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A robust online presence is crucial in today’s business landscape across industry verticals. As a leading UI UX design agency in India, we help brands create a world-class user experience for digital interactions.

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Our excellent user interface design service, helps brands derive significant value from their digital assets like corporate websites, e-commerce websites, mobile applications, corporate presentations, creatives, etc. . User experience design plays a vital role in catalyzing consumers in making informed decisions. We aid the decision-making process by conceiving and implementing never-before-user experience designs. And that also makes us a trusted, result-yielding, and one of the top user experience design agency. We are a renowned certified UI UX design company endowed with the proven expertise of building customized user experience designs for the best possible human-screen interactions.

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Our reputation as one of the most preferred user experience design companies in India stems from our ability to identify unserved customer needs to help brands conceptualize, iterate, and validate their product ideas. We explore untapped customer needs through user studies, surveys, and data analytics bundled with our certified UX Consultants' strong experience.

Our concepts help brands create personalized user experiences to take their businesses to the next levels. As a result-yielding UI UX design agency, we develop valuable concepts based on typical factors, like user demographics, market demand, product positioning, etc.

Customer preferences can change overnight to render a design obsolete. But, being one of the most trusted user interface design companies in India, we do not let outdated designs retard business growth. As a valuable UX audit agency, we consistently monitor customer preferences to determine the corresponding impact on screen interactions and businesses.

From the discovery to the retention phase, mapping the customer journey is an integral element of any UX design process for a UI UX design company. Our comprehensive customer journey mapping helps clients maximize customer engagement, which leads to a better user experience and boosts business revenues.

We are a top-notch UI UX design studio in India that implement the latest UX design techniques to ensure the development of high-quality user experience design concepts for customers. We have successfully delivered UX projects across the Globe for all sizes of businesses.

As one of the best UI UX companies in India, we are adept at imparting a natural fit between a brand’s business objectives and corporate values. And the fit, called brand integration, helps attain a seamless UX integration by making different design elements work together and create a strong customer experience.



Building the Best UI UX Designs for Digital Products

Discovery Phase

The UX design approach starts with the Discovery phase. The purpose is to gather all qualitative and quantitive data that will enable TIS team to make data-driven decisions in the next stage.

phase toolbox:

Strategy Phase

One of the important stages of the UI UX design approach is the Strategy phase wherein the value proposition and the strategy of the product design are defined.

During this stage, we create the entire product design & development process to optimize the results and update the time & budget needed to maximize the value delivery.

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Conceptualization Phase

The goal of the Concept and Validation phase in UX design process is to find product-market fit through validated learning.

Concept and validation help us to minimize the risk and cost of product development.

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Design Phase

The goal of the Design phase is to create the required materials for the development phase.

Having our concept validated, we iteratively design the entire product, starting with the most challenging and demanding flows, processes and screens at first, then moving into all other elements of the digital product.

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Development Phase

The goal of the development phase is to bring design artifacts to life with the quality of the end product in mind and it is one of the important stages of the design process for any digital product.

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Optimization Phase

The goal of the optimization phase is to increase conversion rate, improve customer satisfaction and help business to grow even more.

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Creating Attractive UI/UX Designs, Growing User Engagement

Businesses can engage users when their websites have attractive UI/UX designs. And, we create the best designs to help businesses achieve their goals. Our efforts have resulted in attaining 1000+ satisfied customers. We hitherto have delivered successful 1500+ projects to global clients, which include start-ups, small & mid-sized companies, and large corporates including Fortune 500 companies such as Omron Healthcare, Enzene Biosciences, GS1, Moglix, Hindustan Zinc, DP World, Canara HSBC OBC Life Insurance, Moglix, and many more. We will be happy to share the complete portfolio and case studies for partner evaluation purposes.


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All You Should Know About User Experience Design Services

User Experience Design services help companies in building digital products that create strong user interactions and engagement. Evaluating and hiring the best UI UX Design Services Company becomes an important decision considering the implication of the decision on the digital products usability and scalability. We have listed a few frequently asked questions that could help you understand more about it and choose the right user experience design agency for your next UX project. This informative guide for UI UX design has been written by an expert UX Designer with an overall experience of 12+ Years, currently working with TIS as Lead UI UX Designer.

