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AngularJS Web Development helps to address many of the serious challenges happening in developing web applications. That means it simplifies the development, as well as the testing of web applications, and this framework also supports the dynamic views in web applications. TIS is one of the top angular.js application development company offering Angular JS development services.

  • Total-Versatility

    Real-Time Applications

    AngularJS has made it easy for angular.js developers to build real-time applications called Single Page Applications with its two-way data binding. Single-Page Applications load a single HTML page and dynamically update that page at the moment the user interacts with the application.

  • Total-Versatility

    Highly Scalable Applications

    Angular.JS has made it possible to build the largest and most complex applications that scale up beautifully. So, the web applications built with Angular.JS scale up efficiently from a development standpoint as well as from a utilization standpoint.


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Why Brands Choose TIS as A Angular.js Development Partner?

In the realm of Angular.js app development, we have carved out a niche of our own due to the top-notched angular.js development services, we offer to our clients.

Our angular.js development plan is straightforward–derive the maximum benefits to our clients. Due to the result-driven development we provide, our past clients have managed to take their businesses to the next level.

Our clientele includes businesses of all sizes, from startups to multinationals. And we have derived significant values for our clients with our top-notched Angular.js development services.

The credit goes to our excellent Angular.js developers, which comprises of highly experienced, skilled and certified Angular.js developers.


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We deliver Rapid, Strong, and Secure Web and Mobile Applications solutions with the best-in-class angular.js application development services

Hire angular.js developers who are certified, proficient, and specialize in creating high-quality and browser-centric applications. Because we are adept at designing all the features of the framework and we work with the forte of building glitch-free, expressive, readable, and affordable applications using Angular.js.

Why should you choose TIS as your Angular.js Development Agency?

  • Our team of angular.js developers is well experienced in making websites or web applications using Jquery and Angular.js framework, and therefore, we build the complex web application with a neat UI look.
  • We being the best angular.js development company, are following the agile methodology for the development. So, you witness the transparency about the development process when you engage with us.
  • We offer seamless communication as the angular.js developers at TIS remains in perfect on-time communication with clients at every stage of the project development using Angular.js Framework.
  • Lastly, your angular.js web development company offers the Angular.js app development services at cost-effective prices and on-time project delivery that too without making any compromise on quality.


The Ultimate Guide To AngularJS Development Services Delivered By The Best AngularJS Development Agency

There are just so many things you need to know to get your Angular js web development project off the ground! That’s why we’ve created this handy guide that answers all the most common questions we get about Angular development services – and it will help you start your next Angular project right away!

Front End development frameworks such as Angular can help you create complex interfaces that are easy to use and maintain over time, all without any additional programming languages or back-end database management tools. This makes Angular ideal for many different applications, but with so many options available, it can be difficult to determine which framework will best meet your needs. Here are reasons why angular js development service may be the right choice for your next project.

  1. Conducive Ecosystem of Third-party Components

Angular is good because of its Conducive Ecosystem of Third-party Components. With a click of a button, you can have any functionality you need to power your application. This makes development much quicker and easier because there is less time spent coding and more time solving problems. Angular also offers excellent support for testability with tools such as Testacular, Karma and Protractor. These tools make it easy to track the code and find bugs before they occur in production.

  1. Backed by Google

Angular is backed by Google. Google uses Angular for many of its products, including Gmail and YouTube. This means that you can rest assured knowing that your code will be supported by one of the best companies in the world. They use it because they know it’s good!

  1. Component-based Architecture

Angular is built on Component-based Architecture. This architecture enables easier management of views and data as well as increased flexibility when building new interfaces. Plus, with Angular you can easily create reusable components which are used to build a variety of applications that only need small changes to meet the needs of different customers.

  1. MVC Implementation

Angular has a MVC (Model-View-Controller) Implementation that can make for easier, more manageable development. The Model-View-Controller pattern is a popular architectural style in software engineering and design. The three components work together to manage data flow within an application, with models responsible for data storage and retrieval, views responsible for visualizing and managing user input, and controllers working as mediators between models and views.

