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Heroku is a container-based cloud Platform as a Service (PaaS) application that allows companies to develop, deliver, scale, and monitor apps. Our developers use Heroku to manage, deploy, and scale your business-critical apps. Heroku supports numerous programming languages including Ruby, Node.js, Java, Python, etc., which allows developers the flexibility to design applications in any language they prefer and integrate your application with a variety of data platforms.



Being a leading Platform as a Service offering, Heroku is known for its ease of use. Our Heroku cloud services include different tier packages for creating feature-rich apps.


Highly scalable

Heroku relies on containers called dynos for running the code written by developers. If your application receives an unprecedented influx of traffic, our Heroku cloud services can help to scale your data easily.


Powerful CLI

The Command Line Interface (CLI) of Heroku helps our developers to manage and create applications conveniently. The CLI is one of the significant components of Heroku.


Third-Party Support

The integrated add-ons make it effortless for our developers to conduct installations and manage the app’s configurations. Heroku also facilitates the easy integration of platform API.


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Our Approach to App Development with Heroku Cloud Services

TIS deploys cloud-based Heroku app development services for businesses of all sizes across industries. We know how essential security, stability, and scalability are, and can assist you in adapting your Heroku services based on your company’s requirements. We provide our clients with a flexible, fully-managed application platform that can offer data-driven solutions, integrate processes seamlessly, handle more demand, grow the business, and deliver enhanced services to customers with a leaner administration, and smoother, streamlined operations.


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Information Guide for Heroku App Development Services

Learn About the Power and Versatility of Heroku Cloud Services

The following information guide will provide answers to some of the aspects of Heroku Cloud Services.

Heroku allows developers to run, deploy, and manage apps programmed in Ruby, Java, Python, Scala, etc. Heroku is a polyglot cloud-based platform that lets you create and scale applications by leveraging a single configuration file called Procfile, and dependencies.

Slugs and buildpacks are also integral to the proper functioning of Heroku. Buildpacks are responsible for compiling application code and developing a slug. The slug refers to a pre-built copy of the app that is streamlined for circulation within a dyno.

By collaborating with a Heroku partner, you can derive the following benefits of this cloud platform.

  • It allows the developers to concentrate on code instead of infrastructure.
  • Heroku facilitates proper application monitoring that enhances the app’s performance
  • It offers both vertical and horizontal scalability.
  • During system updates, the Heroku Enterprise architecture provides minimal or no downtime.

The Heroku partner leverages the Heroku Postgres to develop your applications. The Heroku Postgres is a managed SQL database service. Heroku suggests running the Postgres database locally to ensure consistency between app development environments. This cloud platform offers a free plan for hosting the PostgreSQL databases.

In Heroku, there are three primary process types as follows:

  • One-off dynos
  • Worker dynos
  • Web dynos

Note that the maximum number of processes or threads that can occur in a dyno at a single time depends on the dyno type. For instance, the basic, eco, and standard-1x dynos will support no more than 256 processes.

The primary function of Heroku Connect is to synchronize data between the Heroku apps and Salesforce. With the Salesforce data in the database of Heroku, it becomes easier to develop apps based on open-source frameworks and languages. Heroku Connect can be easily configured by developers through a point and click UI.

For scalable Heroku app development, you should know about Heroku architecture. The architecture comprises a platform stack. It is made of the operating system, the language runtime, and the underlying infrastructure that facilitates the development of scalable web apps.

Heroku is an easier alternative to deploy your apps to servers. Note that it is not serverless in the manner cloud vendors have been using it. On Heroku, there is no need to implement any changes to an app to run it.

For instance, if you are using an established framework, Heroku organizes it automatically. In Ruby on Rails, it uses the rails server. Developers also leverage Heroku as a webservice to host simple web apps.

Developers can host an API for Heroku app development in Heroku. The Heroku Connect can allow the developers to host an API to automate the monitoring and development of synchronization of data between Salesforce and the Heroku database.

Heroku and AWS are not the same. For instance, Amazon Web Services (AWS) refer to the cloud platform services that provide infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) products. AWS is an extensive collection of cloud services that caters to the different needs of developers.

On the other hand, Heroku is a PaaS application built on top of the AWS. The features of Heroku are simpler to use compared to Amazon EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud). It also provides many supportive tools with a potent dashboard.

Google Cloud and Heroku both offer a wide range of features and benefits. Heroku is a Platform-as-a Service (PaaS). On the contrary, Google Cloud is a cloud computing service. Heroku is simpler to use and needs less setup, while Google Cloud offers more flexibility to developers.

Frequently Asked Questions for Heroku App Development Services

Learn More About Heroku App Development Services

As the provider of the best Heroku consulting services, TIS leverages the platform’s powerful features to develop business-critical apps for you. Go through our FAQ section to find quick answers to your company- and service-related queries.

At TIS, we offer high-quality Heroku development and consulting services. Due to its simple setup, Heroku enables us to design cloud applications for startups. We have the best Heroku experts who will offer you customized solutions. Besides Heroku development, we can also help with Heroku dev environment management.

To stay ahead of your competition, you have to make the app transformative, responsive, and innovative. As one of the premier Heroku partners, we have a dedicated team of Heroku cloud application developers. Our Heroku deployment services can help you manage and deploy your app in the cloud at any scale.

We are one of the premier Heroku partners and have various ways to implement the service. For instance, we can deploy to production with Git. If your repository is hosted on GitHub, we can use GitHub integration to implement the changes.

Much of our present success as a Heroku cloud application development company can be attributed to transparent communication. To make your Heroku web app or Heroku mobile app unique, we will clearly convey to you our implementation strategies. We are also transparent about our pricing policies.

At TIS, we only hire experienced consultants. Most of our consultants overseeing the development of the Heroku web app have years of experience. They have been responsible for playing a pivotal role in the success of our company.

Here are the things clients should consider while discussing their requirements for Heroku development and deployment.

  • Defining goals and needs associated with Heroku deployment
  • Provide us with details about their budget and deadline
  • Understand the scope of Heroku development

Securing our client’s data and complying with Data Privacy Laws is one of our primary concerns. We secure our client’s data through the following provisions:

  • We know what type of data we are collecting
  • We only collect essential information
  • Encrypting all sensitive user data
  • Implementation of multi-factor authentication

Besides effective Heroku deployment, the aftersales support includes the timely release of updates. If you are facing any type of issue with the app, we will solve the problems quickly. Moreover, you can count on us to address any bug-related issues in the app.