Promotional Products Supplier


A Promotional Products Supplier Reduced Its Large Volume of Customer Inquiries Through Salesforce CRM

The client is a leading supplier of promotional products, providing a diverse range of products including apparel, drinkware, office stationeries, and more.

The company is committed to innovation and sustainability, developing over 100 new products annually, 75% of which are created with a focus on environmental stewardship, social responsibility, and product safety.



  • Inefficient customer query management leading to a high volume of unmanaged customer caseloads and escalations.
  • To improve the query management process, a channel deflection strategy was needed to prioritize queries efficiently and a self-service platform was required for customers to utilize relevant articles and FAQs before reaching out to customer service agents, thus maximizing agent utilization and addressing more pressing and complex queries.
  • Lack of Insights and Reporting: The client was not able to track and monitor their customer service performance effectively due to a lack of insights and reporting. This made it difficult for them to identify areas for improvement and to optimize their processes.
  • Inefficient Routing of Customer Queries: The client’s existing system for routing customer queries was not effective, resulting in delayed response times and frustrated customers.
  • Need for a Multichannel Solution: The client needed a solution that would allow customers to reach out to them through various channels, such as email, chat, and phone, and have their queries addressed promptly and efficiently. This would enable the client to provide a seamless and personalized customer experience across all channels.


  • Implemented a multi-cloud Salesforce solution to address customer query management challenges.
  • Implemented Salesforce Community Cloud to provide a self-service platform for customers to access information they need seamlessly in the form of articles, FAQs, and notifications for simpler queries. The cloud solution had a simple-to-use interface that matched the company’s brand and helped reduce huge volumes of customer enquiries and caseloads in all their contact centers.
  • Implemented Salesforce Service Cloud platform to scale up customer service for more efficient management of complex queries through its agents. The platform enabled agents to solve queries faster, personalize customer interactions, and fasten the entire process.
  • Provided robust Salesforce maintenance and support services to achieve peak performance of the Salesforce system with a flexible, resilient, and tailor-made Salesforce managed services solution. Certified Salesforce developers and consultants were also provided to address complex project activities and deal with multiple scenarios to increase the overall ROI of the system.


  • A self-service platform was implemented using Salesforce Community Cloud that reduced customer caseloads and provided customers with quick access to information through articles, FAQs and notifications.
  • Salesforce Service Cloud was implemented to enable the agents to handle complex queries more efficiently with prioritization of tickets based on urgency, leading to faster query resolution and improved customer experience.
  • The timely reports provided insights on the volume of tickets deflected and solved due to the self-service platform, thus helping in continuous improvement of the customer query management process.
  • The client’s IT team’s productivity increased with enhanced support from TIS through a flexible, robust and responsive managed service solution.
  • The implementation led to increased ROI from Salesforce investments with better user adoption and overall performance.