and execute campaigns that will make your business stand out. With their support, you will be able to achieve long-term success for your company!

4) Target Market Knowledge

India is one of the largest LinkedIn potential markets with 669 million internet users and 432 million social media users. Successful online marketing campaigns need experts who are well-versed in e-commerce, Indian culture, and the nuances of building brand awareness. There are many LinkedIn promotion agencies in India that can help you reach your target audience on these popular platforms and also give you fresh ideas for new campaigns.

5) Timely Execution

Hiring a LinkedIn social media marketing agency means your campaign will be on track, and you will get the best timely results. It is much easier to plan ahead when you are working with someone who has expertise in your industry. This way, you will avoid potential pitfalls that might be created by running your own campaign.

6) Process Followed

An effective LinkedIn marketing agency employs a best-in-class process that can help you boost brand awareness, improve rankings, and turn potential customers into lifelong fans. For most businesses, investing in an agency with years of experience is well worth the cost.

7) Easily Scale Team

Outsourcing LinkedIn promotion for business is one of the best decisions you can make. It can take your business to new heights, bring your customer base and sales up, keep your team members on track and manage all the core requirements that go into creating an impactful LinkedIn promotion campaign. You need someone who can match your vision and see things from the customer’s perspective for them to be worth it. If you are operating at scale with lots of physical assets too, then an outsourced LinkedIn agency could be just what you need.

LinkedIn is one of the best places to market your business, but it is also one of the most crowded. In order to be successful with LinkedIn marketing for business, you have to find ways to stand out from the crowd. Here are some tips that will get you the maximum return on investment possible when using LinkedIn to market your business or organization.

1) Find Highly Targeted Connections

Put yourself in the shoes of your ideal customer and really think about what interests them. If you are looking for someone at a company, see who else works there and connect with them on LinkedIn first. Build up a social following on your personal account before trying to build connections in bulk on your business account.

2) Stay on customers’ radars

People are using LinkedIn to search for jobs, connect with companies or professionals, share content they are interested in, and generally stay on top of what is happening in their industry. Reach your customers more easily with this simple hack! Setting up a specific message to come from your company can be an effective way to increase reach with targeted customers. You will have the ability to set a message as an automatic reminder that posts directly to people’s home feed at specific time intervals.

3) Pinpoint the relevant keywords for your niche

It is really important to have the right keywords in your posts. You should try and pinpoint relevant keywords for your niche and use them with your posts. A great way to find these keywords is by asking Google what people are searching for, but also think about what you might type into Google if you were in that situation. Choosing keywords will help the person who posts it be found more easily.

4) Post high-quality content

To get the best results from your LinkedIn marketing strategy, you need to post high-quality content. There are a number of different strategies you can use to boost your ranking on LinkedIn, such as sharing articles and comments, commenting on other posts, and using hashtags when relevant. However, in order to really make an impact with this type of content, you need to create posts that are thorough, detailed, and provide real value for those viewing them. Remember: quality always trumps quantity!

5) Develop solid relationships with influencers in your niche

Engaging with LinkedIn influencers in your niche on social media is a great way to increase your content’s visibility and broaden your reach. All you need to do is find the influencers in your industry, be proactive about following them and commenting on their posts, and once they follow you back (or have already been following you), interact with them more often than others.

6) Make use of graphics and videos

You need to make use of graphics and videos in your posts! Research indicates that images on posts get between 30-50% more likes and shares than those without them. According to Buffer, they published a post with an image every day for 10 days with similar content and saw a 104% increase in engagement. The importance of images on posts should not be underestimated, so include one when possible!

7) Join groups – and stay active

Joining and staying active in LinkedIn groups is an easy way to make connections with potential customers, partners, and industry leaders. It is also a great way to keep up with what is going on in your industry and stay aware of new opportunities.  But don’t just join any group; spend some time in finding the right ones that are specific to your company or profession so you can speak about relevant topics in the conversations that take place there. You will get more value from those groups than you would from general business-related groups.

8) Make your company page matter

Use your company page to keep customers up-to-date on the latest offers and changes in availability. Update it with product announcements, new offers, coupons, or any upcoming events. Showing that you care about your clients and their interests will attract more clients to your company. A recent study found that 93% of consumers have used a coupon or promotion offered by a business. Encourage your customers to connect with you on LinkedIn by offering them a discount for doing so.