  1. Command-line Interface (CLI)

Angular has a Command-line Interface (CLI). The CLI takes care of all of the scaffolding and setup for a new project, letting you start developing right away. With just a few commands, you can have your first component created, along with views to display that component and routes to connect them. It also has built-in support for Webpack and TypeScript so that you don’t need to configure them yourself.

  1. Typescript Support

Angular has Typescript Support. Typescript is a superset of JavaScript, meaning that you can use it to build web-based applications with less code and better performance. It provides classes, interfaces, modules, and other features to help developers write bug-free code for large projects.

  1. Easy Debugging

You will be able to see errors in your code as soon as you type it, which is not the case for other frameworks. This helps you catch errors before they happen and fix them before running into a big issue. It also means that bugs are more likely to be caught early on, so your work will go smoother and faster. Angular can run alongside many other libraries: If you’re looking for an open source frontend development framework with plenty of integrations, then this might be the right choice for you.

  1. Simple Architecture

Angular is based on a simple architecture that is easy to learn and understand. It has a modular system, which makes it easier to develop and maintain. It also allows developers to choose between different approaches and create the best one for their project.

  1. PWA (Progressive Web Apps) Friendly

The fact that Angular is PWA (Progressive Web Apps) friendly is a significant reason why it’s a good choice for developing your frontend. These are apps that can run on any browser and work offline, as well as offering other features like push notifications.

  1. Angular Material

Angular Material is a library of pre-built, responsive UI components built with Angular and TypeScript. It makes building your application significantly easier by taking care of all the heavy lifting for you. With Material, you can design an interface that responds to any type of device, it’s easy to customize and extend, and is much more maintainable than other UI libraries out there.

Whether you want to build a web app, mobile app, or desktop software, the Angular framework can handle it. However, Angular isn’t one-size-fits-all and some projects aren’t suitable for this JavaScript framework. Here are the main types of software that can be created with angular js development service:

Single-Page Application

Angular is a framework that helps developers create Single-Page Applications (SPA). Basically, Angular allows you to design your application with a single HTML file, and have the framework do the work of updating any content on the screen. It can help you make your application more dynamic. For example, if you need to display different data based on the user’s role or location. You would just change which data is being displayed from within the same page! 

Scalable Web Apps

Angular is a JavaScript-based framework that makes it easy to build Scalable Web Apps. Angular apps are based on MVC architecture, which means that your app will be made up of models (application data), views (the user interface), and controllers (the application logic). Angular can help you create an interactive application with minimal code, and the Google team has created many tools that make Angular even more powerful.

Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

With the help of angular js development service you can create Progressive Web Apps (PWA). These are web apps that combine features of the browser with features of a native mobile app. To create a PWA, you need to build your app using HTML, CSS and JavaScript and then add some additional features to make it work offline and load faster.

Interfaces with Animations

Angular helps you create interfaces with animations. Angular is a free and open-source JavaScript web application framework used to build single-page web applications. The framework lets you use HTML as your template language and lets programmers use both TypeScript and JavaScript to write their code. If you are interested in learning more about Angular, check out their website for tutorials and documentation.

Apps with Server-Side Rendering

Server-side Rendering is a technique used in web development to create an illusion of a website responding quickly to user input. Angular can be used with Server-Side Rendering to create Apps that load faster and are more interactive for the user. Angular’s implementation of Server-Side Rendering, called Universal, provides additional benefits such as the ability to generate HTML from templates or JSX and support for different browsers.

Mobile Apps

Angular is a JavaScript framework used to create Mobile Apps. This framework is what makes it possible for these apps to be created with the help of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Angular can also be used to create desktop applications, web applications and even web services. It has many features that make it easier for developers to build robust and scalable applications.

eCommerce and mCommerce Apps

With the help of angular js development service, you can create eCommerce and mCommerce Apps. Angular is a popular framework for creating JavaScript-based applications that are cross-platform. It helps create web pages and mobile apps. Angular has many built-in features that make it easy to build complex web apps and mobile apps with less code.