UI/UX design is the process of designing user interfaces and user experiences for digital products to improve human-screen interactions and user engagement. It involves creating designs that are both functional and appealing to users. UI/UX designers need to have a strong understanding of human behavior and how people interact with screens and technology. They also need to be creative and have a good eye for detail.

A lot of people are not familiar with the term UI/UX designer. Some think that it is a new title for a web designer while others believe that it is something entirely different. UI/UX designers are responsible for creating the overall look and feel of a website, mobile application, or any other digital product. They work to create an interface that is both aesthetically pleasing and easy to use. In addition, they also focus on making sure that the user experience is positive and seamless.

So, what services do UI/UX designers provide? Well, they can help with anything from creating wireframes to designing the actual interface. To provide user interface design services, they also conduct user research, develop prototypes, and test products before they are released to the final target audiences. Basically, their goal is to ensure that your website, mobile app, or other digital products, is as user-friendly as possible!

There are many benefits of UI/UX design which include improved usability, user satisfaction, and increased conversions. By improving the usability of your digital products, you make it easier for users to find what they need and navigate your product. This can lead to increased satisfaction as users are able to quickly and easily find the information or resources they need. Additionally, improving the usability of your website or mobile app can also lead to increased conversions, as users are more likely to stay on your website or use your mobile app if they find it easy to use.

There is a big difference between UI/UX design and web design. Web design is all about the look and feel of a website, while UI/UX design is all about making the user experience as smooth and intuitive as possible.

A good UI/UX designer will take into account everything from the layout of the page to the color scheme to the way the buttons work and shall map the user journeys of all the anticipated visitors to the digital product so that all the users shall be able to find the right information at the right place with minimum clicks. They ensure that users can find what they need quickly and easily and that they enjoy using the site.


Know All About UI UX Design Services Offered by Top UX Design Companies in India

While you are evaluating the right partner for the next UX-based digital product project, there shall be a lot of questions that may boggle your mind. We have tried compiling all the important FAQs that could help you find the right fit for your UX Design Project.

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the cost of UI/UX design services can vary greatly depending on the scope and complexity of the project. However, in general, you can expect to pay anywhere from USD 20- USD 60 per hour for UI/UX design services. Below are the three models that are being offered by the best UX design company i.e. TIS:

– Hourly Rate: USD 20 to USD 40

– Monthly Rate: USD 2500 to USD 5000

– Fixes Cost: Basis the project scope, the company quantifies and derives the effort estimation and shares the fixed project cost which takes away the risk of overrunning the cost budget that is involved in an hourly or monthly rate model.

There’s no one answer to this question since there are many factors to consider when hiring a UX/UI designer. However, some tips on finding a good UI/UX designer include:

  • Asking for recommendations from people you trust who have had a positive experience working with a UI/UX designer in the past.
  • Checking out online portfolios and getting a sense of each designer’s style and approach.
  • Requesting proposals from a few designers that you’re interested in working with, so that you can compare their services and prices.
  • interviewing each designer to get a better sense of their personality and whether you think they’d be a good fit for your project.

The first step in any UI/UX design project is to understand the client’s requirements, digital product objective, user mapping and demographics, and critical user journeys. This can be done through a discovery process that includes interviews, surveys, and user research.

Once the client’s needs are understood, the next step is to create a strategy that will address those needs. The strategy will define the goals of the project and how they will be met.

After the strategy is in place, it’s time to start designing the UI/UX. This part of the process includes creating wireframes, prototypes, and user flows along with A/B testing.

Once the design is complete, it will be tested with real users to ensure that it meets their needs. Finally, the UI/UX Design shall be implemented on the client’s website, mobile app, or the respective digital product.

We don’t just design websites, mobile apps, product screens, etc. rather we provide end-to-end software development, digital marketing, marketing automation services, and salesforce platform implementation.

