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Hire The Best Website Development Agency to Lift Your Business to Newer Heights

With the predominance of the internet, websites have become critical growth-inducing elements for businesses. So, businesses need to structure their marketing strategies, considering their websites a vital growth driver. But, again, having a website alone will not work. It is essential to have a high-quality website. At TIS, we have gained the reputation of one of the best website development companiy due to the high-quality websites we develop for our clients. The websites we have developed so far have enabled our clients to increase their revenues substantially. Therefore, you can hire us for your web development project to reap the benefits.


Website Security

The best website development agency focuses on one of the very important aspects of website development services i.e. web security. The purpose is to protect the web application from potential vulnerabilities. Therefore, we implant all the essential security layers in your website to tighten its security. Our inclusion of robust security features in websites makes us one of the best web development company.


Smart Application Architecture

Being one of the best website development company, we implement smart application architecture to make your website work quickly and flawlessly. Our top-class certified web developers structure application architecture based on your website's complexity and other relevant parameters.


Minimize Costs for the Long-Term

With the onboarded experienced certified web developers, Apt coding is a distinguishing feature of our website development process. Our expert web developers write code so that it allows you to enhance the existing features or introduce new features without any significant changes in the code. Our competent and experienced website developers help us deliver the top-class website development services.


Consistent Support

Our relationships with our clients do not end with delivering their projects. Instead, we at TIS, one of the best web development companies, offer consistent support to our clients in every aspect of effectively running their websites post-project delivery.


Offering the Best Web Development Services


Power your web applications with the strength of strong PHP frameworks like CodeIgniter, Laravel, etc. and top web development company



Build custom, powerful, and secure web applications for your enterprise in ASP.NET with the certified and best web developers.



The best web development agency delivering world-class applications with #1 programming language and development platform



One of the Best Website Development Company catering to your Business Requirements through End-to-End Web Development Solutions

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    Front End Web Development

    Consistent excellence in front-end web development has rendered TIS a preferred and best website development company catering to the business requirements of global clients. Our competent and certified web developers convert clever graphic designs into functional web applications.

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    Custom Web Development

    TIS - the top website development agency in India, is known widely for its excellent custom web development services, which have helped its clients to lift their businesses to newer heights. We provide fully functional, highly interactive, and dynamic web applications.

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    Open Source Development

    One of the reasons we are regarded as the best website development company is our remarkable capability to develop out-of-the-box open-source custom solutions. We provide open-source website development services for WordPress, Magento, Joomla, Drupal, etc.

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    eCommerce Development

    Our excellent eCommerce development services are focused on blending UX and development, to drive sales. Our results-driven approach to eCommerce development, a crucial part of our e-commerce website development services, involves delivering insights-driven and flexible platforms to attract and prompt visitors to purchase products.

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    Mobile Development

    We are considered one of the top mobile app development company building native and hybrid mobile applications on Android and iOS platforms. And we specialize in developing mobile-first web design and native mobile applications.

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    Web Application Frameworks

    At TIS, the best website development company in India, we propose the relevant web application framework in line with the customer's business requirements, timeframe, and budget. Our development methodology includes object-oriented practices along with other relevant guidelines to smooth web development according to project requirements.



Developing Excellent Web Applications, Fulfilling Clients’ Business Goals

Websites power business growth. So, we develop the best web applications to add fuel to the power. And, our impactful work has accumulated 1000+ satisfied clients from different parts of the world. We have successfully completed 1500+ web development projects for global clients. And, that resulted in a clientele of start-ups, small & mid-sized companies, and large corporates including Fortune 500 companies such as Omron Healthcare, Enzene Biosciences, GS1, Moglix, Hindustan Zinc, DP World, Canara HSBC OBC Life Insurance, Moglix, and many more. We will be happy to share the complete portfolio and case studies for partner evaluation purposes.

Customer Testimonials

Explore what our Customers say about TIS

1 Recent Work

DP World – Website

Smart Design for Evolving Trade

  • - User Journey Based Design
  • - Adherence to Brand Guidelines
  • - Website Content Writing
  • - Images and Videos Editing
  • - Website Speed Optimization
2 Recent Work

Hindustan Zinc – Website

Design Mining New Possibilities

  • - Comprehensive Information Architecture
  • - Minimalistic Design Approach
  • - Adherence to Brand Guidelines
  • - Third-Party Software Integration
  • - Content Writing
3 Recent Work

Omron Healthcare – Website

Interactive Healthcare Experience

  • - Corporate Website
  • - User Experience (UX) Design
  • - UX Workshop with Leadership Team
  • - Photoshoot Recommendations
  • - Mobile-first Design Strategy
  • - Website Content Writing
  • - Third-Party Software Integration


Proven & Best Website Development Services

Design, user experience, and navigation are essential for delivering top website development services. Our highly skilled professionals are engaged in strategizing, developing, and executing business goals to maximize customer satisfaction.

