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To be at the forefront of disruption, organizations need the ability to respond swiftly without compromising the pace of business. MuleSoft is a future-proof and unified connectivity platform offering businesses unmatched flexibility. MuleSoft is also one of the leading platforms for APIs and integrations. Our expert MuleSoft developers can help your company seamlessly integrate systems and applications and gain 100% real-time visibility to stay ahead of the disruption. As a data integration platform, MuleSoft allows organizations to automate business-critical workflows and makes collaboration easier for teams working separately. MuleSoft developers can transform companies into intelligent entities by unifying their processes with MuleSoft API.



The primary reason behind the popularity of MuleSoft is its excellent integration capabilities. The API-driven connectivity ensures the integration of systems and applications faster, allowing businesses to scale more quickly.


Peak Performance

The MuleSoft marketing cloud can boost the performance of individual developers along with your entire organization. Your in-house developers can decrease the overall development time as they use a unified platform for creating APIs.


Increases ROI

MuleSoft has a higher efficiency than the conventional point-to-point connections. It allows for vertical and horizontal integration that can handle numerous functionalities. As a cloud-based solution, MuleSoft does not require any dedicated databases or servers, which helps boost ROI.


Integrates Easily

MuleSoft can be incorporated with numerous programming languages to achieve optimum results. It combines all the applications across the enterprise to ensure people can access updated information.


Our Mulesoft Professional Services Make Your Ecosystem More Connected And Integrated


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TIS’s MuleSoft professional services include a full spectrum of enterprise-level integrations. We ensure that these integrations work within your existing database. Our expert team of developers and consultants can also conduct platform audits to understand the APIs properly. With TIS, you can connect the Anypoint platform for SaaS, APIs, and SOA. You can now unlock an end-to-end integrated view of your business with our MuleSoft consulting services. We have a team of MuleSoft-certified experts who can offer a range of MuleSoft development services including MuleSoft development, MuleSoft API strategy and consulting, MuleSoft implementation, MuleSoft integration, MuleSoft maintenance, and API management.


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The following information guide will provide answers to some of the aspects of MuleSoft Cloud Services.

Mule is popularly known as the runtime engine of the Anypoint platform. It is a lightweight integration engine that helps developers to run Mule-based applications. It can effectively help tackle the issues associated with the integration apps. With Mule, developers can remove error handling and data format. It can help the developers focus on the core requirements of an application like efficiency and scalability.

The Mule ESB of MuleSoft is an open-source middleware platform. Being a middleware platform, its main aim is to integrate an infinite number of apps over a linear bus-like infrastructure. The Mule ESB is pretty efficient and supports consistent communication and exchange of data through various MuleSoft applications.

If you want to organize your enterprise ecosystem of apps and IT components and enable a uniform flow of data, don’t look beyond Mule ESB. Following are the reasons behind the popularity of Mule ESB.

  • It allows the developers to connect SaaS-based apps, on-premises apps, and disparate applications quickly.
  • It comes with a pre-developed library of templates.
  • Mule ESB is the most lightweight integration platform available nowadays. The runtime of Mule ESB has modularization that offers extra flexibility.
  • The Mule ESB is preferred by developers as it uses common Java-based tools like Eclipse, Maven, etc. Developers can easily write custom code in numerous languages.

Mule ESB is quite popular among most MuleSoft developers. This is because they can easily upgrade from the mule ESB community to the mule ESB enterprise. Both these editions are developed on a joint code base. The features of Mule ESB are as follows.

  • It boasts a simple drag-and-drop design
  • It can map visual data
  • Offers centralized monitoring

The primary function of the variables is to store the per-event values within the flow of the Mule app. In MuleSoft, developers typically use the following variables.

  • The flow variable stores data within the flow
  • The session variable stores data across the app
  • The record variable is associated with storing data within the batch processing

To optimize the performance of the Mule, developers should use an iterative approach. You should implement one change at a time and retest. It is usually tempting to deploy numerous changes at once. But this hasty approach can contribute to difficulties. Here are some other ways to optimize the performance of Mule application.

