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Powerful Tips to Get Traffic from YouTube

Powerful Tips to Get Traffic from YouTube
By Team TIS

With more than one billion unique users each month and over six billion hours of video being watched each month, YouTube has become an important channel for lead development. If you are not hosting your video on YouTube, you are making a big mistake. Hosting your videos on YouTube means that people are more likely to find them; and if their reaction is positive, they are more likely to visit your website for getting more information.

If you are wondering to get people from YouTube to your website and are looking for ideas to move people from watchers to clickers, then you must read this article. In this article, I have explained some easy but powerful ways to get your YouTube audience over to your website.

Tips to Get Traffic from YouTube

1. Tell People Exactly What to Do!

It is the easiest but often overlooked step. At the end of each video, you should specifically tell people how to get to your website and the benefits of doing so. You can complete it with a line of dialog, for example, you can write “Thank you for watching my video! If you want to know more, head to”

2. Write the description of the video in the description box

While uploading a new video on YouTube, you should add a description of the content. Most online marketers never take advantage of this function of YouTube. In order to turn your video’s description box into a traffic-getting machine, you should add a 5-6 word call-to-action at the beginning with a complete URL of your website.

In addition to this, I will recommend adding one or two paragraphs of text to describe the content of the video. In this way, you will get a chance to add your website URL again at the end of the description.

3. Convert video viewers into highly targeted traffic using Call-to-Action Overlay

You can also take advantage of a little-known YouTube feature called the “Call-to-Action Overlay”. This overlay is a simple banner ad, which sits on the lower third of your video. In this overlay, you have full control over the thumbnail image, copy, and the desired destination to which you want to send the users. This overlay will appear as soon as the video begins to play and it can also be closed by the user. It takes a few minutes to set up this function, but not adding this function is simply leaving valuable traffic.

4. Try to make keyword-rich video tags

You should add more keywords to your videos, as it will create more opportunities for people to find your video. For example, if your video is about “Peanuts”, and you use only “Peanuts” as a keyword, then your video may appear only when people search for that particular keyword. If you insert a network of related keywords such as “cashews, nuts, groundnuts, almonds, and protein foods”, then you will open up a huge door that people can walk through to find your video. Make sure to use the “Tags” field correctly and try to add as many tags as you can think of.

5. Transcribe Your Videos

You should properly transcribe your YouTube videos and try to post the entire transcript into the video description. You can transcribe your words using a service like It will help you to get lots of SEO juice so as to boost the rank of that video. If you paste the transcription into your video description field, you will not only make your video easier for people to watch but also see an eventual rankings boost.

6. Don’t forget to reply to a popular video

YouTube allows posting a video reply to some videos. It means on any video you publish, someone can leave a “video comment” with reference to your video, and it will show up below your video. You can use this feature in reverse order too! For this, just find a popular video with many views and post your video as a reply. Now millions of people will see your video, just because you posted your video as a reply to it. However, you should keep in mind that you can do this only once, therefore, choose the popular video wisely.

7. Direct lots of links to your video

External SEO not only boosts rankings for pages on their own domain but also plays an important role in the page ranks for YouTube videos. When you have lots of authority websites that direct links to your videos on YouTube, they rank higher for their keywords, which also boost visits to your site. From your site, people see more of your videos, and it will boost the ranking of those videos. Shortly, you have a big network of popular videos feeding huge traffic to each other which grows every day.

In order to save time doing the external SEO for your YouTube videos, you can use the popular service Further, while embedding your own video on your blog, you can add a link back to the YouTube video. You can make the link by saying something like “Click here to watch this video on peanuts on YouTube.

8. Insert Videos at the End of Your Video

At the end of your video, you can show your other related videos. If you linked it to other videos of yours, you will end up with a huge network of interlinking YouTube videos which will boost their traffic and rankings. It is a good idea to insert the video footage of the other videos at the end.


Increasing your YouTube channel traffic is not a one-day task. It is an extremely competitive world out there and you might find it difficult to have a lot of audience on your channel in the beginning.

Hence, it is very important to understand promotional tactics and how to wisely use them in your channel. Even though some of the above-mentioned tips might require a bit more effort to be put in as compared to others, you will definitely see the desired results in the end.

Use the above-mentioned tips now and you will definitely be able to build your brand on YouTube by reaching new customers every day. Make sure to add all these tips to each of your videos. Remember that if you have something that people want, then they will take the next step to work with you and your video will rank high. Have you noticed a jump in the ranking of your YouTube video after using these tips? Let us know in the comments below.

By Team TIS
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