  • 1. Project Scope & Planning

    Our team of web experts reviews your business requirements and then proposes the right technology and framework to be used for your web application.

  • 2. Design & Coding

    We ensure that the design and coding are efficient and non-redundant which matches the client brief and avoids unnecessary code inclusions.

  • 3. Testing & Launch

    We aim to provide a bug-free website and thus it is tested on various OS, Browsers, and Devices before we deliver it to the clients for UAT.

  • 4. Support & Maintenance

    After the completion of our project, we provide SLA-based support and maintenance to the client to ensure seamless implementation.

We transform Business Processes across Industry Verticals

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  • 1500

  • 1000



TIS offers Top Web Development Services

Boost Your Business With Our High-Quality Interactive Web Applications

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    Certified Web Developers

    As a trusted and best website development company, we recruit highly experienced, certified, and technically skilled web developers. As a result, the developers are conversant with the latest technology trends delivering the best web applications.

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    Superior User Interface

    TIS team keeps the user interface as the most important element of any web development project considering its business impact. Our web developers create user interfaces that are responsive, customizable, and flexible. Such interfaces maximize visitor interaction and session time.

  • technology-skilled-web-developers

    Adherence to Quality Standards

    We adhere to the best practices for website development to maintain quality standards. At TIS, the best web development company, we never compromise on quality irrespective of the project size or cost. The customers get the highest level of quality deliverables.

  • technology-skilled-web-developers

    Minimal Support Maintenace

    Our web applications require minimal or zero support & maintenance because of the best practices that we follow during our design, development, and QA processes. Though it may take a little longer during the design and development phase, it certainly helps our customers in a long term.

  • technology-skilled-web-developers

    Dynamic Technology

    Our team of certified and experienced web developers writes clean W3C validated code, that is secured and compatible with multiple platforms and browsers. Our team of web consultants chooses the technology keeping in mind the current scope of work, flexibility, and scalability requirements.

  • technology-skilled-web-developers

    Security Assurance

    The best website development companie embed the web security best practices in their web coding processes and methodologies followed in the web development phase. TIS team keeps security as one of the important pillars of web development and continuously improvises the security aspects from the project and industry-wide learnings.


All You Should Know About the Best Web Development Services Offered By the Top Website Development Agency

Custom web development services can be confusing, especially if you are new to the world of web design and development. To help you answer any questions you may have about our custom website development services, we have put together this guide to address some of the most common queries we get from prospects, and clients. We hope this helps!

Custom website development services are for companies that want a completely tailored website built from scratch, rather than using a CMS platform like WordPress, Magento, Drupal, etc. In this case, you would work directly with a web developer to design and develop your website.

Custom web development services are tailored specifically to your needs and requirements so you can have a website that works for you and represents your brand correctly from day one.

The advantage of going with custom web development is that you have much more control over all aspects of your website and it is easier to tailor your website to meet your current and future requirements.

A custom web development service is a complete web solution—a website, and all of its components, from understanding the business requirements to design, development, and Quality Assurance of the deliverables. The project kick-off consultation usually includes an explanation of your business goals and related factors, followed by an overview of how custom website development services shall be rendered and your involvement for accomplishing those goals.

The best web development agencies provide the custom website development service typically including front-end & back-end development, QA, support & maintenance. Every business is different and that means every website should be designed with that particular business, user journeys and engagement in mind. Talk to us about your project for end-to-end custom website development services.

It really depends on what you need. A large, complex web application with cutting-edge technologies and a team of designers, developers, and marketers to support it could cost tens of thousands of dollars or more. But when you work with one of the top website development agencies, we shall sit down with you to design a strategy that meets your needs at a very competitive price point without hampering the quality of the deliverables—meaning there’s no one-size-fits-all answer to pricing. Contact us today for a free consultation and we would be happy to discuss further!

Front-end and back-end development are two completely different roles in web development but it is important to stitch them together to create a world-class application that just not look beautiful from design perspective but also performs well in line with the user expectations. The front end of a website is what the visitor sees and interacts with. This includes the main pages of your website as well as any other nice-to-have sections such as an about us page or contact form.