9) Don’t forget about the value of comments as well as likes and shares

One of the most valuable ways to use your LinkedIn account is to build a community of connections with people who share your interests and goals. One way to do this is by posting relevant, well-thought-out comments on your connections’ posts and sharing their content with your connections. These actions not only help you stay in touch with your existing connections, but they also help you connect with new people who have similar interests. Lastly, remember that comments, likes, and shares are worth more than just likes. When people see that their post has generated engagement (e.g., one or more comments), it will encourage them to keep publishing great content in the future so that they get rewarded for their hard work!

10) Claim your custom URL

A custom URL for your business can make it easier to promote your page on social media. Plus, if you decide to use your URL for an email address like many businesses do, you will cut down on the amount of contact information you need to keep track of and worry about staying up-to-date.

What mistakes can you make while implementing LinkedIn promotion? Don’t let yourself fall into these traps! Find out some costly LinkedIn promotion mistakes you don’t want to make:

1) Creating a weak profile that doesn’t stand out

Creating a LinkedIn profile that tells a compelling story and offers a unique perspective is not an easy task. Whether it be through your profile photo, summary, or recommendations, your profile should stand out in ways that connect with potential customers. However, in today’s competitive market more than 90% of those profiles are lackluster at best.

2) Neglecting the profile picture

The profile picture is the first thing potential connections will see. Make sure it is professional-looking and high quality. Take a few minutes to think about what your business does, what industry it is in, and how that translates into the photo. Maybe take pictures of team members working or images from an event. Keep in mind that other potential connections are going to judge you by the first impression, so do everything you can to impress them with a profile picture that sets your business apart!

3) Fail to create an effective lead magnet

Leaving people on the sign-up page of your website is one of the worst things you can do for lead generation. It does not give them a sense of your company, nor does it encourage them to explore what your company has to offer. It will just create more work for the sales team when they need to reach out and ask prospects why they left.

4) Forget about your followers

If your LinkedIn marketing strategy is only about getting more followers and likes, you are making a huge mistake. Yes, there are benefits of gaining more social followers on LinkedIn, but just having many connections is not enough. You need quality, engaged followers who will spread the word about your company through their personal networks. What is more important than quantity is the quality of relationships you have with those people who are interested in what you have to offer them.

5) Focus on the quantity of your posts instead of their quality

The common mistake that most LinkedIn marketers make is thinking they are going to be successful simply by posting more and more posts. While this may initially seem like a strategy, it doesn’t take into account the quality of your posts. Always spend some time reading other people’s posts so that you can find out what resonates with their audiences.

6) Focus too much on company branding rather than personal branding

Your branding strategy for LinkedIn should not be a one-size-fits-all approach. The strategy has to be based on a person’s level of experience, their job function, and the industry they work in. For example, while your company may have the same logo and colors, that doesn’t mean that every employee should include it in their profile picture.

7) Being passive on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is an excellent social media platform for online professionals and will definitely help build your network and introduce you to new people. What is even better is that it is easy for anyone, regardless of what industry they work in, to grow their presence on LinkedIn. The unfortunate part about LinkedIn, however, is that a lot of the success will be contingent on what your individual posts look like and how frequently (or infrequently) you post.

8) Not using UTM tracking code properly

One of the biggest mistakes businesses make is not using the UTM tracking code properly. With a proper UTM code, it becomes possible for your content and advertisements on LinkedIn to be properly tracked. When you use UTMs, your company will gain access to valuable data about how people interact with your content or ads on LinkedIn. This is a data set that is better than any other you will find with analytics tools.

9) Not posting at the right time of day

Not posting at the right time of day can lead to wasted opportunity and missed traffic. Posting at a time when your followers are on their computers will maximize your opportunities for conversions. Avoid the temptation of putting your content out while they are in bed or when they are out with friends. The golden hours are typically 9 am-12 noon, 2 pm-4 pm, and 6 pm-8 pm.

10) Not being able to take criticism and learn from it.

A final mistake that many marketers make on LinkedIn is being unable to take criticism and learn from it. You will never be perfect in any profession, so always remember that no matter how perfect your campaigns seem, there will always be people out there that disagree with what you are doing. Also, by considering a variety of feedback to critique your work, you will be able to generate a wealth of creative new ideas!

A LinkedIn marketing agency can help you get more exposure and increase your leads, but they are not always necessary. If you want to build a strong, effective company profile and engagement, there are plenty of things you can do yourself to market your business on LinkedIn. Here are some reasons why you should hire a LinkedIn marketing expert than doing it yourself:

Focus On Running Your Business

Running your business should be about expanding and moving forward. The last thing you want to do is spend all your time worrying about fixing problems and issues as they arise. However, sometimes you find yourself in a situation where your talent or experience may not be enough to help you grow your business and things start to drag on. Here a professional marketing agency comes into play.

