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Hire best ppc ads management agency to connect your online ads and content with the customers who are actively seeking what you provide. Bridge the gap between your customers and your online Ads and content. For higher sales, better leads, and more conversions.


Best PPC Services for Immediate Business Growth

With PPC campaign management, you get a measurable and affordable way to extend reach. It's a superbly effective means to get your message across to people who matter. It's measurable, scalable, and promises quick results with a fast return on investment (ROI). Your consumers are spending time on websites, on social media, and on other Internet sites with videos and music.


Brand Visibility

You can now set brand awareness goals and successfully achieve them. This is because better visibility contributes hugely towards recall conversion rates going up. Hire the best Pay-Per-Click Management Services Agency for exponential business growth.


High-Quality Traffic

The best pay per click marketing agency help you derive the right strategies and targeting, you can reach out to potential and existing customers; those who are interested in your offerings.


Increase Leads and Sales

Use the right channels to hook prospective buyers without wastage of revenue. This will allow you to reach out to them for sure-shot conversions.


Get Instant Results

Pay Per Click Marketing is quick and efficient. With a well-crafted and researched paid marketing campaign in Google Ads, Bing Ads, social media, results can be immediate. No need to wait to gain traction.


Best Pay Per Click Marketing Agency Delivering Ad Services For High ROI

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    Search Ads

    The best PPC marketing services are delivered by creating powerful keyword-oriented search engine ads to enable clicks and attention so that your customer can be effectively reached out to and converted.

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    Display Ads

    Harness optimal techniques to come up with unmissable combinations of text, images, video, and audio for your service. Grab eyeballs and then wallets.

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    Shopping Ads

    We deliver the best PPC services by not missing out on the details. We provide detailed and compelling information about your product or service so that its distinctive features are communicated through PPC ads.

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    Remarketing Ads

    Why ignore those who have already shown interest in your brand? Reach out to those who have visited your site or searched for you and convert your potential customers to close the deal.

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    Mobile Ads

    There is huge growth in the number of searches and conversions on smartphones. Optimize ads and offers to take advantage of this growing usage by hiring the best PPC marketing services.

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    App Promotion

    If you have an app, you need to let people know of its benefits. Targeted app install ads can spread the word about how it provides solutions.

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    Native Ads

    Seamlessly combine the message of your product or service with online editorial to create compelling reasons to buy. With listicles, influencers, and more.

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    Reporting & Tracking

    With online paid marketing, metrics are all-important. Set up relevant parameters to gauge influence and next steps, for course corrections and impact.



Get Result-Driven and Best PPC Services

  • The best PPC company engages the certified PPC specialist and digital marketing team that finds accurate and scalable ways to make your money matter when it comes to traffic buying and paid campaign marketing.
  • From strategies to channels, our PPC agency finds ways to increase salience, gain leads, and make sales shoot up.
  • With an impressive client base and rich experience; we are experts in the digital marketing.
  • We create value for your brand with innovative solutions and measurable feedback that generate great results.


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All You Should Know About Best PPC Marketing Services

If you are thinking about hiring PPC management services, it is easy to get intimidated by all the jargon and mystery surrounding the practice. How much does it cost? What are your options? Is it actually beneficial to my business? Once you read the guide, you will be able to answer these questions easily and decide whether or not it is right for your business.

PPC marketing is a type of online advertising that allows businesses to display ads on search engines and other websites. The goal of PPC Campaign Management is to generate leads or sales from web traffic. There are different types of PPC services, which can be divided into three main categories: pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, cost-per-impression (CPM) advertising, and cost-per-acquisition (CPA) advertising.

Any business that wants to increase its visibility online and attract more leads can benefit from PPC management services. Whether you’re a small business just getting started with digital marketing, or a larger company looking to supplement your other marketing efforts, PPC can be a great way to reach your target audience.

In this guide, we’ll take a look at the various types of PPC management services available, what they mean for your business, and how you can get the most out of them.

Paid search marketing

This type of paid search marketing allows businesses to create ads that appear on the search engine results page (SERP) when someone searches for a specific keyword or phrase. For example, if you are looking for a plumber in your area, you may see advertisements from local plumbers near you pop up with their phone numbers and contact information when you do a Google search. Businesses can either pay a pay-per-click marketing agency like ours to do this work for them or use an automated software platform like Google AdWords to handle it themselves. 