The backend of a website consists of all server-side programming code which determines how your website functions from a coding perspective. It also houses your database where all the information on your site (such as product names, descriptions, and purchase details) is stored and secured.

The front-end web development technologies you choose to use can have an enormous impact on the success of your projects, and as you go through this list of top 6 front-end website development technologies offered by the best web development company, you will see exactly what we mean. Some of these are incredibly new, but they are here to stay, which means that you need to make sure that you know how to take care of the web application post Go-Live and will you have the required resources easily available for support and maintenance.

1) JavaScript

JavaScript is a very popular client-side scripting language. Client-side scripting is primarily used for manipulating web pages based on user interaction, and JavaScript is primarily used for defining client-side scripts that manipulate HTML, CSS, and XML documents on a web page.


HTML is a markup language that lets you mark up and structure web pages. HTML forms the foundation of all websites, so it’s essential for every web developer to understand it. On its own, HTML only produces plain text; it isn’t until paired with CSS that web pages become more useful or visually appealing.

3) CSS

CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets, and it is essentially a rule set that tells a website how to display webpages. CSS is used primarily in two different ways: as a styling language and as an embedded language.

As a styling language, CSS controls things like font, color, image, and layout display on web pages. As an embedded language, CSS can be used by developers to create interactive or dynamic elements on websites, such as dropdown menus or slide shows.

4) React

React is Facebook’s JavaScript library for building user interfaces. It aims to make it painless to create interactive UIs. Developers can build large web apps that in React’s own words can fetch data from a server, process it, and display real-time updates for each user [on their personal device].

In short, React abstracts away all of that plumbing code so you can work on what really matters: your app. React was created at Facebook in 2011 by Jordan Walke as a response to problems with MVC frameworks when dealing with complex applications.

5) Angular

Angular is a framework that extends HTML. It allows you to extend HTML for user interaction and for changing content at runtime (DOM manipulation). Angular is most commonly used in building single-page applications, but can also be useful in regular sites or web apps.

What makes Angular so useful is its two-way data binding between model and view, allowing dynamic content updates without page reloads. What’s even better about Angular is that it works for hand in hand with other front-end technologies such as Bootstrap

6) Bootstrap

Bootstrap is a front-end development framework created by Mark Otto and Jacob Thornton at Twitter. The framework is an open-source project available on GitHub for free. Bootstrap provides common HTML and CSS layout elements as well as optional JavaScript extensions.

Bootstrap also includes Glyphicons, a font library that provides common icons used in Bootstrap’s buttons and navigation elements. For its responsive design, Bootstrap uses CSS3 media queries, ensuring that your site will work on all devices from mobile phones to tablets and desktops without modification.

Back-end web development technologies are the tools and techniques that work behind the scenes to make websites and web applications run smoothly and quickly, while also providing some nice bells and whistles that help users navigate pages more easily and provide helpful information at just the right times. If you’re looking to get your backend web development done from a web development services company, here are some of the most important backend web development technologies you need to know about.


Of all of today’s backend technologies, PHP is by far one of the most popular. It was originally created for web development in 1994 and has gone through many iterations since then. While its reputation may have taken a hit with early versions, it’s still an important language that powers large sections of the web (including Facebook and Wikipedia).

It’s often used in conjunction with Apache or Microsoft IIS as a server-side programming language. Most commonly known for powering dynamic websites, PHP can also be used for other applications like mobile apps, but unlike some others on our list, it’s not strictly for developing full-stack systems.


In short, .Net is a server-side language that developers use to build websites and applications. One of its best benefits is that you can use C# for backend web development.

C# is object-oriented and an open-source language, meaning it’s available for anyone to see, read and edit. Some say these traits make it more secure than other languages like PHP. .Net also uses Visual Studio which allows programmers to write code visually rather than with text—making for a more efficient process overall.


Ruby on Rails (often shortened as Rails or Ruby) is a web framework written in Ruby, and used for web development. It emphasizes productivity and getting things done above all else; for example, it only requires one line of code to set up a persistent cookie!

If you want a speedy framework that can be adapted quickly, look no further than RoR. The free open-source framework also has an active online community that can help you tackle any problems you may run into along your way.


With its easy-to-follow code, Python is one of many top backend web development technologies that just about anyone can learn. When your project requires speed, versatility and scalability, Python is one of many top backend web development technologies that can do it all.

It has a wealth of third-party modules to choose from; with more than 5,000 listed on Python Package Index (PyPI), it is easy to find one that fits your project needs. Some popular ones include SQLAlchemy for interacting with databases, PLY for parsing syntax and Django for creating websites.