The UX design process, being followed by one of the best UI UX design services company, is the set of activities that UX designers use to create user engaging interfaces that are effective and appealing to users. The process typically includes four key stages: research, design, testing, and implementation.

Research is the first stage of the UX design process and involves understanding the user’s needs and requirements. This can be done through interviews, surveys, focus groups, and other methods of user research. Once the research is complete, the UX designer can begin creating designs.

Design is the second stage of the process and involves creating wireframes and prototypes that will be used to test the user experience. This is where the designer works to create an interface that is both easy to use and visually appealing.

Testing is the third stage of the process and involves putting the design through a series of tests to ensure that it is effective and usable. These tests can be conducted with real users or with simulated users.

Finally, implementation is the fourth stage of the process and involves taking the design and turning it into a working product. This stage can involve coding the interface, creating supporting documentation, and training users on how to maintain the user interface.

Yes, we assign a dedicated Support Engagement Manager to our customers and provide support & maintenance to the digital products after the product launch. Our team of design and development consultants remains available across different time zones to ensure their availability during your business hours. We agree on the support SLAs and address the issues/bugs basis the severity defined by the end user. Escalation Matrix remains available to the end-users for any concerns that need escalation beyond the Support Engagement Manager.

A few of the major benefits of choosing TIS as your UI UX Design Partner are:

Acquire Customers: Our hallmark of an excellent UI UX design agency stands on our exceptional ability to empower brands with a strong competitive advantage of acquiring more and more customers. Endowed with the reputation of delivering the best UI UX design services, we are known for creating aesthetically pleasing and intuitive UX designs to attract potential customers that can get converted into clients. As a trusted UI UX design studio, we ensure that our strong user experience-based designs can make your businesses grow exponentially.

Higher ROI: One of the key advantages of engaging us, a trusted UI UX design studio, is achieving a higher return on investment. Once a client hands over a user experience design project, we study all aspects of the client’s business to figure out how to render the design result-yielding. Once we complete such a design, we examine every nook and corner of the design, behaving as a trusted UX audit agency, to find and weed out the wrong features.

Better User Engagement: Our interactive UX designs appeal to users to explore more about the brand, creating a strong bond between businesses and their potential customers. The advantage has lifted our status as one of the most sought-after user experience design company. The bond allows businesses to discover the tastes and preferences of their target customers, helping formulate better marketing tactics due to our best-in-class user interface design service.

Retain Customers: We solve one of the most dreaded problems of businesses–failure to retain customers. Our appealing user experience designs impart a lasting impression on users. And that prompts users to return to the brand again and again. We, a coveted user interface design company, have carved out a niche of our own in the user experience design space, helping brands stay profitable.

Increases Sales: Our growing popularity as one of the best UI UX services company is the increased sales our clients achieve. Our targeted user interface designs create organic engagement with users, eliciting their trust, resulting in more purchases. With the excellent designs, businesses can retain more users on their websites, helping them to generate more qualified leads for conversion, making us one of the most preferred user interface design companies.

Experienced and Certified UX Designers: We regard onboarding new members to our user experience design team as serious. And the underlying reason is not difficult to guess. We ensure that only the best UI UX professionals in terms of experience, certification and skills can join the team to create value for our clients. And we have a unique work culture, which makes us one of the best company for UI UX design studio.

Spread the Word-of-Mouth: We are a focused user interface design studio that strives to create a positive impression on potential customers. Our emphasis, as a valuable UI UX design agency, is stimulating the word-of-mouth propagation of the values of our clients. And the unique initiative of the best-in-class UI UX design services acts as an effective secondary marketing campaign for the clients.

Builds Trust: We possess a vital attribute of the best user experience design companies–building the trust of potential customers on brands. Our interactive and easy-to-navigate user experience designs render the brand credible, thus developing and cementing relationships with potential clients. And the relationships help brands to grow their revenue streams. Our trust-building capability has put us at the forefront of the best UI UX design company.


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