Display advertising

You’ve seen display advertising before—those banner ads that show up on websites. Display advertising is one type of PPC marketing, and it can be effective in raising awareness for your brand. But because banner blindness is real, you need to make sure your ads are eye-catching and relevant to your target audience.


Remarketing, also known as retargeting, is a form of online advertising that can help you keep your brand in front of bounced traffic after they leave your website. It involves placing a pixel on your website that tracks visitors as they browse the web. When these users visit other websites that are in the remarketing network, they’ll see ads from your business. This type of marketing can be extremely effective because it allows you to reach people who have already shown an interest in what you have to offer.

Social media advertising

As the name suggests, social media advertising happens on different social media channels. One of the benefits of social media advertising is that it allows you to target a specific audience. For example, if you sell products that are geared towards women, you can target your ads specifically to women on social media. There are four main types of social media advertising:

  • Social media platform ads
  • Influencer marketing
  • User-generated content ads
  • Sponsored posts

Price comparison website advertising

Price comparison websites are a great way to advertise your products or services. By placing your ad on a price comparison website, you can reach a large audience of potential customers who are already interested in what you have to offer. Plus, your ad will only be shown to people who are actively searching for products or services like yours, which means that you’re more likely to get qualified leads.

Affiliate marketing

When you join an affiliate program, you agree to promote the products or services of another business on your website or blog. In return, you earn a commission on any sales that you generate. Affiliate marketing is a popular way to monetize a blog or website because it requires little effort on your part and can generate a good income. There are three main types of affiliate marketing: pay-per-sale, pay-per-lead, and pay-per-click.

Here are some of the top benefits of PPC marketing for your business.

1) PPC Brings Immediate Results

PPC is an advertising model in which businesses pay a fee each time one of their ads is clicked. This means that you can see immediate results from your campaigns, and you only pay when someone actually clicks on your ad. This makes PPC an effective and affordable way to reach your target market.

2) It’s Easy to Get Started

You can launch a pay-per-click campaign in a matter of days, and most providers offer easy-to-use tools that make the process simple. You don’t need a big budget to get started, either. You can set a daily spending limit, so you never go over budget.

3) It Can Help Gain Brand Awareness

One of the most common goals businesses has when they start a PPC campaign is to increase brand awareness. And there’s a good reason for that. PPC can be one of the quickest and most effective ways to get your brand in front of people who are already searching for products or services like yours.

4) PPC helps you learn what works and what doesn’t

Pay-per-click advertising is an effective way to drive traffic to your website and increase leads and sales. But it can also be a great way to learn about your target market and what they are looking for. By monitoring your PPC campaigns, you can learn what keywords and ads are working, and which ones aren’t. This information can be used to improve your overall marketing strategy.

5) Improve Site Search Engine Optimization

PPC marketing can help improve your site’s search engine optimization. By increasing your click-through rate, you can improve your ranking in the search engines. Additionally, PPC can help you get more targeted traffic to your site, which can lead to higher conversion rates.

6) Provide instant traffic.

Pay-Per-Click management services provide an instant source of traffic to your website. By targeting specific keywords and phrases, you can reach people who are actively searching for the products or services that you offer. This can provide a much-needed boost to your business, especially if you’re just starting out.

7) Leads to positive ROI

One of the main benefits of PPC Campaign Management is that it leads to a positive ROI. This is because you are only paying for the ads when they are clicked on, so you know that each click is bringing you closer to a sale. In addition, with PPC marketing you can track your progress and adjust your campaigns accordingly to ensure maximum efficiency. Furthermore, PPC marketing allows you to target a specific audience with laser precision, making sure that your message is reaching the right people.

8)  Offers multi-layered targeting options

You can target consumers based on their demographics, interests, online behaviors, and even location. By targeting such a wide range of consumers, you can ensure that your ads are being seen by people who are most likely to be interested in your product or service.

9) PPC user data helps your SEO strategy

Pay-per-click advertising data can help you improve your SEO strategy. The information you glean from PPC can help you target keywords more effectively, improve your click-through rate, and better understand the customer journey. All of this data can be used to improve your organic search ranking and visibility.