Website support and maintenance means a variety of things like website updates and upgrades, troubleshooting, theme or plugin installation/setup, domain name management, periodic security updates (patches), software upgrades, additional features and functionalities design and development etc.

Essentially, it is a myriad of custom web development services that all work together to keep your website up and running as smoothly as possible. If you have questions about what our custom web development company does during our regular website support and maintenance, feel free to ask us any time; we’ll be happy to clarify things!

A content management system is a type of website platform designed and developed to make it easy for you to organize, update and edit all kinds of information on your website. Content management systems are useful because they make content updates easy, and maintenance simple with no coding or technical knowledge. CMS systems can be open source, commercial or proprietary; they are ideal for corporate websites, blogs websites, and e-commerce websites, and websites that require regular update in website content.

One of the biggest decisions you have to make in the development of your website is which content management system to use. There are plenty of different options out there, each with its own features and limitations, so it is important to choose the best content management system that meets your requirements and budget. Here are 4 of the top content management systems in the market today and why they are so useful for web development companies everywhere.

1) WordPress

WordPress is a free and open-source content management system (CMS) based on PHP and MySQL. WordPress is both an application and a content management framework, acting as a middleware between your database and what you display on your website.

In other words, WordPress gives you tools to create web pages, blogs, or any other kind of website that you want. WordPress is also user-friendly and customizable, allowing you to choose from thousands of themes and plug-ins, which are easily installed by users with no technical experience required.

WordPress makes it easy to publish content in different formats including plain text, RSS feeds, and podcasts. It also comes with built-in support for social media like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

2) Drupal

Drupal is a popular content management system. It’s used by more than millions of websites to handle all their web content, and if you’re using Drupal you have access to an enormous community of fellow users who can help answer any questions that come up as you go.

A big bonus is that Drupal is open source, so it costs nothing upfront and makes it a great option for entrepreneurs on a budget. However, many people find Drupal frustrating at first because there are so many modules available to choose from.

Be prepared to spend some time learning how things work before diving in head-first. There’s also less support than with other platforms — but don’t let that deter you from exploring Drupal as an option!

3) Joomla

With over 3 million users, Joomla is one of the most popular content management systems (CMS). What sets it apart from competitors like WordPress is its super-extensive customizability and flexibility.

Thanks to its large number of extensions, templates, and modules, you can take your site almost anywhere you want with Joomla. That being said, with so many choices, it can be hard to know where to start when designing a new website.

We’ve taken some time to look through all that’s available to you as a user of Joomla and rounded up our top five favorite themes and extensions. Use them on your own sites or give them a spin while they’re free under development!

4) Kentico

Kentico is one of those content management systems (CMS) that almost requires no introduction. Kentico CMS has been around since 2004 and currently powers thousands of websites, including popular sites.

Kentico CMS is great for small to medium businesses with content-heavy websites. It has an advanced SEO tool, along with a WYSIWYG editor that supports a number of different content formats, including HTML5. You can also create team accounts and enable permissions as needed.

Before embarking on any new web development project, there are several web development best practices that you need to follow so as to make sure your project is successful and exceptionally well executed. While it is easy to focus on the technical details of what should be included in your new website, it is important not to forget the human element. By engaging your potential customers, you can boost traffic, improve user experience, and increase sales in ways that are not possible through software alone.

Define all project details

It is very important to define all project details from the start like who will be working on it, what team you will have, what platform your site is going to run on, and what web technologies you would use for development.

Our top website development company can’t say if a specific platform or technology should be used in a project. But there are some general points that apply to most projects regardless of their domain and purpose. These points are listed below:

Establish clear procedures

While it is impossible to standardize every web development project, there are certainly some things that should be in place across all projects. It is important to get clear procedures out of the way from day one so that you can use them as a basis for decision-making later on. What are these procedures? You will have to decide based on your own company project policies, procedures and your own experience.

An example might be: Before beginning work on a new project, identify and agree upon the roles and responsibilities of all stakeholders involved (project manager, developers, designers, copywriters, and client contact person).

Make sure everyone understands what tasks they need to complete during each phase of development and how these tasks impact other team members. Also, make sure there is clarity around submission schedules—who will do what and when i.e. Creating a clear Project Charter and Project Plan.

Set up a short, medium, and long-term schedule

For a web development services project, it is good to have a schedule that aligns with your web development plan. In most cases, short-term projects last less than six months, medium-term projects last between six and 36 months, and long-term projects are anything that lasts longer than 36 months.

