Accelerate your fundraising efforts with our Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud consultant services

The Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud is an integrated platform that enhances a non-profit organization’s (NPO) fundraising and marketing efforts. Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud implementation services activate a unified ecosystem which allows organizations to track grants, volunteering activities, and donations. The Nonprofit Cloud allows users to connect every function of their non-profit organization. Moreover, it organizes all this information in a central place. It also helps in assimilating silos between teams and is an effective solution to boost their productivity. Organizations can measure the impact of their fundraising campaigns with the Nonprofit Cloud implementation services. Improve your grantmaking outcomes with the Nonprofit Cloud


Boosts Operational Efficiency

The Nonprofit Cloud from Salesforce allows you to establish a superior communication relationship among your workforce and partners. Enhanced communication and positive synergies lead to a rise in operational efficiencies.


Offers Accurate Reporting

Reporting is an essential part of every nonprofit organization. Keeping the reports updated and accurate is imperative to maintain operational efficiency. With the Nonprofit Cloud, you can enhance your company’s reporting.


Diverse Customization Options

You can easily customize the Nonprofit Cloud based on your routine operational requirements. You can customize the basic features and functionalities to achieve your distinct targets. You will also get additional Nonprofit Cloud customization options.


Organize Workflows Properly

The Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud lets you organize your workflows and helps boost the productivity of the workers of your nonprofit agency. Nonprofit Cloud personalizes the dashboards so that they perform effectively.


Unlock the potential of your philanthropic organization with the powerful features of the Nonprofit Cloud.



Create Impact In Your Community With Our Nonprofit Cloud Services

At TIS, we leverage the most powerful features of the Nonprofit Cloud to help you get the most out of your charitable activities. Our team of Salesforce experts uses cloud technology to cater to the unique needs of your non-profit organization. We help you automate your daily operations and processes. With our Nonprofit Cloud services, you can break down the information silos within your NGO and its stakeholders and turn information into actionable insights. We strengthen your efforts by bringing your operations on a unified channel backed by the Salesforce cloud technology to fine-tune the activities of your non-profit agency.


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Find out how Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud helps you achieve a more significant impact by collaborating with the stakeholders and sharing information.

The following information guide will provide answers to some of the aspects of Nonprofit Cloud services.

Salesforce is the leading provider of CRM in the world. More than 45000 nonprofits use the Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud nowadays. Irrespective of which country they belong to, the main objective of every nonprofit is to assist the marginalized sections of society.

With Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud consultant services, your nonprofit agency can automate processes, save time, and cut costs. Salesforce has developed a way to give back to the community. It will offer an NPO free enterprise licenses and discounts on additional licenses required.

The Nonprofit Cloud is a collective set of solutions that lets your NPO connect with donors. Donors are people who care about your agency’s cause. With the Nonprofit Cloud, you can connect every aspect of your NPO’s operations in one central repository. One of the key reasons to use the Nonprofit Cloud is that it allows you to get a centralized view of all your internal and external communication and monitoring.

The Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud comes integrated with a comprehensive set of features that makes it a primary choice for CRM for philanthropic organizations.

  • The Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) feature lets your company track and manage interactions with volunteers, donors, and other stakeholders.
  • Mobile and social engagement allows your NGO to engage with the supporters of your cause on social platforms and mobile devices.
  • The fundraising and grant management feature offers unique tools to your NGO so that you can effectively manage grants, donations, and other fundraising activities.
  • The marketing automation functionality lets your nonprofit agency tailor and automate communications with supporters and donors.

To understand the working mechanism of the Nonprofit Cloud, you must know about the Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP). The NPSP utilizes the familiar objects in Salesforce. For instance, it uses leads and contacts to track individuals. In NPSP, the accounts denote the organizations these individuals are a part of. On the other hand, the opportunities denote revenue. The NPSP combines non-profit and standard elements to offer your NGO with the flexibility it needs.

The main reason behind nonprofits using CRM is to stay connected with their donors, supporters, and volunteers. With the Nonprofit Cloud from Salesforce, your NGO can collect, track, and manage essential data about givers and projects. In short, by using a CRM platform, your NGO can develop trusted and authentic relationships. Here are some other reasons why non-profits use CRM.

