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Real Estate Developer


A leading real estate developer based in the country

The company is a leading real estate developer based in India with a presence in Mumbai, Pune, and London.

The company has developed several landmark residential and commercial projects, catering to a wide range of customer segments.


  • Lack of a centralized sales platform to manage customer data, interactions, and sales processes.
  • Limited visibility into customer preferences and behavior, leading to difficulties in tailoring sales strategies and offerings.
  • Inefficient sales processes, including slow lead management and high manual effort in generating sales reports.
  • Difficulty in tracking and managing the performance of the sales team.
  • Need for a scalable solution to support the company’s growth plans and expanding customer base.


  • TIS team implemented Salesforce Sales Cloud with Lightning Components to provide a centralized platform for managing sales processes, customer interactions, and data.
  • Customized dashboards and reports were created to provide real-time insights into sales performance and enable quick decision-making.
  • Automated lead management processes were set up to streamline lead qualification, assignment, and tracking.
  • A customized pricing engine was developed to provide a more personalized and dynamic pricing strategy.
  • The solution was designed to be scalable and flexible, enabling The company to support its growth plans and expanding customer base.


  • Improved visibility into customer behavior and preferences, leading to better targeting and more effective sales strategies.
  • Streamlined sales processes, reducing manual effort and increasing sales efficiency.
  • Improved lead management, leading to faster response times and better lead conversion rates.
  • Customized pricing strategies leading to increased customer satisfaction and higher sales volumes.
  • Scalable solution supporting the company’s growth plans and expanding customer base.