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Salesforce Revenue Cloud is a highly effective revenue management solution that offers a comprehensive suite of cloud-based software solutions that help businesses optimize and streamline their revenue management processes. Revenue Cloud has a diverse set of tools for viewing and managing the entire revenue lifecycle from customer acquisition and retention to billing, invoicing, and collecting payments. Unify data and processes associated with revenue across your company.


Keeps Your Company Future-Ready

By leveraging the powerful features and capabilities of the Revenue Cloud, your company can become agile and helps you to accelerate your revenue growth.


Eliminates Manual Workload

The automated features of the Revenue Cloud eliminate your organization’s manual workload. It has a visual dashboard that shows all relevant details and keeps you in control of the processes.


Increases Conversion Rates

With the revenue management solution from Salesforce, you can close deals faster and boost your conversion rate. It also makes the overall process of documentation simple to understand.


Introduce New Revenue Streams

If you have a complex revenue model that adds various layers to your services, the Revenue Cloud offers the flexibility to eliminate these redundancies. It comes integrated with a billing system that works smoothly for companies with specific workflows.


Take control of your revenue lifecycle with the Salesforce CPQ



Get all-inclusive Revenue Cloud consulting solutions from TIS

At TIS, our certified consultants analyze your revenue architecture to comprehend the challenges faced by different departments involved in your revenue processes. Further, we set up and configure the Salesforce revenue management Cloud to optimize the lifecycle of your revenue and boost your business growth by connecting the diverse areas of your organization across your entire supply chain through the integration of Salesforce CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote).

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Learn how Salesforce Revenue Cloud can help you improve sales efficiency, reduce revenue pitfalls, enhance customer experience, and accelerate cash flow.

The following information guide will provide answers to some of the important aspects of Revenue Cloud services.

Managing revenue is crucial for modern-day organizations, and Salesforce Revenue Cloud helps improve revenue forecasting and sales process. It is a robust revenue growth management software solution that also offers a seamless customer experience. With the Revenue Cloud, you can unify operations, sales, and finance. It also enhances how your users buy from you. In other words, it enriches your company’s self-service capabilities.

The Salesforce Revenue Cloud offers a 360-degree view of your customers, from acquisition to retention. Moreover, it comes with features such as invoicing, pricing, subscription management, etc. It has multi-cloud billing functionality that lets you develop revenue streams from other cloud suites of Salesforce.

Furthermore, this revenue growth management software solution comes integrated with channel rebate management. The main objective of this feature is to provide channel partners with visibility into the incentive programs. Some other salient features of the Revenue Cloud are as follows:

  • Conversion rate acceleration
  • Tracking revenue
  • Discount approval system

The Salesforce CPQ is the acronym for Configure, Price, Quote. It is a software platform that allows your company’s sales team to offer product pricing and categories properly. The CPQ applications consider account features, discounts, customizations, etc., to help your sales team quote prices properly and swiftly. The Salesforce CPQ can improve your bottom line by:

  • Decreasing the wasted time
  • Providing accurate quotes
  • Integrating with CRM to boost profit

The Revenue Cloud integrates tools to facilitate the management and optimization of your company’s revenue lifecycle. In simpler words, by implementing Revenue Cloud, you can make the checkout process more efficient for your customers. It also becomes more accessible to monitor revenue growth across diverse sales channels in real time.

With the Revenue Cloud, you can offer your company the agility it deserves. Moreover, it accelerates new revenue streams and optimizes revenue efficiency. It combines CPQ and billing along with partner relationship management to assist businesses in taking control of their revenue streams. It is also a part of the customer 360 platform and thus lets you connect your sales and finance teams to create a unified source of revenue for customer transactions.

The Revenue Cloud is a cloud-based revenue management solution that allows organizations to automate their revenue processes. With the Revenue Cloud, you can optimize your pricing and automate strenuous revenue processes.

The automated functionalities of the Revenue Cloud eliminate manual processes and offer a clear understanding of how your customers are interacting with your company. You can deliver a better customer experience with the Revenue Cloud.

The Revenue Cloud from Salesforce comes integrated with CPQ-B2B commerce, which allows you to customize your online marketplaces for complex B2B transactions. In other words, your customers can add products and services to the online cart on their own. To offer a personalized buying experience to the B2B buyers, you should consider implementing the Revenue Cloud.

The Revenue Cloud can be integrated with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software. The billing feature in Revenue Cloud complements ERP platforms by transforming CPQ data into transactional data. It is this conversion process that lets the ERP solutions to leverage machining data. The ERP platforms use this data for financial reporting.

One of the integral features of the Revenue Cloud is its revenue cycle management. With revenue cycle management, you can manage and keep track of your company’s financial performance. The revenue cycle management automates strenuous manual tasks like billing, payment collections, and claims processing. Therefore, with the Revenue Cloud’s revenue management system, you can decrease administrative expenses.

The Revenue Cloud is equipped with various functionalities that help you to enhance and transform the buying experiences of your customers. Your clients expect you to meet their requirements digitally and to offer them with a great experience.

The Revenue Cloud allows users to create their own customizable billing engine. The main objective of this engine is to boost customer experience. The Revenue Cloud also automates the billing and invoicing processes and offers your B2B buyers with a faster checkout experience.


At TIS, we assist you in aligning your finance, sales, and operations teams to work together toward a unified objective with the Salesforce quoting software. Our custom approach to Revenue Cloud consulting can enhance your revenue lifecycle management. The common types of services offered by our company are:

  • Revenue Cloud integration
  • Revenue Cloud consulting
  • Revenue Cloud implementation

With our Revenue Cloud consulting services, you can derive complex quotes from a comprehensive product catalog. You can also integrate add-ons and product options. With the Salesforce quoting software, you don’t have to waste time on manual processes and quoting.

Our certified Salesforce experts set up and deploy the Revenue Cloud in a manner that it suits your revenue lifecycle. We have a flexible and scalable on-demand service model that allows you to control the pace and engagement scale.

What sets us apart is our customized Revenue Cloud setup. It can help extract the true potential and business value of the Revenue Cloud. Our experienced Salesforce consultants ensure that you get the maximum support while using Revenue Cloud.

Whenever a client reaches out to us, the first thing we do is try to comprehend their requirements and challenges. Therefore, we strive to maintain a transparent communication channel to ensure that you get the most out of your investment in Revenue Cloud.

There are several reasons to choose TIS as your Salesforce Revenue Cloud implementation partner:

Expertise and Experience: Our team of experienced revenue cloud implementation professionals understand the intricacies of revenue management processes and have the necessary skill and technical knowledge to implement Salesforce Revenue Cloud effectively.

Customization and Scalability: We work closely with our clients to understand their specific requirements and provide customized revenue cloud solutions that are aligned with their business goals. Our solutions also allow companies to scale their operations and grow their business.

Integration capabilities: We provide seamless integration with other business systems to ensure minimal disruptions, data consistency, elimination of manual data entry, and provide a unified view of customer information and revenue streams.

Proven track record: We have a proven track record of successful revenue cloud implementations across industries.

Continuous innovation and upgrades: Our revenue cloud implementation team stays up to date with the latest advancements and updates in the Salesforce ecosystem to ensure that our services are cutting-edge and future-proof.

We provide extensive after-sales support to ensure that your lead-to-revenue architecture stays intact. Our in-house experts will optimize every aspect of the Revenue Cloud to make sure that your users can access the essential KPIs.

We will offer hands-on training to make sure that you adapt to the Revenue Cloud platform. Our experts will instruct you on how to get the best out of the custom dashboard. We also provide Revenue Cloud demos to users.