10) PPC ads don’t depend on algorithm changes

You know exactly what you’re paying for with PPC ads, and that cost is not subject to change based on algorithm updates like SEO. This means that you can better predict and control your marketing costs, which is a huge benefit for businesses.

PPC marketing has become an indispensable tool for getting your business noticed online. But with so many PPC platforms to choose from and various strategies to pick from, it can be difficult to know where to start—and there’s a good chance that you may have picked up some bad habits along the way, too. Here are our top tips for crafting a successful PPC marketing strategy that will get your product seen and purchased by customers around the world.

1) Utilize Negative Keywords

Negative keywords are words or phrases that you add to your campaign so that your ad doesn’t show up when people search for those terms. This ensures that only people who are actually interested in what you’re selling see your ad. Adding negative keywords can help improve your click-through rate and reduce your costs-per-click.

2) Understand your audience

In order to create a successful PPC marketing strategy, you must first understand your target audience. What are their needs and wants? What are their pain points? Once you have a good understanding of your target audience, you can begin to create ads that speak to them directly.

3) Use Call Only Campaigns

Call-only campaigns are a great way to increase leads and sales, while also reducing your cost per lead. Here are five tips to make sure your call-only campaign is successful: 

  • Research your keywords carefully and match them to the products or services you offer. 
  • Write compelling ad copy that includes a strong call to action. 
  • Target your ads to mobile users as well as desktop users. 
  • Set up call tracking so you can measure the results of your campaign.

4) Experiment with more visual ads

People are visual creatures, and we’re more likely to remember something if it’s accompanied by an image. In fact, our brains process images 60,000 times faster than text. That’s why it’s important to experiment with different types of visual ads in your PPC marketing strategy.

5) Have one point of contact

A common mistake that businesses make when they first start using PPC is that they try to do everything themselves. This quickly leads to confusion and frustration and can result in a lot of wasted money. Having one point of contact who is responsible for managing your PPC campaigns will help ensure that your campaigns are run smoothly and efficiently.

6) Use PPC with Remarketing

PPC Campaign Management is an effective way to drive traffic to your website, but it can be expensive. A great way to get the most out of your PPC budget is to use remarketing. Remarketing allows you to show ads to people who have already visited your site, so you know they’re interested in what you have to offer.

7) Create relevant landing pages

Creating relevant and targeted landing pages is one of the most important aspects of a successful PPC marketing strategy. Your landing pages should be designed to meet the needs of your target audience and should be optimized for conversion. Additionally, your landing pages should be well-written and free of errors.

8) Test Multiple Ads

The best way to find out what works is to test multiple ads and see which ones perform the best. Try different combinations of ad copy, images, and targeting to see what gets the most clicks and conversions.

9) Target a Specific Device

Focusing your ad spend on the devices that generate the most conversions will help you get the most out of your PPC budget. For example, if you know that mobile devices generate the majority of your online sales, you should make sure that your ads are optimized for mobile users.

10) Use tools to monitor performance and update strategies as needed

You can’t just set up a PPC campaign and then forget about it – you need to constantly monitor your performance and make updates as needed. The good news is, that there are plenty of tools out there to help you do just that.

The pay-per-click (PPC) market can be difficult to navigate, with so many pay per click management services and strategies available and new ones popping up all the time. How do you know what’s worth your time and what isn’t? Well, luckily we’ve compiled this list of the top PPC trends that will help you grow your business! Take a look at our list below.

1) Automated Bidding Systems

Automated bidding systems are one of the top PPC trends because they help you manage your bids more efficiently. With an automated system, you can set your bid amount and let the system do the work for you. This can free up your time so that you can focus on other aspects of your business. Additionally, automated systems can help you stay within your budget by optimizing your bids for the maximum return on investment.

2) First-Party Data

First-party data is data that you collect yourself, through surveys, website interactions, and CRM data. This data is unique to your company, and it’s the most valuable type of data you can have because you can be sure that it’s accurate and complete.

3) Personalized Ads

Consumers are inundated with ads on a daily basis, so it’s no surprise that they’ve become quite adept at ignoring them. However, personalized ads have the potential to break through the clutter and grab attention. By using data such as demographics, interests, and previous interactions, you can create ads that are more likely to resonate with your target audience.