  • All their data is being stored in a single place
  • The Nonprofit Cloud makes it easy to manage fundraising and donor history
  • It facilitates process automation
  • Boosts international communication between your organization and volunteers

The Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud has been able to change the way nonprofit organizations operate solely because of the following features:


The toolkit comprises a collection of tools that dictate how the platform and data model in the Nonprofit Cloud will work. Some of the built-in tools are Action Plans, OmniStudio, Document Tracking, etc. Another function of these tools is to automate strenuous paper-based tasks.

The Salesforce platform

The foundation of the Nonprofit cloud is the Service Cloud and the Sales Cloud. The primary purpose of this platform is to provide you with a comprehensive view of constituents so that you can serve your cause effectively.

Program-based Nonprofit Cloud

The program-based Nonprofit Cloud is the functionalities developed on the Salesforce platform that offers seamless transparency of the critical operations of your NGO.

As indicated by their name, soft credits are a fundraising concept. With the help of soft credits in Nonprofit Cloud, you can properly understand the history of the donors along with their overall influence. In Salesforce, most of the soft credits use an Opportunity Contact Role (OCR). These OCRs are highly customizable by your database administrator.

The Nonprofit Cloud offers the foundation your charitable organization needs to fund, provide, and measure its impact. In the Nonprofit Cloud, there are several pricing strategies. You can select one based on your preference. Moreover, the Power of Us program of Salesforce lets you get your first ten subscriptions for free.

Irrespective of your industry domain, a CRM can help you fortify and develop meaningful relationships that support your cause. Nowadays, donors demand a personalized and efficient communication channel with which they can collaborate with your NGO. A CRM can serve your charitable organization by:

  • Segmenting the contact types
  • Knowing your audience
  • Automating processes
  • Helping you save time by sending emails

In the Nonprofit Cloud, the donor management system is responsible for tracking the operations of your nonprofit organization. For instance, it can easily track the names of the donors, their respective emails, the deadlines for payments, etc. With the donor management system, the critical information of the donors cannot be misplaced. In the Nonprofit Cloud, the fundraising Intelligence powers the donor management system.


Know All About Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud Consulting Services Offered By The Top Salesforce Partner

With our Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud consultant and implementation services, we can help your NPO to progress in the right direction. TIS makes it easier for you to comprehend the actual value of your investment in Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud consultant services. Here is the list of services you can get from us:

  • Nonprofit Cloud consulting
  • Nonprofit Cloud implementation
  • Nonprofit Cloud analytics
  • Customizing the Nonprofit Cloud

As a leading Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud consultant, these are our USPs:

  • 360-degree Salesforce services
  • Dedicated Salesforce Center of Excellence
  • Salesforce gold partner
  • Extensive service portfolio

Our Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud consultant and implementation services help streamline your nonprofit’s cloud adoption capabilities. We leverage uniform data management and automated workflows to deploy the Nonprofit Cloud. Moreover, our implementation experts possess the expertise to configure implementation instances.

Our technicians and support desk are available 24/7 for our nonprofit clients to conduct error-free operations. From remote troubleshooting assistance, we always maintain transparent communication.

All our Nonprofit Cloud consultants are highly experienced. With more than a decade of experience, our Nonprofit Cloud consultants will assist you in realizing the true potential of your philanthropic activities.

With a separate team for after-sales support, we ensure that you get the best value for your investment. Our after-sales team ensures that all integrations, customizations, and features of the Nonprofit Cloud are functioning correctly to provide you with the best outcomes.

To ensure that our clients get the most out of the Nonprofit Cloud, we offer customization services and expansive development. We can help your non-profit customize features, reports, and labels. With our Nonprofit Cloud customization, you can experience the diverse elements of the Salesforce toolkit.

With TIS, you can make your Nonprofit Cloud fully compliant with the Salesforce security standards. Moreover, we will help you secure the valuable data of your nonprofit protected from misuse. During the assessment, we will validate the profiles, permissions, and role hierarchy.