Regardless of how long your schedule is, it should include specific dates (based on deliverables) for when you want to make major changes to your site or mobile app. This can be critical to your continued success because if you’ve clearly outlined a game plan before development even begins, you’re much more likely to be successful in meeting those deadlines—and avoid running up hefty budget overruns.

Keep communication channels open

Good communication is one of those factors that is easy to ignore until it bites you, so it is important to find ways to keep channels of communication open—which means both between team members, but also within yourself.

Avoid going too long without doing a project review, or coming up with key metrics that are important to your business—and make sure everyone else knows them too. This will help foster a strong project foundation by keeping everyone on task.

Make sure your website is responsive

In today’s connected world, being able to access information from any device is becoming increasingly important. This is why many website owners make sure their websites are responsive—i.e., they can be viewed on desktops, tablets, smartphones, etc.

From a user experience standpoint, making your website responsive is key to ensuring that people have a good time using it across all devices.

There should be consistency in your website design

Consistency in design is crucial to creating a good website. Users should feel like they are in a familiar environment when they visit your site, rather than experiencing a bunch of jarring surprises throughout their navigation.

You want to make sure that elements, such as logos or fonts, don’t change from page to page or section to section. Consistency with your design makes it easier for users to navigate through your website and find what they are looking for quickly.

There should be user-centricity

It is essential to get user-centricity into our web development practices. User-centric design is more than just focusing on who our users are, it is about understanding how they behave online and creating experiences that match their needs.

By doing so, we can deliver a better overall experience, drive conversions, and retain customers long-term. To do that, our best web development company needs to listen to what our users are saying as well as look at what they’re doing when interacting with our site.

Test as you go along

In web development, you never want to be in a situation where you’re trying to build out something and you realize there’s no way to go back—in that case, it’s best to start testing as soon as possible.

When testing your code as it comes along, make sure you get other perspectives on your work; see if there are any security issues or bugs in your code. Ensure compatibility with various browsers.


Know All About Custom Website Development Services Offered By the Top Web Development Company

Are you thinking about hiring TIS for website development services? Before you make your decision, we have compiled answers to the most frequently asked questions about our custom website development services. If you have any additional questions that are not addressed here, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

TIS is among the top web development company with years of experience in building high-quality corporate websites, and e-commerce websites. mobile apps, and web applications. When your business needs to upgrade its online presence or establish an online presence from scratch, you should choose a custom web development company with proven expertise. TIS has done just that; our custom website development services have helped dozens of businesses build strong web presences and develop top-notch websites and applications.

By choosing TIS, you are partnering with a team of certified web developers who are ready to adapt to changing technology in order to best serve your needs. We are also deeply invested in helping our clients to be successful on their own terms.

Protecting your intellectual property is one of our top priorities, and we make sure that each client’s IP is protected throughout the web development process. Like the best website development companies, we too sign strict NDA (non-disclosure agreements) with all of our clients, not only to protect their work but also to build trust and confidence in clients that we would be legally bound to keep everything confidential.

After all, it doesn’t do much good if a client’s web application gets leaked online before it even goes live! With an NDA in place and us acting as liaisons between you and your team, there’s little chance for internal or external security leaks during web development.

Over these years, we have deployed advanced tools and techniques that allow us to develop faster and with a higher quality code. Our custom web development services uses the best Project execution methodology for your project to ensure that the project is successfully delivered with minimal risks. All that’s needed is to discuss your ideas and make a plan so we can follow it easily.

Communication between developers and customers takes place on the project management system, which makes cooperation much easier for us to work together on tasks (e.g.: there are special boards for discussing issues, decision making, or sharing new ideas).

Yes, we provide support and maintenance for the websites and web applications developed by any web development company across the globe. Please feel free to contact us if you would like to partner with one of the top website development company.

Yes, we work in different time zones, so you can rest assured that we will be available when you need us. Just let us know which time zone is convenient for you, and we will do our best to extend the required support during that time frame.

Yes, we develop mobile apps in addition to custom web applications and websites. Our certified mobile app developers have extensive experience creating native and hybrid mobile apps for iPhone and Android devices, along with publishing them on Apple’s App Store and Google Play. Talk to us about your ideas today!


Consult With Our Certified Developers For Building the Latest Technology Business Solutions

TIS is the Top Website Development Agency, that helps businesses transform their vision into successful web applications. Get cost-effective web development services that provide you with an unbeatable edge in the market