You Cut Down the Overall Costs

This option is great for those who do not have the funds to hire certified LinkedIn marketing consultants on their own. Also, you will be sure to get your product seen by a larger audience as these agencies are experts in marketing on social media. Additionally, this is an excellent choice for companies just starting out that want to reach new markets and establish themselves in today’s technology-driven world. The best part of hiring certified LinkedIn professionals is the assurance that they know what they are doing and how it all works!

Work with Experts

Experts are often the most qualified and the most dedicated. With their experience, they know the skills necessary to produce an excellent result. They understand what will work and what will now, so you can trust them with your LinkedIn marketing project.  When it comes to budgeting, don’t be afraid to ask for quotes from several different agencies. If you have any specific questions about pricing or services, make sure to inquire before signing any contracts.

Bring your business in front of people already looking for it

Don’t waste time and energy promoting your business on platforms that don’t have an established audience. With a LinkedIn Marketing agency’s help, you can know the best way to promote your products so that they reach the most people. They will do all of the hard work for you so that you don’t have to worry about it anymore. They also offer services such as content writing, other digital marketing services, and design and development services which will give your company a professional digital presence.

Increase ROI on every campaign you run

Running an entire marketing campaign is daunting, but when you hire the best LinkedIn marketing company like TIS to help you it becomes manageable. Instead of wasting your time on months-long marketing campaigns that are costly and ineffective, reach out to experts who know how to get things done quickly and can show you how they’re doing it. Plus, they’re well-versed in the latest trends, so you will be ahead of the curve with everything from social media strategies to website development.

They Offer Measurable Results

If you are looking for a way to spread your message in front of more people, then you need to start investing in social media and LinkedIn marketing for business. The good news is that these are now cheaper than ever because of the availability of specialists like a LinkedIn marketing agency or LinkedIn marketing consultant like TIS.

Increase exposure to your market and generate leads instantly

A LinkedIn marketing agency will be able to do more for you in the first few months of your business launch than you would be able to accomplish on your own. Also, using your time wisely and focusing on the success of your business is an important part of growing a company.

Stay up-to-date with changes to the algorithm and optimize your campaigns accordingly

LinkedIn’s algorithm keeps changing, so it is important to stay up-to-date with what type of content they are looking for. Now, you have more room to post updates and shares, but if your posts don’t resonate with your target audience or are inappropriate for the platform (like anything containing nudity or hate speech), the posts won’t show up on the newsfeed. This means that posts containing links will be more visible, which is great for business owners!


Know All About LinkedIn Marketing Services Offered By The LinkedIn Marketing Company

So you have decided to try out the LinkedIn marketing services offered by TIS? That’s great! We want to make sure you get the most out of the service, and we know that some questions are bound to pop up as you go along.

We are well-versed with LinkedIn marketing and other digital marketing aspects. So we make sure that your marketing campaign reflects the best practices across digital marketing best practices. We have mastered techniques to maximize your content performance, organic reach, and visibility across various channels. Also, we have a deep understanding of business goals, our marketing strategies always create impactful results—whether it is for lead generation or audience engagement.

We come with more than just experience and expertise; we bring ideas to push your business forward on a well-accepted Social Media platform i.e., LinkedIn. There is no such thing as an impossible idea for us when you partner with us for LinkedIn marketing services. From campaigns focused on developing new leads to engagements focused on building strong relationships with existing clients, we will make sure that you get real ROI from every project. Give us a call today to find out how we can help grow your business!

Our team averages 5+ years of experience and has helped more than 1000 global businesses increase their marketability, find their perfect position, develop their personal brand and achieve a level of professionalism not seen in other industries.

How quickly you will see results depends on various factors like your business type, competition, number of followers, and industry as well as what goals you set for yourself. The process could take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months before you start to see any substantial results.

Depending upon the business objectives, we propose different LinkedIn marketing solutions that suit your requirements. Contact us to find out more information and pricing.

Yes, we sign a non-disclosure agreement with all our customers, to ensure the privacy and security of their business information.

Yes, we provide full-service digital marketing that includes content development for all platforms. Our team of certified LinkedIn experts will work with you on a content strategy and develop engaging, shareable content that brings in new connections and engagement.

Yes, clients are welcome for an initial consultation session. During this meeting, we will discuss their business goals and our LinkedIn strategy in detail. We will also go over any concerns they may have. Our goal is to walk them through our process and show them how LinkedIn can be an integral part of the whole marketing mix, so they have a complete understanding of what we do for their business before deciding whether or not to work with us.