Video Streaming Apps

One of the many types of software that can be created with Angular is video streaming apps. When it comes to video streaming apps, Angular is a great framework to help you create them. In fact, it’s one of the most popular frameworks for creating video streaming apps. As you may know, Angular has an entire library dedicated to Video Streaming Apps. This library includes everything from templates and guides all the way down to various components that are pre-built into the framework so that you can use them in your own projects.

Server-Side Rendered (SSR) Apps 

With the help of Angular you can create Server-Side Rendered (SSR) Apps. Angular is a TypeScript-based framework used to create interactive, single page applications that are rendered on the server before being sent to the browser. For example, by combining Angular with Node.js, developers can create CRUD apps for data storage and retrieval that are pre-rendered on the server side before transmission to the client browser. Additionally, developers can use it for creating RESTful APIs for their Single Page Applications or Mobile apps with its built in HTTP module.

Social Media Apps

Angular is a powerful framework that allows developers to create apps of all sorts. One of the most popular types of apps Angular can help you create are Social Media Apps. An app like Instagram or Snapchat can be created with the help of Angular.

With so many people choosing Angular for their web development needs, it’s important to know how to choose the best Angular js development company for your project. Following these tips will help you find a development team that meets your specific needs and delivers amazing results on time and within budget.

1) Look at the quality of code

The quality of code is one of the most important factors you should consider when choosing an Angular js web development agency for your project. Good developers who create high quality code are able to create apps that are more secure, reliable and stable than those created by developers with low coding skills. When looking at the quality of code, look at the size of the development team and how long they have been in business.

2) Familiarization with the MVVM Architecture

MVVM Architecture is one of the most popular patterns in the software industry. The architecture is used by Facebook, Google, and Microsoft to name a few. You should Familiarize with the MVVM Architecture before choosing a Angular js web development company to develop your project.

3) Check if there are experienced developers on board

It is always wise to check if there are experienced developers on board. You should also check if the Angular js web development company has a good track record and reviews from satisfied clients. The developer should be able to provide some sort of portfolio that illustrates their work, especially if they do not have much experience. It is important that they have prior experience in the specific type of project you need them for. In addition, ensure that they can communicate well in your language and are based in your country or region so that communication is seamless.

4) Look at the quality of communication

You should look at the quality of communication. The best companies will have excellent customer service and clear, quick responses to your queries. You should also consider the company’s experience with the technology and the type of project you’re working on.

5) How do they handle bugs and issues?

Dealing with bugs and issues is a part of the development process. The Angular js web development company should be able to handle bugs and issues in a timely manner, as well as offer a refund or partial refund if they are unable to fix your issue. The Angular js web development company should have a quality assurance team which can provide feedback about any issues that arise during the development phase. 

6) Are they responsive enough to queries?

You should be able to receive a response to queries or questions within 24 hours. If you don’t hear back from them, it’s best to move on as they are not interested in your business. If you get responses that are less than 24 hours, that is a good sign of interest and should be considered when looking at other factors such as the company’s experience with Angular.

7)  Proficiency in Using Latest Tools

Angular development companies should be proficient in using the latest tools and technologies. It can take years to master a single framework. For example, Google’s Material Design is easy to learn with the right training, but it can take a long time to master all of its nuances, like animations and transitions.

8) Consider their past projects

When you are looking at a Angular js web development agency’s website, consider their portfolio and how many projects they have completed. A big project is a great sign that they can handle what you need them to do. If there is no work on their website, this may be a red flag that it’s not a good idea to hire Angular js developers because they are new or don’t want any work available for fear of taking on too much work and getting overwhelmed.

9) Does their team have customer support skills?

One of the most important factors an Angular development company can have is customer support. Before you choose a company, make sure they have experience in this area and offer responsive customer service. A team that doesn’t care about their customers will only hurt your business in the long run. By choosing a Angular js web development company with high customer support standards, you’ll be able to work together without worrying about any hiccups.

