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Pardot, is a B2B marketing automation platform that’s part of the Salesforce ecosystem. It is a cloud-based solution to help businesses automate and optimize their marketing efforts. Pardot provides highly effective tools for lead generation, lead scoring, email marketing, and analytics. The platform allows a company’s marketing team to create and manage personalized email campaigns, track customer engagement, create engaging landing pages, and expand its customer base. Route qualified leads to sales with our world-class Pardot Salesforce integration services.


Marketing Automation

One of the key highlights of Pardot is that it automates and fine-tunes a wide variety of marketing tasks. It allows your marketing team to automate the email campaigns and other repetitive tasks, freeing up valuable resources.


Personalized Marketing Campaigns

With Pardot, your marketing team can create bespoke campaigns. The platform offers templates, segmentation capabilities, and dynamic content features. This enables your business to deliver engaging and relevant content.


Analytics And ROI Tracking

Pardot offers robust reporting and analytics features that provide insights into campaign performance, marketing ROI, etc. Marketers can also track the key metrics with the help of Pardot.


Lead Generation And Management

Pardot has tools to capture and manage leads effectively. It enables your company to develop customized forms and landing pages to develop lead information. It also comes integrated with lead-scoring capabilities.


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TIS is a leading Pardot Salesforce integration consultant with an excellent track record of helping businesses automate their marketing engagement activities. Our team of experienced Pardot consultants is dedicated to understanding your unique business goals and deploying tailored solutions that align with your sales and marketing objectives. With our expertise in Pardot implementation, we can guide you through every Pardot deployment and optimization step including capturing a prospect’s engagement history, scoring and grading them for lead qualification, and nurturing them through the sales funnel. We also integrate your marketing campaigns with SEO, SEM, and social media, and help you to analyze your data to provide actionable insights into the impact of your marketing efforts.

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Get An Understanding Of How Pardot Cloud Can Help Your Organization Design And Execute Effective Marketing Campaigns

The following information guide will provide answers to some of the aspects of Pardot Cloud Service.

Pardot, from Salesforce, is a marketing automation platform. It helps businesses manage and nurture leads and automate the routine marketing tasks. With Pardot, you can track and measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. It offers a range of tools and features for marketers, including lead generation and management, lead scoring, email marketing, social media integration, etc.

Pardot offers several features and functionalities that contribute to marketing automation. For instance, with Pardot, you can automate lead generation and management. It allows you to capture leads with forms and landing pages on your website. Moreover, Pardot is your one-stop option for automating email marketing campaigns. You can develop targeted and customized email templates with Pardot. It also helps with campaign management and behavioral tracking.

Previously known as Pardot, Marketing Cloud Account Engagement is a set of features and capabilities within Salesforce Marketing Cloud that help companies engage and interact with their customers through different channels. Its main aim is to build meaningful relationships with users and drive their loyalty and augment brand advocacy.

Pardot is a marketing automation platform designed specifically for B2B marketing. While there are various marketing automation platforms in the market, Pardot is a notch above others. For instance, it is a part of the Salesforce ecosystem and provides seamless integration with Salesforce CRM. This integration allows for a unified view of customer data. Pardot offers robust lead generation and nurturing capabilities. With Pardot, you can develop landing pages, forms, etc., efficiently.

No, Pardot cannot be integrated with your existing CRM platform if it is not Salesforce. Being a marketing automation platform that is a part Salesforce, Pardot can integrate only with Salesforce and businesses need to purchase a Sales Cloud license to use it. However, individual users within an organization can get a single-use Salesforce Identity License that allows them to use a curtailed version of Pardot.

Pardot is a marketing automation platform developed by Salesforce. It is primarily designed for companies of all sizes. However, most of its features and pricing structure are ideal for large-sized companies. While Pardot may be used by start-ups, its pricing may be more affordable for medium to large-sized businesses. The pricing of Pardot is based on the number of contacts and users in your database.

