Health Insurance Provider – Salesforce

A Leading Health Insurance Provider Improved Its Sales Revenue Through A Custom Salesforce Implementation


Project Overview

The client is a prominent health insurance provider that offers various health insurance policies to individuals.

The client’s focus is on providing reliable health insurance policies to help individuals manage their healthcare needs.


  • The client faced several challenges with their multiple functional applications, including legacy ones, which impacted the sales team’s efficiency and caused process bottlenecks.
  • The lack of a unified system with a comprehensive and cohesive view of data, including a single customer view, led to lower customer satisfaction, inefficient sales operations, and difficulty in managing claims seamlessly.
  • Inability to Generate Comprehensive Sales Reports: Due to the absence of a unified system, the sales team struggled to generate comprehensive sales reports that included all the necessary information related to customers and their interactions with the company. This made it difficult for the leadership team to make informed decisions based on accurate data.
  • High Operational Costs: The use of multiple disconnected applications led to high operational costs, as the company had to maintain and upgrade each application separately. The absence of a centralized system also made it difficult to manage data effectively, leading to higher costs related to data storage and management.
  • Time-Consuming Processes: The use of multiple applications and manual data entry led to time-consuming processes that often resulted in errors and delays. This impacted the overall efficiency of the sales team and led to longer response times for customers.
  • Limited Customer Engagement: The absence of a single customer view and a comprehensive sales reporting system made it difficult for the sales team to engage with customers effectively. This limited their ability to build strong customer relationships and provide personalized service.


  • TIS designed a customized Salesforce solution to visualize the entire sales process under one system and enabled approvals in one place for the client.
  • Salesforce objects used during the implementation included accounts, contacts, opportunities, claims, quotes, products and price books.
  • Seamless data migration was done from legacy application systems to Salesforce to create the unified view of the customers in real-time.
  • Custom sites developed on Visualforce were deployed to deliver a personalized experience for customers to view and choose insurance plans of their choice.
  • Reports and dashboards were developed to provide key insights such as sales team KPIs, demographics of customers, accounts, and much more to leadership for insight-based decision making.


  • A single Salesforce application was implemented for customer data management, sales activities, and claims management resulting in higher performance of activities related to premiums, insurance plans, renewals, and claims management.
  • Sales representatives were able to provide improved customer experience by efficiently solving their queries with real-time access to historical information of customers and insurance products.
  • Holistic reports and dashboards were created to track all relevant actions related to sales, revenue, and churn by product and people-wise.