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The healthcare sector is undergoing a massive transformation due to the ever-evolving needs of patients. Certain types of regulations and reforms are shifting focus from quantitative care to the quality of care. The Salesforce Health Cloud is a health CRM platform that optimizes doctor-patient relationships. It also enhances how your medical facility operates. Its primary objective is to keep patient-related information in a single place. At TIS, we leverage proprietary tools to accelerate the deployment of the Health Cloud Salesforce. Offer enhanced patient-centric experiences with our Salesforce Health Cloud Implementation.



With the Salesforce medical cloud, you can manage and improve the patient experience. With the Health Cloud, your patients find it easier to interact with your healthcare facility.


Enhanced Patient Experience

The Salesforce medical cloud unifies all the systems and makes them accessible on a unified platform. It offers a holistic view of the patient’s data.


Features Seamless Integration

The Salesforce Health Cloud is compatible with most of your existing healthcare software solutions. You can easily integrate it within the infrastructure of your medical facility.


Advanced Analytics

With the Salesforce Health Cloud, you can categorize patients based on their current medical condition or other parameters. It can offer detailed insights into the behavior of the patients.


Leverage Salesforce Health Cloud to improve efficiency and grow revenue



How TIS helps with seamless Salesforce Healthcare Cloud integration

TIS is a global leader in business transformation and Salesforce consulting. As the top Salesforce Healthcare Cloud consulting company, we help you empower your medical facility digitally. With our customized services, you can change how patients and stakeholders engage with one another. Our Health Cloud deployment services offer an optimal experience to patients with a 360-degree view for collaborative experiences. Moreover, with our Salesforce Health Cloud services, you can lower costs while automating your health workflows by streamlining the patient’s journey from enrollment to care management.

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Learn about the benefits of Health Cloud services for your healthcare business

The following information guide will provide answers to some of the aspects of Health Cloud services.

Customary to its name, the Salesforce Health Cloud is a CRM platform for hospitals and medical facilities. The primary objective of the Health Cloud is to keep all patient-related information in a single place.

With this CRM solution, the healthcare workers can have a 360-degree view of records related to patients. To optimize the efficiency of your medical facility, you can consult with a Health Cloud accredited professional to integrate information from various types of data sources like medical devices, EMRs, etc.

One of the key highlights of the Health Cloud is that it helps in offering customized care to each patient. With the Health Cloud, the healthcare professionals can access centralized data to access useful patient-related information.

Moreover, it empowers the healthcare staff to take prompt and individualized action. A Health Cloud accredited professional can also help your medical care facility to optimize patient engagement.

The Health Cloud comes equipped with an array of functionalities that streamline your hospital’s operations and efficiency. For instance, it offers a comprehensive overview of your patients and their needs and treatment plans.

It offers highly precise information like pending check-ups and follow-up visits, the health history of each patient, the network of the care team, etc. Moreover, all services offered by the Health Cloud are HIPAA compliant. In simple words, it decreases the chances of data leaks.

Nowadays, patients are always doubtful of the medical attention they receive. So, as a healthcare facility, it is your responsibility to foster trust in your patients. One of the best ways to engage patients in a healthcare setting is by deploying the Health Cloud. It is a powerful CRM platform that allows medical facilities to enhance patient satisfaction. Listed are some ways in which the Health Cloud boosts patient engagement.

  • Allows for a 360-degree view of the patient and their current status
  • Easy and centralized access to data
  • Integrates with mobile devices easily
  • Improves your healthcare facility’s appointment scheduling

Besides helping you optimize patient satisfaction and engagement; the Health Cloud can safeguard critical data. Salesforce uses a multi-layered architecture to secure the information of service users of your facility through the Health Cloud. Additionally, you can opt for Salesforce Shield, which can protect your data from severe breaches.

Salesforce maintains that not all components in the Health Cloud are customizable. However, you can tailor the key areas to ensure that your patients receive personalized care. Some of the custom components in the Health Cloud are as follows.

  • Patient information
  • Patient lists
  • Create external member fields
  • The timeline views

Utilization management is an important term in medical cost management. In the Health Cloud, the payers can manage precertification and authorization with the Care Request feature. It is the feature that supports utilization management within the Health Cloud. For instance, you can make drug preauthorization simpler with this functionality present in the Health Cloud.

The care programs module in the Health Cloud is one of its standout features. With this functionality, you can spread awareness among workers on how to use a specific medication. It also helps in scheduling meetings to monitor progress. The functionality relies heavily on Einstein Analytics to identify risks associated with drug adherence among patients.

The Health Cloud is revolutionizing the healthcare sector. You can stay more competitive by implementing this CRM solution for hospitals. Here are some ways in which the Health Cloud is helping with more competent patient management.

  • Supports digital transformation of patient records
  • Improves interoperability among the various departments of your medical facility
  • Improved data security

One area where Health Cloud triumphs over other CRM platforms is its customizable components. It is a straightforward process to set up a care plan in the Health Cloud. You can design care plans based on the unique needs of your hospital. The care plans allow patients to opt for treatment procedures seamlessly.


As the best Salesforce Healthcare Cloud consulting company, we use advanced tools to boost the implementation of the Health Cloud. We are a premier Salesforce partner and possess comprehensive experience with some of the leading integration platforms. Additionally, we offer the following:

  • Health Cloud integration
  • Health Cloud implementation
  • Health Cloud customization
  • Health Cloud support and maintenance

Our Salesforce Pharma CRM experts roll out CRM buildouts that deliver a 360-degree view of your healthcare facility. We seamlessly integrate the Health Cloud with communities and public sector healthcare initiatives to optimize the experiences of your patients. Our company is a Salesforce Platinum partner and has comprehensive experience with FHIR interoperability standards.

With our Health Cloud implementation and consulting services, you can deliver proper care. It lets your medical facility harness the power of the cloud and delivers a real-time view of each patient’s care plan. Here are some reasons to choose us.

  • Coordinate post-accurate care
  • Customize the contact center experiences
  • Get feedback faster from patients

Whenever a client seeks our services, we assess their requirements minutely. Our communication channels are always transparent to ensure that users get the most out of their investment in the Health Cloud.

As a top Salesforce Pharma CRM company, we can immediately educate our users on intricate aspects of implementation. Our Health Cloud consultants are experts in aligning the initiative of implementation. With TIS, there is no need for you to waste time on analysis. We swiftly focus on the user cases that can be deployed.

As a Salesforce Platinum partner, our company provides ongoing support and maintenance to all users. Our dedicated client services team lets us offer various levels of guidance, support, and maintenance.

To ensure that you can understand the complexities of the Health Cloud, we provide hands-on training to educate your in-house staff. For instance, if you want to know how dashboards in the Health Cloud work, we can help. You can rely on us to understand the nuances of the Health Cloud.

As the top Salesforce consulting company, the developers at TIS possess deep expertise in Apex and Visualforce to develop SaaS-based apps. We can also customize the dashboards in Health Cloud to suit your company’s requirements.