Pardot offers tools to capture leads from various sources like web forms, social media, and landing pages. It allows you to easily create and embed forms on your website to capture the information of the visitors. Pardot enables you to assign scores to leads based on their attributes and activities. It helps in focusing your endeavors on leads that are more likely to convert. Therefore, Pardot improves the efficiency of your lead generation efforts.

Pardot is a powerful marketing automation platform designed for B2B marketing and sales teams. It is commonly used for lead generation, customer relationship management, and lead nurturing. You can rely on Pardot for the following:

  • Lead generation
  • Email marketing
  • CRM integration
  • Lead nurturing
  • Reporting and analytics

Yes, Pardot is specifically designed for B2B marketing. It comes integrated with a range of features and functionalities that can be tailored to meet the needs and unique challenges of B2B marketing and sales teams. In the B2B domain, the sales cycles are typically longer and involve multiple touchpoints.

With Pardot, your sales team can nurture leads over time through automated workflows, customized content, and targeted messaging. It also offers in-depth reporting and analytics that provide valuable insights into the campaign’s effectiveness. This data assists the B2B marketers in measuring the success of their efforts and implementing data-driven decisions.

Pardot has several standout features that differentiate it from other marketing automation platforms. One of the most distinctive features of Pardot is its Engagement Studio. It is a visual canvas that allows the marketers to develop and automate complex and personalized nurturing campaigns.

The Engagement Studio in Pardot offers a user-friendly, drag-and-drop interface which allows marketers to create and customize their nurturing campaigns visually. You can easily design complex workflows and define the logic for automating lead nurturing and engagement.


We are an experienced Salesforce Pardot consulting company and offer a wide variety of services. In addition to implementation, our certified Pardot experts can help with strategy and planning. We can set up your Pardot services from the ground up or help you to integrate them with your existing CRM. Our range of services include marketing automation, digital marketing, marketing data analytics, and more.

Training to use Pardot is an integral component of our services. At TIS, our experienced Pardot consultants will guide you through the features of the platform and the best practices to help you master the technology skills required to use Pardot’s resources to engage with your customers and run effective marketing campaigns.

No, we cannot. Pardot, or Marketing Cloud Account Engagement as it is now called, is a B2B marketing automation platform (MAP) that works only with the Salesforce CRM. Companies that do not have Salesforce will not be able to use Pardot with their non-Salesforce CRM systems.

We provide ongoing support to ensure your continued success while using Pardot. Our dedicated Pardot consultants are available to address any questions, provide guidance, and assist with troubleshooting or optimization needs.

At TIS, we always provide transparent communication to ensure that there are no misunderstandings and distrust. Being a Salesforce Silver Consulting Partner, we are always available to sort out your concerns.

The implementation timeline for Pardot depends on various factors, including the complexity of your requirements, the size of your database, and the extent of integration with other systems. A basic quick-start package can be set up in 7 days, while a customized package will take more time depending on the factors mentioned above.

At TIS, we always take a customized approach while implementing Pardot for your organization. Initially, we will assess your pain points to make sure that the Pardot implementation is based on your requirements. Thereafter, we will help set up the system which includes CRM integration and synchronization, configuring the Pardot components, B2B marketing analytics and dashboard configuration, other system customizations, and hands-on training for your users.

Here are the most compelling reasons to choose TIS as your Pardot implementation partner:

  • Vast experience and expertise in Pardot implementation, with an impressive track record of successful deployment of Pardot for various clients from across industries and the best ROI on the services provided
  • Emphasis on customization with focus on the specific needs and priorities of our clients
  • Comprehensive end-to-end services from initial consultation and strategy development to configuration, customization, integration with other services, and dedicated training.
  • Ongoing post-implementation support including troubleshooting, regular updates, and assistance with new feature adoption.

Yes, Pardot is designed to comply with data protection and privacy regulations. It provides features such as double opt-in forms, unsubscribe management, and data encryption. We use advanced architecture to safeguard our client’s data.

Most of our Salesforce-certified Pardot Consultants have more than a decade of experience in strategy, implementation, customization, migration, training, and customer support. Our specialist consultants have deep industry and technology knowledge to provide clients with advice on Pardot best practices and help them deploy marketing campaigns with ease.