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The Salesforce Experience Cloud is an online platform that allows companies to connect customers, partners, and workers with each other. With our expertise in Experience Cloud, you can fine-tune the key business processes. Moreover, you can extend them across the various branches of your organization. The Experience Cloud ensures that everyone in your business ecosystem can service customers efficiently. We can help you develop communities on the Experience Cloud to foster meaningful customer relationships. We also specialize in connecting outside channel partners and agents to decrease friction and accelerate deals. Connect customer experiences to data uniformly with our Salesforce Experience Cloud consultant services.


Versatile solutions

You can use the Experience Cloud to develop, customize, and maintain various types of company communities. These company communities can be customized based on the requirements of your business.


Third-party integrations

The third-party integrations of Experience Cloud make it highly popular. You can enhance the functionality of your Salesforce community with third-party components and apps available on AppExchange.


Superior content management

You can count on the customer Experience Cloud CMS to effectively manage content across multiple websites. There is no need to publish duplicate content on all the websites. You can even connect your external CMS with the built-in CMS of Experience Cloud.


Customization and Flexibility

One of the key highlights of Experience Cloud Salesforce is its flexibility and customization. By using layouts and themes, we can help you develop customer-centric websites. You can also leverage the customer experience cloud to build a loyal base of users.


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Our Salesforce Experience Cloud Services

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At TIS, our Experience Cloud consultants will help your organization unlock the potential of every feature of Experience Cloud. With our Experience Cloud consulting services, you can allow your partners, clients, and employees to collaborate in a meaningful manner. We have expertise in Experience Cloud implantation and Experience Cloud integration. We assist companies to select the pre-built lightning templates. Reach out to us and see how we can craft intuitive digital experiences with the Experience Cloud. With our expert Salesforce Experience Cloud consultant team, you can establish portals faster to connect customers and partners. We will help you develop fully customized interactions to nurture niche audiences with Experience Cloud. The well-integrated experiences developed on the Experience Cloud will improve how users interact with your brand.

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Information Guide for Salesforce Experience Cloud Services

Learn about how Salesforce Experience Cloud lets you share your business experiences with your customers

The following information guide will provide answers to some of the aspects of Salesforce Experience Cloud services.

Experience Cloud is a set of functionalities developed on the Salesforce CRM platform. It allows you to develop intuitive digital experiences with a key focus on engaging customers and empowering them. With Experience Cloud Salesforce, you can connect your clients, business partners, and employees seamlessly. If your company wants to harness the power of digital transformation, Experience Cloud is the best platform to leverage. You can create customized portals and websites connected to your CRM data in Salesforce.

In Experience Cloud, there are three types of user licenses for external access.

  • Partner Community license

This license is designed for partners and external users who need to work with your organization. This license allows the partners to access your Salesforce Experience Cloud website and view or edit data. Partners can collaborate with other users via the communities.

  • Customer community license

This license is for those customers who interact with your company regularly. This license allows your users to log into the Salesforce Experience website of your company and access communities, articles, and case studies.

  • Customer community plus license

As the name suggests, this license offers extra functionalities beyond what is available in the customer community license. For instance, with this license, your customers can access Salesforce objects. It is possible to develop and create custom integrations and objects with this license.


To manage account hierarchies and respective roles in the Experience Cloud Salesforce, you will need to leverage account role optimization. Its main purpose is to help you scale your external users and decrease the number of account roles in the Community Portal. Your business can better regulate who has access to specific information within the Experience Cloud platform with account role optimization.

Experience Cloud has been developed on the reliable Salesforce platform. The security architecture of Salesforce is trusted by organizations worldwide. Even companies operating in the healthcare domain and financial services sector rely on the Experience Cloud to develop client-facing portals and websites.

From client and user authentication to administrative permissions and data access, it offers top-notch security. The Experience Cloud also raises red flags during violations that allow you to act on time.

Your organization can use the preinstalled templates in the Experience Cloud to develop a brand-centric experience anytime. To build digital experiences, there is no need for coding. Templates are specifically developed to establish customer experience. If you want to personalize the user-facing portal, leveraging the Experience Builder is the best option.

