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Online Pet Store


Online Pet Store Offering a Wide Variety of Pet Products and Accessories in India

The company is a leading online pet store in India, offering a wide range of pet products and their accessories.

The company is company that is committed in providing high-quality products and exceptional customer service to pet owners across the country. With a growing customer base, it is dedicated to continually improving their offerings and expanding their reach in the Indian pet industry.


  • The company had a large customer base, but it struggled to reach out to the right audience with their targeted marketing messages.
  • The company’s marketing communication was inconsistent and lacked a unified brand voice, which led to confusion among their target customers.
  • Their marketing messages were not personalized to cater to individual customers, which resulted in lower engagement rates and sales.
  • The existing systems were also not integrated, which made it difficult to collect and analyze consumer data.


  • Our team at TIS implemented Salesforce Marketing Cloud, providing the company with a centralized platform to manage all their marketing efforts and create a unified brand voice.
  • The team developed targeted marketing campaigns for the company, using data-driven insights to reach out to the right audience with personalized messages.
  • Marketing automation within Salesforce Marketing Cloud was also administered, allowing the company to automate repetitive marketing tasks and focus on high-priority activities.
  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud was integrated with the company’s existing systems, which enabled the collection and analysis of customer data to improve marketing efforts.


  • The company saw an improvement in engagement rates, with customers responding positively to their targeted and personalized marketing messages.
  • As a result of the improved engagement, they also saw an increase in sales, with more customers making purchases from their online store.
  • The personalized and consistent marketing messages created a positive customer experience, improving customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • The implementation of marketing automation and integration with existing systems helped improve their efficiency, which enables the company to focus on high-priority activities and streamline all their marketing efforts.
  • This integration also enabled better collection and analysis of customer data, providing The company with valuable insights to further improve their marketing strategies.