10) Access Technological Upgradations

The Angular js web development company should have access to advanced technologies. This way, it will be able to give you a better product. They need to keep up with the latest trends in the industry by investing in new technology. You want them to have the latest tools at their disposal so that they can meet your needs.

You’ve just found out that your Angular app isn’t as fast as it should be. The user experience has gone down the drain and no one is using it anymore because it takes ages to load and responds very slowly, even if there are only two people using the app. What can you do to improve the app’s performance? Well, we have some tips for you on how to make your Angular faster, so read on!

  1. Use Lazy Loading

Lazy Loading is a technique that can help you improve the performance of your web application. In this post, we will show you how Lazy Loading can be used with Angular. Lazy loading saves us an initial request by only downloading resources when they are needed on the screen. We use ng-package (webpack plugin) for lazy loading assets in our project.

  1. Choose right modules

Angular provides many modules that you can use in your application. Angular modules are packages of code that can be imported and used in different parts of the application or inside other modules, and they’re how you can extend Angular’s functionality.

  1. Ahead-of-Time (AoT) Compilation

Ahead-of-Time (AoT) Compilation is the process of compiling Angular components into JavaScript code that can be run in the browser. AoT compilation is a great way to improve Angular Performance, because it eliminates the need for Angular’s Just-In-Time (JIT) compiler, which converts Angular templates into instructions that browsers can understand.

  1. RunTime Performance Optimization

If you are experiencing performance issues with your Angular application, it is time to take a look at your RunTime Performance Optimization. Many of the optimizations can be accomplished without changing code or workarounds, so this is a great place to start. To improve Angular Performance, you can RunTime Performance Optimization such as

  1. Encode Complex Routes Into Filters

Angular applications are often used for more than one purpose. Unfortunately, this leads to a code base that can be confusing, messy, and hard to read. To improve Angular Performance, you can Encode Complex Routes Into Filters. Filters will help you organize your routes into a single file which will make your application much easier to maintain. Once you have an idea of what the filter should do, it is time to figure out how it will work.

  1. Optimize DOM Elements And Components Time To Live (TTL)

To improve Angular Performance, you can Optimize DOM Elements And Components Time To Live (TTL) by using Angular’s Change Detection Strategy. This strategy is triggered by changes that may occur in the ngOnChanges() method, or when the user interacts with the application through typing or clicking on a button. The change detection strategy has three modes: OnPush, OnChange, and Default.

  1. Minify Your Scripts And Stylesheets

One of the best ways to improve your Angular Performance is by Minifying Your Scripts And Stylesheets. Angular minification will reduce the number of bytes in your script, which can speed up load times. It will also reduce parse time and byte count on the browser’s DOM. 

  1. OnPush & Immutability

After you have Angular set up, there are a few optimizations you can make to improve your application’s performance. Immutability is one way to do this. Immutables are data structures that never change after they are created. This prevents the need for Angular to constantly watch over your data, as it will only update when new values are assigned or when the object is destroyed.

  1. Using Pipes instead of methods

One of the best ways to improve Angular Performance is by using Pipes instead of methods. Pipes are used as a filter that can be applied over an array, string, or object. This is one of Angular’s most powerful features, but it also helps with performance since they can be used as many times as desired without causing any harm to the application.

  1. Practice Good Maintainability Habits On A Regular Basis

Maintainability is the key for an application’s performance. So, you should always practice good maintainability habits on a regular basis. Always keep your code organized with good naming conventions. Pay attention to framework size: The bundle size of your app should not exceed 50 MB in total, so that your app loads quickly on mobile devices. You can easily identify memory leaks by paying close attention to change detection. Using CSS transitions will give you better results in terms of performance than running jQuery animations on the DOM manually.

If you are interested in hiring an AngularJS web developer, you should make sure you know what to expect from him/her before doing so and here are some useful tips to guide you through this process. Let’s have a look at them!