4) Audience Targeting & Segmentation

The crucial step to any effective Pay Per Click Campaign Management is understanding your audience. Who are you trying to reach? What are their needs and desires? Once you have a firm understanding of your target market, you can begin to segment them into different groups. This will allow you to create targeted campaigns that are more likely to resonate with each group.

5) Improved Reporting Capabilities

In the past, businesses have had to rely on gut feeling and intuition to make decisions about their PPC campaigns. However, with the advent of new technologies, businesses can now track and measure a variety of data points in order to make more informed decisions. This has led to a surge in the use of data-driven decision-making, and we expect this trend to continue in the coming year.

6) Diversification

Diversification is key when it comes to growing your business. By expanding your product offerings or services, you can reach new markets and tap into new revenue streams. And with the right marketing strategy, you can attract even more customers and grow your business even further.

7) Responsive Search Ads

Responsive Search Ads are a new type of ad introduced by Google that allows you to create a single ad that automatically adjusts to fit multiple screen sizes and devices. This is beneficial because it saves you time and energy from having to create separate ads for each device. Plus, it ensures that your ad will always be relevant and visible to potential customers, no matter what device they’re using.

8) Natural Language Processing in Ad Copy

NLP is a way for computers to understand human language. This technology is being used more and more in advertising, as it can help create ad copy that is more relevant to users. NLP can also help improve the accuracy of ad targeting, by understanding user intent.

9) Cross-Device Tracking

With so many people using multiple devices throughout the day, it’s important to be able to track conversions across all devices. Cross-device tracking allows you to see which devices are being used at each stage of the conversion funnel and how they’re interacting with your ads. This information can be used to optimize your campaigns for better performance.

10) Conversion Tracking

One of the most important aspects of any PPC campaign is conversion tracking. This allows you to see which keywords and ads are driving conversions, so you can adjust your campaigns accordingly. Without conversion tracking, you’re essentially flying blind.

When it comes to online marketing, Pay Per Click (PPC) ads are one of the easiest ways to start promoting your business. This means that if you’re thinking about using PPC, there’s an increasing chance that you’ll want to hire a pay-per-click marketing agency to help you out with it—and before you do, it’s important to understand how to choose the best Pay Per Click marketing agency for your business! Here are some questions you should ask any pay per click marketing agency before hiring them.

1) Do they have experience in this industry?

PPC is a very specific type of marketing, and the strategies that work for one industry might not work for another. Make sure the PPC Company you’re considering has experience with businesses in your industry, so they can hit the ground running and create a campaign that’s tailored to your needs.

2) Have they run campaigns on Google and Facebook?

The first question you should ask any potential PPC agency is whether or not they have experience running campaigns on the platforms you’re interested in. Google and Facebook are the two most popular PPC platforms, so you’ll want to make sure the PPC company has experience with both. If they only have experience with one platform, that’s not necessarily a dealbreaker, but it is something to be aware of.

3) Do they use landing pages, lead magnets, pop-ups, etc.?

A good PPC management agency will use a variety of methods to generate leads for your business. This includes creating landing pages, lead magnets, and pop-ups. Landing pages are designed to capture a visitor’s information so that you can follow up with them later. Lead magnets are used to entice visitors to sign up for your email list. Pop-ups are used to promote special offers or discounts.

4) What’s their average click-through rate on Facebook ads?

If you’re looking to hire a pay-per-click marketing agency, be sure to ask about their average click-through rate on Facebook ads. This is important because it will give you an idea of how effective they are at driving traffic to your website. The higher the click-through rate, the more likely it is that people will see your ad and click on it.

5) What do their clients say about them online?

The first thing you should do when considering a pay per click marketing agency is to check out what their clients are saying about them online. A quick Google search will reveal any red flags, but also take the time to read through some of the testimonials on the agency’s website. If you can’t find any reviews or testimonials, that’s a bad sign.

6) Can I talk directly to a client who has worked with them in the past 12 months?

A great PPC agency should have no problem putting you in touch with one of their recent clients. This will allow you to get first-hand feedback about what it was like working with the agency and whether or not they achieved results.

