Healthcare Services Provider – Salesforce

Renowned Healthcare Services Provider that maximizes efficiency and improves customer experience


Project Overview

The Healthcare Services Provider is a renowned name for their exceptional patient care and personalized attention.

They believe in customer-centric healthcare, focusing on affordability and patient satisfaction to meet the healthcare needs of their patients.


  • The client needed an integrated healthcare experience for their patients, employees, and care providers.
  • They were relying on manual processes and spreadsheets to record marketing leads, patient surveys, and appointment schedules which was overwhelming for their employees and prone to errors.
  • The client realized the need for a CRM solution that could help them capture and track marketing leads, run successful campaigns, allow hassle-free appointment scheduling, and automate post-appointment communication.
  • Without a centralized platform, managing patient data and keeping it updated was difficult for the client. They needed a seamless flow of information between their existing EMR and the new CRM solution to have a complete patient view for their healthcare providers.
  • To ensure the CRM solution met their exact business requirements, the client wanted their CRM partners to work closely with them to scrutinize the ongoing workflow and provide constructive recommendations.
  • The client emphasized the importance of considering significant customization, automation, and integration requirements during the implementation process.



  • TIS worked closely with the client and their different business teams to understand their work process and outline development and implementation strategies.
  • After careful consideration, the team implemented a customized Salesforce® CRM solution that harmonizes with the client’s every automation need and functional requirement.
  • The CRM seamlessly integrates with the client’s existing EMR, enabling healthcare providers to access a single view of patient data.
  • The CRM implementation helped automate important business processes, reduce human interventions, and improve customer satisfaction.
  • The careful segregation of user access ensures data privacy and compliance with HIPAA regulations.
  • The client can now easily run marketing campaigns, schedule appointments, manage enrollments, and run post-appointment surveys all through a single platform.
  • TIS’s team enabled computer telephony integration (CTI) for an integrated and coordinated calling experience, maximizing efficiency and measuring key performance indicators such as first-call resolutions and dropped-call percentages.
  • An SMS gateway integration was also done to facilitate offline post-appointment surveys for patients.


  • The CRM solution implementation brought about positive changes for the client, including improved lead management and enrollment closure with streamlined campaign management.
  • The single view of patient data provided by the CRM solution enabled easy collaboration for healthcare teams, leading to better patient care.
  • The hassle-free appointment scheduling and faster access to services facilitated by the CRM solution resulted in improved customer experience and satisfaction.
  • The CTI integration resulted in a highly efficient calling and support process for the client.
  • The automated processes implemented through the CRM solution increased operational efficiency and eliminated errors.
  • The post-appointment surveys and feedback facilitated by the CRM solution helped the client provide better customer service and retention.