  • Try to use a controlled environment. To help ensure stability, always use a dedicated host to prevent the operation of other processes. You should also use a wired and stable network.
  • Always prefer using the representative workloads. These workloads mimic the customer use cases in the real world. You can design the workloads realistically based on size and the app’s complexity.

The following steps are used to create an API portal.

  • Log into Anypoint Exchange
  • The Exchange will develop a Public Portal
  • Add API assets to the portal
  • After adding the assets, the API portal becomes visible

The Anypoint Exchange offers the drafts feature. Until the draft is published, the content of the draft is invisible. One developer can develop drafts and post the URLs. The second developer can review and publish. In MuleSoft, developers have the same permissions. Developers can delete a draft too. All developers have the same permissions, which includes the permission to publish drafts. The separation of roles is not enforced by the Anypoint Exchange. It is usually followed by the developers.

The MuleSoft Connectors are reusable extensions that let you integrate the Mule apps with the third-party databases and APIs. Their main objective is to unify data. On the other hand, a template is a pre-developed integration that developers can customize. It comprises embedded Mule expressions that can be evaluated. The connectors make it easy to integrate and connect to any SaaS-based system. The top connectors in Anypoint Exchange are:

  • Object store connector
  • Workday connector
  • Kafka connector
  • LDAP connector

The typical templates in Anypoint Exchange are:

  • Salesforce Org to Org Account Bi-Directional Sync
  • HL7 v2 SIU Listener
  • Notification System API – Gmail and Twilio Implementation

A Mule Context is the object comprising all the components of the Mule apps. These components are loaded when the app starts. Usually, the Mule Context comprises an object registry. Developers can use this registry for relevant mule components. For instance, one can easily access object stores, connectors, managers, etc., with the Mule Context.


Know All About MuleSoft Cloud Services

You can now drive innovation within your business with our wide range of MuleSoft integration services. TIS provides the following MuleSoft development services.

  • MuleSoft consulting
  • MuleSoft development
  • MuleSoft API management and strategy
  • MuleSoft implementation services
  • MuleSoft maintenance and support

Besides all these services, we provide API strategy and consulting to determine and achieve your business goals.

At TIS, we are the extension of your technical team. The technology experts of our company collaborate with your stakeholders and analyze your technology landscape to develop applications based on MuleSoft. You should choose us for salesforce MuleSoft integration because of the following reasons.

  • We work as a team to create something worthwhile
  • We share information and value transparency
  • We take a proactive approach to MuleSoft development and integration

Our MuleSoft managed services include the following.

  • Platform assessments
  • Code assessments
  • Measuring the platform and setting it

We leverage the Anypoint platform of MuleSoft to offer your business the agility it deserves. With an API-led approach, we connect data, devices, and applications together. Moreover, we have expertise in providing MuleSoft services in significant segments.

As a professional MuleSoft consulting company, we always value transparency while communicating with clients. Based on the demand of the project, our developers will communicate with you periodically. With our expertise in MuleSoft, we can create a high-end architectural design and develop API networks that ensure seamless communication among your business applications. We assign a dedicated project manager for transparent reporting.

At TIS, our development team has vast experience in MuleSoft integration and development. Being experienced, we offer assessment and product evaluation. Moreover, we are experts in API integration architecture blueprints.

Numerous businesses of varying sizes partner with XYZ to automate, integrate, and transform their operations with MuleSoft. With MuleSoft at the heart of our practice, we are committed to offer connected experiences.

You can trust us to ensure the smooth operation of your business-critical APIs. With our extensive after-sales support, you can focus on your business-critical issues without being distracted by maintenance issues. With TIS, you will get a rapid response 24 hours a day whenever required.

Our comprehensive MuleSoft consulting services comprises the following aspects.

  • Enterprise API Strategy
  • Strategic consulting
  • Customized connector development

As part of the consulting process, we brainstorm ideas and deliver customized integrations. Our expert MuleSoft developers design, create, and deliver all the components of your project. We also learn about your integration choices to build the infrastructure and integrate across the ecosystem.

We use the MuleSoft’s Anypoint platform to connect your business processes, services, applications, on-premise data, etc. We can even help you to automate the processes and workflows.