7) Is there testimonials online about their work/services?

When looking for a pay-per-click marketing agency, you want to be sure that they have happy customers. A great way to determine this is by reading testimonials from other businesses that have used their services. This will give you an idea of what to expect and whether or not they are worth your time and money.

8) Do they offer guaranteed ROI/performance reports?

You want to be sure that the agency you’re working with is confident in its ability to deliver results. Be sure to ask about their guarantee, and what kind of reporting they’ll provide to show you the ROI of your campaigns.

9) What is their process from the first meeting through the launch date/delivery of report cards?

A good PPC company will want to get to know your business and your goals before getting started. They should ask questions about your target market, current marketing efforts, and what you hope to achieve with PPC. 

Once they have a good understanding of your business, they should develop a customized plan for your campaign that includes specific goals and target keywords. They should also provide you with regular reports on the progress of your campaign and make adjustments as needed to ensure that you are seeing the best results possible.

10) Are there any hidden charges?

Many PPC marketing agencies will try to tack on hidden charges, such as set-up fees or minimum spend requirements. Be sure to ask about any and all fees before signing on with one of the best PPC agency.

If you’re using Pay-Per-Click management services, it’s important to make sure that you avoid the most common mistakes in this industry. PPC marketing can be extremely effective when done correctly, but without an awareness of the common mistakes that are made time and time again, you may find yourself losing money instead of gaining it as you hoped to do with your PPC campaign. Read on to learn about some of the most common PPC mistakes that business owners make, and see how you can avoid them yourself in order to save time and money and get the most out of your marketing budget.

1) Overusing Keywords

One of the most common PPC marketing mistakes is overusing keywords. When you stuff your keywords into your ads, it not only looks spammy, but it can also get you penalized by Google. So use keywords sparingly and make sure they’re relevant to what you’re advertising.

2) Focusing on Quantity, Not Quality

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when it comes to your PayPerClick campaigns is focusing on quantity over quality. It’s not about how many clicks or impressions you get, but rather the quality of those clicks and impressions.

3) Using Keywords That Are Too Specific

When it comes to pay-per-click (PPC) marketing, choosing the right keywords is essential. But what happens when you get too specific? If your keywords are too narrow, you may miss out on potential customers who are searching for something slightly different. On the other hand, if your keywords are too broad, you could end up wasting money on clicks that don’t convert. Either way, it’s important to strike a balance.

4) Not Testing Landing Pages

One of the most common PPC marketing mistakes is not testing different versions of your landing pages. A/B testing allows you to try out different versions of your page and see which one performs better. This is important because your landing page is the first thing people see when they click on your ad. If it’s not effective, you’re likely to lose potential customers.

5) Failing to Watch Your Competition

Your competition can teach you a lot about what works and what doesn’t in your industry. If you’re not paying attention to them, you’re missing out on valuable information that could help your business. Keep an eye on your competitors’ campaigns and see what they’re doing right – and wrong. You can learn a lot from their successes and failures.

6) Picking Marketplaces That Don’t Make Sense

When you are looking at different marketplaces to advertise on, it is important that you pick ones that make sense for your product or service. If you are selling women’s clothing, it wouldn’t make sense to advertise on a men’s clothing site. Not only would you be wasting money, but you also wouldn’t be reaching your target audience.

7) Failing to Have a Funnel in Place Before Launching an Ad Campaign

The first mistake many businesses make is failing to have a funnel in place before launching an ad campaign. A funnel is a process that potential customers go through, from awareness to purchase. Without a funnel, businesses are essentially shooting in the dark, hoping that their ads will reach the right people at the right time.

8) Relying Solely on Google AdWords

Google AdWords is the most popular Pay-Per-Click platform, but that doesn’t mean it’s the only one worth using. By relying solely on Google AdWords, you’re missing out on opportunities to reach potential customers on other platforms like Bing, Yahoo, and even Facebook. Not to mention, you’re also missing out on the chance to get creative with your marketing campaigns.

9) Not Knowing When to Cut Losses or Let Go of an Account

Sometimes, no matter how much you tweak your campaigns or how many hours you spend trying to improve them, you just can’t seem to get them to work. If this is the case, it might be time to cut your losses and move on. This can be a difficult decision to make, but it’s important to remember that not every campaign is going to be successful. Don’t waste your time and money on a lost cause – know when to let go.