A share group allows you to share data owned by the high-volume community and portal users with external and internal users. The share group in the Experience Cloud applies across portals. Moreover, they are commonly associated with sharing sets. The high-volume users have limited access to the features of Experience Cloud. The share group can let you share records owned by the high-volume users.

You will have diverse options to use Experience Cloud on mobile devices. The templates in Experience Cloud are fully responsive. This allows you to build mobile-friendly websites and portals for your customers. Moreover, to build digital experiences for your employee communities, you can build a bespoke mobile application with the Mobile SDK of Salesforce.

Here are the key features of Experience Cloud:

  • Integrate data from anywhere

Experience Cloud allows you to integrate data from any third-party app and software platform. By integrating data, you have a centralized view of all the important customer-centric processes. It allows you to boost customer experience.

  • Third-party apps

Experience Cloud is built on the Salesforce platform. With the help of AppExchange, you can extend the functionality of customer and employee communities. Your customers and workers can easily access an application on AppExchange based on their requirements.

  • Allows you to measure the engagement

Experience Cloud offers customizable dashboards with key data metrics. With these metrics, you can keep a track of the customer engagement metrics. These metrics allow you to boost engagement among existing users.

One of the key benefits of using the Experience Cloud is that it helps in building a strong community engagement which ensures better interaction with customers, partners, and experts. Here are some other ways in which your business benefits from Experience Cloud.

  • It helps your company decrease dissatisfaction among customers by driving personalized experiences.
  • You can easily create portals related to the knowledge base with which they can sort out their problems.
  • Experience Cloud can drastically decrease the workload on your customer support teams

With templates in Experience Cloud, you can build responsive websites for delivering rich and branded spaces for your customers. Here are the common types of Experience Cloud templates you can use.

  • The partner channel template is for maintaining the sales workflows of your business partners.
  • The customer account portal template is used for developing digital experiences that allow your customers to access and update their account information.
  • The customer service template allows the users to post questions to the community and consult with your company’s support agents.

Help center, Aloha, and Build Your Own are some of the other templates you can use in the Experience Cloud.

Frequently Asked Questions for Salesforce Experience Cloud Services

Know All About Salesforce Experience Cloud Implementation Services Offered By The Top Salesforce Experience Cloud Consultant

If you are considering using Salesforce Experience Cloud Consultants to help you increase your business efficiency, then you might want to be aware of some FAQs that TIS has compiled. In these questions, we will look at what TIS offers and how our experts can help you get the most out of the platform.

TIS is a premier Experience Cloud Consulting company. We have helped numerous organizations harness the power of Experience Cloud to improve customer experience. Here are the types of services offered by us.

  • Experience Cloud implementation
  • Experience Cloud migration
  • Experience Cloud customization
  • Experience Cloud support and maintenance
  • Experience Cloud integration

Our Experience Cloud services can develop intuitive digital experiences for your company. We have a team of certified Salesforce Experience Cloud consultants who use advanced techniques and platforms to develop engaging journeys for your customers. We also use prebuilt apps along with drag-and-drop tools.

Our Experience Cloud specialists can deploy a range of productivity features and tools to improve the customer experience of your brand. Our services can also boost the adoption rate of Experience Cloud across the community.

As a professional Salesforce Experience Cloud consultant, we always believe in transparent communication. We are always honest about our capabilities and will not confuse you. Our customer-first approach has allowed us to empower enterprises to measure their success through bespoke digital solutions.

All our Experience Cloud consultants and developers are highly experienced. Most of them possess a decade of experience in Experience Cloud. With our expert team, you can let your customers engage and endorse.

TIS always strives to offer ongoing analysis and troubleshooting to ensure you get the most out of your Experience Cloud investment. Our after-sales support can help you tackle the challenges associated with digitalization.

TIS is adept in developing and executing a strategic roadmap that unlocks the full potential of Experience Cloud. With us, you can reimagine the way you do business. Moreover, we leverage an agile delivery methodology that develops value at each stage of implementation.

As a leading Salesforce Experience Cloud consultant, we can help you develop a customer account portal with Experience Cloud. With the customer account portal, you can offer self-help knowledge resources. Moreover, you can empower your users to modify their profiles and other data.