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Digital Marketing Guide for Local Business to Follow in 2023

Digital Marketing Guide for Local Business to Follow in 2023
By Team TIS

Today, we are in a smartphone-dominated world. And, most people use their smartphones to search for everything, including local businesses.

So, if you run an online local business, make sure to run an effective digital marketing campaign in order to promote your business offerings to your target audience locally.

But, there is a thing to note. Digital marketing for local businesses is different from traditional digital marketing strategies. But, the channels will remain the same. 

In local digital marketing, you need to target the local audience. You might think that you can reach your local audience quickly, but it is not so. Instead, you need to implement tactful digital marketing strategies to reach your target audience. 

So, how to craft an impactful digital marketing strategy for your local business? The following are the ways:

Local SEO

You cannot escape implementing SEO campaigns when you run any digital marketing strategy. And local digital marketing campaigns cannot be an exception. 

You need to include the following elements in your local SEO strategy:

Creating a Google Business Profile Account

First, create a Google Business Profile (previously known as Google My Business) account to make your business visible on Google searches. You should make your business visible before creating any engagement in local SEO.

With a Google Business Profile account, you can make your business visible to your target audience when they search on Google with keywords such as grocery shops around me, electronic store, etc.

When they see your business listing, they are likely to contact you through the website’s contact number, or contact form or might visit your local store.

Ensure that you provide accurate and up-to-date information on the Google Business Profile page so that people can call you quickly or visit your website with a click. 

Moreover, mention your open hours accurately to enable people to know when to visit your store. 

Having complete Google Business Profile page information is essential to get local SEO results quickly

Assess Reviews

Reviews are essential as they can highlight flaws in your business offerings. Also, consumers prefer to read reviews before purchasing, so it is important to have good reviews to make your product a sale.

Therefore, do not fail to ask your customers to leave a positive review as that will strengthen your online reputation and local SEO. 

Google considers reviews as content and shows them in the search results. As such, a positive review can help you build your reputation.

Create Content Based on Local Matters

As you might be aware, content is the king of any SEO strategy. So, make efforts to structure the right content. 

The purpose of creating content is to attract the attention of your target audience. So, things will work if you keep your content simple and structure it with local matters. For example, you can create content based on the local festival. As a result, people will consider you as one of them. 

Use Social Media

You should not undermine the role of social media in your local digital marketing strategy because it can play an influential role in attracting and converting potential customers into buyers.

Let us delve into the role of social media in your local digital marketing strategy:

Strengthen Your Bond With the Audience

Regardless of the size of your business, you will gain a lot from social media marketing strategies. 

When running a social media marketing strategy, you can develop a friendship with your target audience and build long-term relationships.

Akin to any other relationship, you need to be compassionate and nurture the relationships with your social media followers.

Hear Your Audience

Social media marketing is not one-way traffic but is bi-directional. So, you should not put yourself first always. Instead, you should hear your audience and suggest ways to solve their problems. 

It will work in your favor if you help your audience because they will feel heard. On the other hand, if you push yourself all the time, it might erode the interest of your audience. 

Today, people like to see things, like “My products will help you in this.” So, it will help if you keep their buying and selling proposition out of focus. Instead, show them how your product will change their experience.

Make Yourself Easier to Reach 

Your bond with your audience will strengthen if they can reach you easily. And for that, you can take the help of WhatsApp and Messenger, which are good channels to communicate with your target audience.

With WhatsApp Business App, you can create a catalog to showcase your products and services and use special tools to automate, sort, and quickly respond to messages.

Likewise, Messenger can help you answer your potential customer’s questions quickly. So, send and receive messages. And, do not fail to respond to your audience’s messages.

Run Advertising Campaigns

Advertising is essential to attract people around you. But, you need to run advertising campaigns prudently. 

Here are a few effective tactics:

Target Locally

While running advertising campaigns, ensure that you do it with local targeting. It can be challenging to broaden your reach with only organic engagement tactics. So, you should supplement it with advertising campaigns. 

Therefore, ensure that you remain active on social media and search engine advertising to promote your business locally.

When you advertise locally, use the local language to bond with your audience. 

Take Part in the Local Community

You should project your local businesses as part of the local community. For example, if people take shelter in your shop during rain, you can highlight it on social media to make the local community feel that you take care of the neighborhood. 

Moreover, you can sponsor an event for the benefit of the community without expecting to sell anything. It can make people feel that your business is a part of the community. 

Run Loyalty Program

Running advertising campaigns is a way to gain new customers and retain your existing customers. For example, you can create a WhatsApp group to run loyalty programs to prompt your customers to make further purchases. 


Remember that digital marketing is a constantly changing domain. So, you should keep yourself updated with the latest trends to run your local digital marketing campaigns. If you invest in an outdated digital marketing strategy, it will only waste time and money.

By Team TIS
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