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Medical Devices Company


A Leading Manufacturer of Healthcare Equipment and Cold Chain Solutions

The Company manufactures cold-chain medical equipment and healthcare products for the healthcare industry.

It provides medical-grade refrigeration and storage solutions for vaccines, blood products, and medical supplies. The company holds a global presence having its offices across Europe, Africa and Asia.


Salesforce Sales Cloud

  • Lack of visibility into the sales pipeline and performance tracking.
  • Difficulty in tracking and managing leads and opportunities.
  • Inability to access real-time data on inventory, pricing, and customer orders.
  • Inefficient sales processes, resulting in longer sales cycles and lower revenue.

Salesforce Service Cloud

  • High volume of customer inquiries and complaints.
  • Inefficient processes for managing and resolving customer issues.
  • Inability to handle customer calls efficiently.
  • Lack of a self-service portal for customers to raise support tickets and track the status of their inquiries.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

  • Difficulty in targeting the right audience with relevant messaging.
  • Lack of visibility into the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.
  • Inefficient processes for lead management and scoring.
  • Inability to measure ROI accurately.


Salesforce Sales Cloud

  • Before beginning with customizing the Sales Cloud, the team worked closely with the company to understand their specific needs.
  • Custom fields, workflows, and reports were set up to help the client better manage leads and opportunities in Sales Cloud.
  • The team also set up an automated email notifications system to alert the sales team of new leads.
  • With the integration of Sales Cloud with the company’s ERP system, the sales team was able to access real-time data on inventory, pricing, and customer orders, helping them make better decisions and provide accurate quotes to customers.
  • A customized Sales Cloud integration also helped the company streamline its sales process, resulting in a shorter sales cycle and higher revenue.

Salesforce Service Cloud

  • Our team at TIS implemented the Service Cloud platform for the company.
  • The implementation was done to ensure that customer inquiries and complaints were handled more efficiently.
  • A customized Service Cloud platform was set up to include a self-service portal for customers to raise support tickets and track the status of their inquiries.
  • The self-service portal reduced the load on the customer service team by enabling the customers to find answers to their queries by themselves.
  • The team also integrated the Service Cloud with the company’s phone system, enabling the customer service team to handle calls more efficiently.
  • The integration allowed automatic call logging, call routing, and caller identification, making it easier for the customer service team to handle calls and resolve issues quickly.
  • This customization and integration helped the company improve their customer service and satisfaction levels.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

  • The TIS team implemented the Marketing Cloud platform for the company.
  • The implementation was done to help the company target the right audience and measure the effects of the campaigns.
  • The team customized the Marketing Cloud platform to include features like email automation, lead scoring, and campaign tracking.
  • Email automation helped the company send personalized emails to customers at large scales, while the lead scoring allowed them to prioritize the leads based on their likelihood to convert.
  • Campaign tracking helped the company to measure the effectiveness of the campaigns and make data-driven decisions to improve their marketing strategies.
  • Integration of Marketing Cloud with Sales Cloud allowed the sales team to access customer insights and engage with them more effectively.
  • The integration also allowed the sales team to see their customer’s engagement history with the company, enabling them to personalize their sales approach and close deals more efficiently.
  • The Marketing Cloud’s implementation and integration with Sales Cloud helped the company improve their marketing and sales alignment, which lead to an increased revenue and customer acquisition.


  • The company implemented Salesforce Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and Marketing Cloud
  • Significant improvements have been seen by the company in its business operations and customer experiences.
  • The Sales team is now able to manage pipelines more effectively, resulting in increased revenue
  • The customer service team can also now handle inquiries and complaints more efficiently, resulting in higher customer satisfaction.
  • The marketing team is able to target the right audience and measure campaign effectiveness more accurately, which has resulted in an increased ROI.
  • Overall, The company has maintained its position as a leader in the healthcare solutions market owing to these improvements.