10) Lacking a Budget and Strategy

The biggest mistake you can make when starting your PPC journey is not having a budget and strategy in place. Without these two key components, you’ll be wasting time and money on your campaigns with no real direction. Not knowing your audience (three sentences): Another big mistake is not knowing who your target audience is. If you don’t know who you’re trying to reach, you’ll have a hard time crafting effective ad copy and landing pages that convert.

In the following guide, we’ll be looking at some of the top reasons why you should select India’s best PPC Company for your next campaign.

1) They have more experience

The best PPC marketing services agency will have a lot of experience under its belt. This means they’ve likely worked with many different businesses in many different industries. They know what works and what doesn’t, and they can help you create a campaign that will get results.

2) They know what works

A good PPC company will have a strong understanding of what works and what doesn’t in the world of paid advertising. This knowledge can save you a lot of money and help you avoid common pitfalls.

3) They can also help with SEO

A good PPC company will have a strong understanding of both on-page and off-page SEO. They can help you research and select the right keywords for your campaigns. The best PPC companies will be up-to-date on the latest trends in search engine marketing. They can also help you create landing pages that are optimized for conversion. 

4) Indian PPC Companies are cost-effective

Indian PPC companies are often more cost-effective than their Western counterparts. This is because the cost of living and doing business in India is lower, so Indian PPC companies can pass these savings on to their clients. Additionally, Indian PPC companies often have lower overhead costs, which means they can offer competitive prices.

5) They have an excellent reputation

A good reputation is important for all the PPC companies in India. Why? Because when you’re entrusting your hard-earned money to them, you want to be sure they’re going to do a good job. And if they have a good reputation, that means they have happy clients who are getting results.


Know All About PPC Campaign Management Services Offered By The Best Pay Per Click Marketing Agency

Check out these frequently asked questions about best PPC services offered by TIS, one of the top PPC company!

There are many benefits to using TIS for your PPC marketing needs. We are a trusted and experienced team that can help you save time and money while getting the most out of your campaigns. We offer full-service solutions, which include keyword research, account management, creative design, landing page development, and more.

We are a results-driven PPC agency that is passionate about helping our clients grow their businesses. We offer a comprehensive suite of services, including pay-per-click management services, that are designed to help our clients reach their goals. We are also proud to offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of our services.

At TIS, we offer a wide range of the best PPC marketing services that can help you reach your target audience and achieve your desired results. We specialize in paid search, display advertising, social media advertising, and more.

We have a flexible pricing structure based on projected results and can be customized for every client. We offer an initial free consultation, which takes about an hour to talk about your project and ideas. We are very upfront with our pricing, so you know exactly what you will be paying from day one. Most of our work is billed hourly as it gives us the flexibility to move in and out of projects as needed.

Here at TIS, we provide free consulting to help you figure out what you need for PPC campaign management. We’ll sit down with you and ask questions about your business goals and target market. With this information, we’ll be able to create a customized plan that will help you achieve your desired results.

No one can guarantee results in any field, but what we can guarantee is that we will work our hardest to get you the best results possible. We have a team of experienced Pay Per Click consultants who are well-versed in the world of online marketing, and we’ll make sure to put all of our knowledge and expertise to work for you.

At TIS, we offer a variety of PPC management services to help our clients reach their target audiences. In addition to PPC marketing, we also offer SEO, social media marketing, email marketing, web design & development services, and salesforce consulting.

Yes, we provide monthly reports that show how your campaigns are performing and what changes we made during the month. Our reports include an executive summary, campaign performance data, and recommendations for improving your results for PPC Campaign Management.

Yes, you can test different variations of an ad campaign to see which works best. This is called A/B testing and it’s a great way to improve your results. To do this, you’ll need to create two versions of your ad, then track the results to see which one performs better. Hire the best Pay Per Click Marketing Agency for better results!

Other than being the best PPC company, we have been doing social media management and community management for over a decade and have worked with some of the biggest brands in the world. We know what it takes to create a successful social media campaign, and we’re experts at managing communities.

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