1) Should know about CLI & Javascript

Angular js developers should know about the CLI and Javascript. Specifically, they need to know how to use the CLI for tasks such as building, testing, and deploying an application. They also need to know JavaScript basics like DOM manipulation and event handling. If you are looking for a full-stack developer, be sure that they have experience with different frameworks on both the front end (Angular) and back end (e.g., Node JS).

2) Should have expertise in debugging & testing

The Angular developer you hire should have expertise in debugging and testing. While there are many other skills that a good developer needs to have, these two are so important that they should be at the top of your list. Debugging is about tracking down bugs in the code, and testing is about verifying that the code does what it’s supposed to do. Good Angular js developers will both know how to find bugs and how to fix them – which is something you don’t want to learn on your own!

3) Should be well-versed with Typescript

Angular developers should be well-versed with Typescript. In order to write the code in Typescript, a developer must have knowledge of what’s happening under the hood. It is not enough to just know how to use it but also how it works. Typescript is a superset of JavaScript and was designed for clean coding and easy debugging.

4) Should be able to use the right stack

Hiring an Angular developer should be made with care and consideration. An Angular developer should be able to use the right stack, including TypeScript, JQuery, and Google Closure Library. They should also know how to properly use modules, observables and promises to ensure they can create a single page application that runs smoothly.

5) Should have knowledge of version control

Angular js developers should have knowledge of version control systems such as Git and Subversion. This will allow the developer to easily keep track of changes made to the project, roll back changes when necessary, and work in a collaborative environment with other developers.

6) Know how to use a RESTful API

A RESTful API is a type of HTTP protocol. It’s how you can use the data from your database to make web pages dynamic. Some Angular js developers may not know how to use a RESTful API, but an experienced developer should be able to create one using the client-side JavaScript framework called AngularJS. This is a common framework among front-end developers because it enables responsive and interactive web pages by binding data to templates with directives and controllers.

7) Expert in Git

Angular js developers are experts in Git and other development tools. These include command-line programs, and they use them to automate tasks that would otherwise be done manually by hand. We can use Git to share, store and manage code changes with others on GitHub or BitBucket.

8) Capable to analyze system needs and demands

An important thing you should do when hiring an Angular developer is make sure the developer is capable of analyzing system needs and demands. An inexperienced developer might not know how to handle a situation that requires some creativity and out-of-the-box thinking. A good developer will be able to think outside the box, but still be able to conform their ideas to your specific needs.

9) Expertise in documentation and collaboration with project teams

Angular developer expertise in documentation and collaboration with project teams is a key attribute to have. The developer should be able to work well with the team and always be ready to answer questions. A good angular developer should also be able to collaborate well with the team. It is essential for the developer to have good documentation skills as well.

10) Capable to write code based on design concepts and patterns

An Angular js developer is someone who can write code based on design concepts and patterns. They understand the basic programming languages that come with an angular framework, such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript. An angular developer has also been trained in app development, and knows how to use frameworks to create a functional app.

React and Angular are two of the most popular JavaScript frameworks in the market today, and developers often debate which one to use over the other depending on their project’s goals and requirements. While both of them are perfectly good choices, each framework has its own advantages and disadvantages that may make it better suited for particular projects than others. So which framework should you choose? 

1) Performance

In terms of performance, Angular is the better choice. It’s been benchmarked to be five times faster in certain tasks and page loads, which is crucial when you’re creating high-performance web pages.

2) Security

Angular is good at security because it doesn’t use any DOM manipulation and it has a component based architecture. React, on the other hand, makes DOM manipulations by default. Angular also includes TypeScript which is good because it prevents typos.

3) Scalability

Angular can work well with any device, browser or platform because it is a framework that has one codebase that is compiled to run on any environment. React, on the other hand, will require multiple codebases and different versions to work in different environments. This means more time is spent updating the application and more memory will be used up by both React and the environment it runs in.

4) Unit Testing

One of the benefits of Angular is that it has a built-in testing library. Angular tests are a specific type of test called end-to-end tests which means they’re testing the entire application and not just individual components. End-to-end tests can run faster because they only run when all their dependencies are met, such as running in an iframe on a browser. React does not have its own end-to-end testing framework and the default unit test framework is Jest.

