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Companies must integrate three crucial aspects of their business – customers, products, and sales reps and field service technicians. Salesforce Field Service, which was previously known as Field Service Lightning (FSL), is a Service Cloud platform that unifies these three business aspects to manage all the operations. Salesforce Field Service allows businesses to simplify and automate various aspects of their field service operations, and helps to improve efficiency and overall service delivery. Companies can create, assign, and manage work orders, service appointments, inventories, etc., for various types of on-site jobs faster, and more efficiently. Eliminate delays and missed appointments with the Salesforce Field Service


Efficient Scheduling

With the Field Service software Salesforce, you can leverage efficient scheduling that optimizes the allocation of technicians based on their skills, location, availability, etc. This leads to reduced travel time and better appointment scheduling.


Real-Time Visibility

Salesforce Field Service offers real-time visibility into field operations and allows the dispatchers and managers to track the status of service appointments.


Accessible Through Mobiles

Field service technicians can access Salesforce Field Service on their smart devices through the Field Service mobile app. This customizable app enables them to receive real-time work orders.


Enhanced Customer Experience

With the Salesforce Field Service, your company can offer superior customer service by scheduling precise appointment times, ensuring availability of spare parts, and real-time updates.


Accelerate Productivity And Increase Revenue With Salesforce Field Service



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As a leading Field Service consulting company, TIS helps clients unlock the full potential of Salesforce Field Management for their business. Our expertise in Salesforce Field Service enables you to streamline your business operations, grow your revenue, and enhance the productivity of your valuable field technicians. Our dedicated team is always ready to guide you through every step of the process. From initial consultation to post-implementation support, you can count on our expertise in Salesforce Field Service.

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Find Out How Salesforce Field Service Helps Businesses Manage Various Moving Assets And Easily Control Complex Client-Servicing Operations.

The following information guide will provide answers to some of the aspects of Salesforce Field Service.

One of the best ways to optimize the effectiveness of your workforce is by opting for the Salesforce Field Service. With Field Service Lightning Salesforce, you can offer services to your clients beyond your workplace.

If you have a team of mobile employees like service technicians and dispatchers, investing in this solution can help. It is a Salesforce product that has evolved over time. It lets you integrate with work orders with assets, contacts, accounts, and objects. This solution makes it easy to pull in data across the entire Salesforce ecosystem.

One of the best ways to optimize and manage your field service operations is by opting for Field Service Lightning Salesforce. With the Salesforce Field Service, you can facilitate work order management.

For instance, creating, assigning, and tracking word orders becomes straightforward with the Salesforce Field Service. Additionally, it helps you with scheduling and dispatching, along with resource management.

Here are the features of Salesforce Field Service you must know.

Work order administration

With the Salesforce Field Service, you can fine-tune your field service processes. You can easily see accounts and verify the job requirements.

Proper appointment scheduling

The Salesforce Field Service comes integrated with an FSL dispatch console which helps you have a 360-degree view of your on-field technicians. It also allows you to optimize scheduling.

Inventory management

One of the key highlights of the platform is the Salesforce Field Service inventory management. With this feature, you can keep your entire team apprised of the availability of components and spare parts.

The Salesforce Field Service allows your on-field agents to upload and attach their information and documents to work orders. In this manner, you can easily track the progress of your workers in facilitating repairs and aftersales maintenance. Agents can attach various types of files in the form of images, manuals, documents, etc.

With Salesforce Field Service, the agents can receive push notifications. They can sort and customize these push notifications to ensure the timely dissemination of information, work orders, and customer requests.

The Salesforce Field Service allows the agents to upload their total work hours directly within the system. They can easily upload the start and end times of their respective shifts. They can record this information in timesheets with precise work orders. This feature lets their company have a complete view of the productivity of the agents.

One of the key highlights of the Salesforce Field Service is that it can work even in offline mode. So, the productivity of your mobile workforce does not have to stop even when there is no data connectivity.

Usually, in a Field Service workforce, there are four components:

  • Administrators who are liable for establishing the FSM services
  • Agents who must take the calls of the users and develop work orders
  • Dispatches are responsible for scheduling appointments and assigning technicians to each job
  • On-field technicians who travel to each job site and perform the trusted services

With Salesforce Field Service, you can create a total of 2600 work orders per maintenance plan. However, there are no explicit limitations on the overall number of maintenance assets you can attach to a maintenance plan.

Within Salesforce Field Service, a field technician operates and executes various tasks associated with field service management. Here are some ways in which a field technician operates in Salesforce Field Service:

  • Receiving job assignments
  • Analyzing all the job details like customer information, type of job, and its requirements
  • The Salesforce Field Service minimizes the travel time of on-field technicians by considering travel time, availability of the technician, etc.
  • Your field technicians can communicate with the dispatchers through the Salesforce Field Service to collaborate in real time


Learn More About Salesforce Field Service Lightning

At TIS, we offer a comprehensive range of Field Service software Salesforce services to help business optimize their field service management and drive operational efficiency. We provide the following services:

  • Consulting and development of strategies
  • Configuration and implementation of Salesforce Field Service
  • Integration of Salesforce Field Service
  • Custom development

Being the leading Salesforce Field Service consulting company, we always offer transparent deliverables. We work closely with our clients to define the scope of the project. Our in-house team of consultants creates a detailed project plan that outlines specific tasks and milestones.

Yes, transparent communication is always a top priority for us at TIS. We understand that clear and open communication is vital for fostering trust and collaboration. As a leading Salesforce Field Service consulting company, we believe in open and honest communication.

All our consultants associated with Salesforce Field Service consulting have more than a decade of experience in implementing and customizing the Field Service solution for companies.

We believe strongly in data privacy and data protection of our clients’ assets. We employ the latest data encryption techniques to protect the data of our customers. It helps us to secure the data both in transit and at rest. We also implement strict access controls to ensure that only authorized personnel have access to your data.

As the best Salesforce Field Service consulting company, we offer a range of after-sales support services. For instance, you can always consult us for technical support. We are always available to provide technical assistance and address issues that may arise after the implementation of the Salesforce Field Service. We also offer timely system maintenance and updates to ensure that your Salesforce Field Service.

To implement Salesforce Field Service, we adhere to the following process:

  • Define objectives
  • Analyze current processes
  • Designing the solution
  • Data migration and integration
  • Customize and configure
  • Actual deployment
  • Ongoing support

We will provide no-obligation quotes when you contact us for Salesforce Field Service consulting and implementation. The quotation will be tailored to the unique requirements of your company.