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7 Popular WordPress Theme Frameworks You Must Consider

7 Popular WordPress Theme Frameworks You Must Consider
By Team TIS

WordPress theme frameworks have grown in their significance with the increasing popularity of WordPress in the IT world. These frameworks come with clean code and simple designs to allow the developers to build amazing websites.

It does not matter if you are planning to develop a website for your client or for yourself; the WordPress theme frameworks make the entire development process very smooth and easy. However, people often want to know what a WordPress framework is and how they play an important role in the development of websites.

What is WordPress Theme Framework?

WordPress framework is a code library that facilitates the creation of themes. These frameworks are meant to be used as the main default template with all basic functionalities included. They also apply successful and latest methods for fast development of websites while ensuring the quality of work as well. It means developers can use these WordPress frameworks for creating and customizing child themes while retaining the functionalities of the particular framework.

Benefits of WordPress Theme Frameworks:

  • These frameworks allow the functions to be hosted at a centralized location.
  • Pushing out an update is convenient in these frameworks as it does not require any modification done in the child theme.
  • Helps in keeping the framework layout of your website intact without any changes in its look.
  • The built-in functionality of these frameworks helps developers to perform customization with ease.
  • It helps in reducing the development time significantly.

Now, when you are aware of what these WordPress theme frameworks are along with their benefits, you must also know the seven best WordPress theme frameworks available in the market and how these frameworks benefit the developers.

1. Headway

This WordPress theme framework is just like a dream come true for professional designers and for new designers as well. With its ultimate drag and drop feature, it lets you control all the essential features of a theme’s design such as colors and fonts, and layout. Apart from this, the Headway framework allows the users to develop and customize the layout as per their requirements and when the layout is completed, they can easily design their website with the help of Design Editor, which let you choose any element and you can style that element according to your requirements.

Besides, Headway is designed to fit with CSS3 and HTML5. Moreover, it has a responsive grid that automatically creates responsive designs.

Benefits of Headway:

  • The Headway Grid is a fully customizable and responsive layout.
  • The code of the Headway theme framework is SEO friendly and it is optimized for search engines.
  • Designers can easily adjust the styling of the framework to suit their needs such as colors, fonts, and background of each page.
  • It comes with a Design Editor that helps in adjusting the colors, background, and font of each page separately.

2. Genesis

Regarded as one of the most popular WordPress theme frameworks, Genesis is used by most bloggers and developers for developing customized websites of their own choice. This framework offers a strong platform for creating regular websites for the developers. The incredible community of Genesis has credited it with hundreds of valuable tutorials and tools, which are essential for exploring the full potential of this framework.

The benefits of using Genesis for developing WordPress websites are listed as follows:

  • Genesis integrates the majority of WordPress essential functionalities like background, layout, header, page templates, custom widgets, images, blog templates, and others that are important for easy website development.
  • A genesis theme framework is search engine optimized to help the websites rank better on search engines.
  • This framework provides you complete control over your website design and you can customize and optimize the design the way you want.

3. PageLines DMS-Free Theme Framework

PageLines DMS is a free framework offered by PageLines, which is a renowned company involved in creating amazing frameworks for many years. This framework is integrated with drag and drop design, which helps the developers in creating responsive websites in lesser time.

The benefits of the PageLines DMS framework are given as follows:

  • This framework is mobile-friendly because it has a responsive grid layout, which helps the developers to build responsive websites adjustable both for desktop and mobile screens.
  • It offers the unlimited capability for accessing the websites by offering extra functionalities to the users.
  • The combination of impressive WordPress CMS functions with the drag and drop feature makes this framework an ideal choice for WordPress developers to create responsive websites in minimum time and budget.
  • This is a developer-friendly framework as they can easily drag and drop the desired elements through coding whenever it is required.
  • This framework is open source that gives you the liberty of customizing the functionalities of this framework as per your own choice.

4. Canvas

This WordPress theme framework comes with a complete style control feature and it is popular due to its minimalistic, clean and beautiful theme. Besides, every element of this framework is highly customizable as they can easily get customized via the Theme Options names as WooFramework. You can easily tweak its various elements as per your requirements such as color, font, layout, designs, size of the elements, and other essential features.

Benefits of Selecting Canvas WordPress Theme Framework:

  • This is highly customizable theme, which helps you in selecting the element styling in 100 different options.
  • It supports the complete Google font library so that you could choose fonts from a limitless range.
  • The responsive layout of this framework helps in developing responsive websites.
  • You can develop your own portfolio or can create as many product pages as you want using this framework.
  • You can easily modify or change the background color, image, or logo on this framework or you can also set a background image for other elements also.

5. Gantry

Gantry is one of the latest WordPress theme frameworks that can easily get customized and tweaked to develop responsive websites. It comes with 65 base widgets positions, which you can use to get anything done conveniently. This impressive theme framework is free and is well documented to help the developers in the process of website development.

The benefits of using the Gantry Web platform theme framework are given below:

  • This is yet another popular web platform theme framework that is created using Bootstrap.
  • Developers can easily control the theme design of this framework using the simple web interface.
  • This framework supports RL language which is worth mentioning.
  • Due to its clean code base, this framework works fast on all web hosts.
  • This framework uses advanced HTML5 coding, which makes it the latest among all other WordPress theme frameworks.

6. Themify

An easy to develop a drag and drop theme framework, Themify lets the users arrange the content on their websites by dragging and dropping the content in live preview mode. Once you are done, you can see how the content will look actually on your website before making it live. You can visualize the complete development process because it happens in the front end.

The benefits of Themify are listed here:

  • This framework is completely optimized and fully responsive to adjust with all screen sizes.
  • You can easily visualize the changes done in the front end.
  • This framework supports all types of posts like blogs, pages, archives, galleries, etc.
  • You can easily implement the shortcodes directly inside the Live Preview.
  • You can select from the range of starter themes for developing your website. You do not have to reinvent the wheel.
  • There is no need to switch from editor to the website and vice versa.

7. Whiteboard

This is a clean and completely functional WordPress starter theme framework that requires tweaking before displaying your project to the public. This is a great choice for those developers who are interested in having their own WordPress theme framework businesses.

Benefits of Whiteboard framework:

  • This is an open-source framework that allows you to make changes to its features as well.
  • This framework has taken most of the essential WordPress features and you only need to tweak those features for use.
  • It has a fully responsive grid layout which makes it a good choice for developing websites for variant screen sizes.
  • It is cross browser compatible framework and all its features are search engine friendly.
  • Its clean code and lightweight design make it an ideal choice for developing simple websites.


In the WordPress space, WordPress theme frameworks are a more advanced concept and they are suitable for website owners who are a bit experienced and do not wish to use a pre-built theme.

There are thousands of free and premium WordPress themes available in the market from which you can choose what suits your requirements in the best possible manner.

The choices that I have listed in this article are the best choices for the developers who are really looking for clean code frameworks for developing their WordPress websites. The selection of the framework depends on your set of requirements whereas all these frameworks are packed with the essential features, which are needed for developing a strong and powerful WordPress website.

For any further support required, connect with an expert from TIS today and we will help you build the website of your dreams.


By Team TIS
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