5) Tooling and Intellisense

Angular has better tooling and a more intuitive API. It is also easier to use and offers more features out of the box. React is also a good choice, but Angular is better in terms of Tooling and Intellisense. The only reason why some developers prefer it is because it is newer. Angular’s codebase was written from scratch whereas React was created as a by-product of Facebook’s internal JavaScript library.

6) Flexibility in Architecture

Angular is a more flexible and scalable framework in terms of architecture. It also has many out of the box components, which React lacks. Angular is therefore a good choice if you are looking for scalability and flexibility in your project. You can build anything from small applications to complex enterprise apps with Angular, while using only one code base. If you’re building a SPA with React and Redux, there will be 2 separate codes that need to be managed by your team – 1 for server-side rendering (Redux) and 1 for client-side rendering (React). On top of that, each change would require 3 different integrations with other tools: NodeJS/Express; Redux; React-Redux.

7) Component Model

Angular is good in terms of component model. Angular’s Component Model is a way of building web applications using components. It separates the application into small, manageable pieces. React is more focused on just JSX and the virtual DOM. Angular’s Component Model also has a built-in router, which lets you define routes and connect them to components in order to make your app dynamic.

8) Learning Curve

There is a learning curve with either option, but Angular is difficult to pick up. React is easy to learn and has a huge range of documentation available. Angular developers are also in high demand, making it easier to find work. React is good at handling interactive content and can be good if your requirements are simple. 

9) Open Source Community & Contributions

Both Angular and React are open source projects. Angular is backed by Google, which can provide more resources to maintain the project in the future. React has a much larger community of contributors, which is good because it means there will be more help when you need it. Both Angular and React have great features that make them appealing in terms of front end development, but Angular may be a better choice if you need the support of an established Angular js web development agency or you plan on building a large-scale application with many developers.


Know All About AngularJS Development Services Delivered By The Best AngularJS Development Company

Over the years, we’ve had the opportunity to work on countless projects using Angular, providing our clients with the expertise they need to get their ideas off the ground and succeed in the long-term. If you have any questions about our Angular web development services or any other web development topics, please feel free to contact us today!

TIS is the best Angular development company because they are dedicated to helping you identify and implement the right solution for your project. We provide 24/7 support services, have a 100% money-back guarantee, and will be happy to answer any questions you may have. 

We are a Angular js web development company with a strong focus on delivering high quality angular js development services to its clients. We are committed to providing the best of the latest technologies and techniques. Our experts ensure that you get the best out of what you can get at an affordable cost. TIS always strives to create long-term partnerships with our clients so they can grow with us, because we believe that doing business is about more than just making money.

The cost of hiring an Angular development company can vary. Angular developers are charged based on the complexity of the project, timeline of delivery and their level of expertise. We offer a free quote that you can use to get a sense for what we will charge.

It is crucial to have a basic understanding of what you want your website to do before engaging with Angular developers. The more clear you are on the goals, the better your team will be able to work with you and make sure they understand your vision.

TIS has flexible pricing policy as per your business needs. We charge per hour for short-term projects and on a project basis for long-term projects.

Yes, we use agile methodology while working on projects. Agile methodology has been proven to be an efficient way of managing software development projects, and is often used in large-scale projects. It provides teams with a framework to respond quickly to the market needs and then move on to the next iteration of work. This methodology allows for constant feedback from all stakeholders in order to have the best result possible. Agile methodology helps us iterate faster so that we can deliver better results.

We provide a project management system that allows you to upload files, schedule milestones and communicate with your developers. This ensures that you are in control of the project at all times. You can also send us emails with any feedback or questions you may have about the development process.

Yes, you can pay for our angular js development service on an hourly basis. This is a popular choice for customers who are not ready to commit to a full development project or when the scope of the project changes midway through.

No hidden fees! The team is transparent about their pricing and there are no surprise charges. The rates on our website include everything from development to deployment. We like to keep things simple, which is why we’re upfront about the costs and what you get for your money.