Keep your institute’s students, employees and staff connected with Education Cloud Salesforce

The Education Cloud Salesforce is a unified platform that delivers a holistic view of student experiences across the various departments of educational institutions. The Salesforce Education Cloud helps in powering the complete journey of the learners. It offers customized and curated experiences for students, recruiters, advisors, and other stakeholders of educational institutions. The Education Cloud has features that can supercharge an academic institution’s marketing campaigns, enrich one-to-one student experiences, and helps build long-lasting relationships with alumni. Empower students to make an impact with the Salesforce Education Cloud


Aids With Continuous Improvement

The Education Cloud develops strong communities and boosts interactions among students. You can augment the engagement rate of your institute with the Education Cloud.


Streamlines Student Enrolments

One of the key highlights of the Education Cloud is its ability to streamline student enrolments. It eliminates manual data entry and centralizes student data.


Nurture Alumni Relationships

The Education Cloud has tools for alumni management. By implementing the Education Cloud, you can nurture relationships with alumni and manage fundraising activities.


Advanced Analytics and Reporting

The Education Cloud comes integrated with advanced analytics and reporting with which you can collect data associated with student’s performance and institutional effectiveness. You can make data-driven decisions with the Education Cloud.


Education Cloud services - A digital assistant for modern-day educational institutes



Get effective Education Cloud services with the expertise of TIS

As a Salesforce Silver Consulting Partner, our Education Cloud implementation services places your students at the core of all interactions with EDA. If you are looking to foster connected learner experiences, do not look beyond our Education Cloud implementation services. Our Salesforce team will analyze your campus’s requirements. Based on this analysis, we will deploy the Education Cloud to integrate the functions of various departments including marketing, communications, student engagement, and alumni events.

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Find out how Education Cloud services helps schools and colleges to manage their educational activities

The following information guide will provide answers to some of the aspects of Education Cloud services.

With the Education Cloud, you school or college can deliver personalized engagements and proactive advice that modern-day students expect. Moreover, with a Salesforce Education Cloud consultant, you can maximize the productivity of your faculty and staff. The Education Cloud comes with pre-built apps that optimize the performance of each student in your institute. It also allows you to access real-time insights to support alumni, students, and other stakeholders.

EDA, also known as Education Data Architecture, allows your educational institute to leverage the functionalities of Salesforce properly. It is commonly referred to as a community-driven data architecture. Moreover, with the EDA Salesforce, you can support the entire journey of a student in a K-20 education model. The EDA framework acts as the foundation to manage data and derive insights across your entire institution.

The K-12 education model typically refers to kindergarten to the 12th grade. With the Education Cloud for K-12, you can bid farewell to strenuous manual tasks and administrative roadblocks. With a Salesforce Education Cloud consultant, you can implement the Education Cloud in your school. The Education Cloud lets you manage your students, employees, teachers, and other stakeholders with a single cloud-based and mobile-friendly platform.

The Education Cloud is a comprehensive cloud-based system that automates all types of operations and routine administrative tasks. For instance, the Education Cloud optimizes the enrolment of students during admissions. You can manage all types of leads, entries, and campaigns with the Education Cloud. It also helps with maintaining transparent communication with the parents.

The Education Cloud comes integrated with LMS that impresses your learners with customized experiences. The Education Cloud makes it simpler for your institution to create, manage, and distribute the delivery of educational content. As the Education Cloud is mobile-friendly, students can access the LMS in their smartphone and other smart devices.

In the Education Cloud, the K-12 Architecture Kit acts as the foundation for colleges and schools to connect data with processes and people. This architecture kit is responsible for providing your school with a 360-degree view of the requirements of the students. The main benefit of the K-12 architecture kit is that it comes with pre-built page layouts and objects. This ensures that you can use the Education Cloud out-of-the-box.

In the Architecture kit, contacts are used to represent people. The contacts object may be used to store data of the student. For instance, the information may contain the student’s birthdate and address. It will store every relevant detail about a student, like their grades and attendance.

The higher educational institutions can do more with the Education Cloud. For instance, the Education Cloud plays an integral role in the management of students. The student-friendly features in the Education Cloud allows the universities and colleges to fine-tune their services. It also helps in providing unified counselling. It also comes with a dedicated parent’s portal through which you can convey important information about the students.

The OmniStudio in Education Cloud is a flexible digital automation tool. With the hep of OmniStudio, the cloud developers can create guided student experiences. Moreover, OmniStudio also empowers you to collect data from various sources with the REST API. In the entire process, there is no need to write a single line of code.

Salesforce has introduced a new capability model in the Education Cloud that makes it possible to scale the common service across your institution. It commonly includes aspects like application forms and appointment scheduling.


At TIS, we are experts in implementing Salesforce Education Cloud in your educational institute. We can guide you through the entire procedure, from planning and customization to ongoing maintenance and integration. Besides Education Cloud implementation, we also offer consulting and migration services.

With our Education Cloud consulting services, you can harness its powerful features. Your educational institute can deliver impactful and customized learning experiences with our Education Cloud consulting services. Moreover, to eliminate data constraints, we configure data model setups and workflows based on your academic institute’s requirements.

We can help with the deployment of the Education Cloud. We have inhouse Salesforce specialists who can deploy the Education Cloud to foster connected learning experiences. Our implementation services can also optimize the entire K-20 student lifecycle.

With our Education Cloud implementation and consulting services, you can have a holistic view of all the stakeholders. The Education Cloud consolidates all interactions with stakeholders and collates crucial information from various types of sources.

TIS is a Salesforce Silver Consulting Partner and always strives to maintain a transparent flow of communication. Our cloud consultants are easily accessible to sort out your queries on various aspects of the Education Cloud.

The Education Cloud is highly customizable and can be tailored to meet your campus’s specific needs. We have the expertise to tailor the Education Cloud based on your institute’s requirements. We can help your academic institution develop an internal environment for collaboration among students.

Here are some reasons to choose TIS for Education Cloud implementation.

  • Our expert Salesforce professionals are proficient in solution design and setting architecture
  • We can help you migrate data from existing systems into the Education Cloud seamlessly with minimal disruptions
  • Our inhouse team of Salesforce consultants can configure the dashboards and reports for your team for helpful insights

Our Education Cloud consultants help institutes upgrade their components regularly. We also resolve maintenance issues speedily without any downtime. As per every user persona, we offer training sessions and manuals.