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Improve SEO with These Effective SEO Tips

Improve SEO with These Effective SEO Tips
By Team TIS

Are you witnessing a slump in the revenue of your business? And are you unable to figure out the underlying reason?

You might have assessed your product or service lineup and reviewed your employee performance. But found them to be alright.

So, you are confused about what went wrong.

The reason could be–your website is invisible in search engine results, so consumers cannot find it. And that has arisen due to a nil or bad SEO strategy. So, you need to learn how to improve website SEO to rank your website higher in search engine results.

Look at the intensely competitive SEO landscape. Google sustains searches of over 3.5 billion every day. So, to rank higher on Google is a tough battle. You need to play by Google’s rules to succeed in the competition.

A good way of improving your SEO efforts is to work out an impactful content strategy.

Rolling out an SEO strategy is not enough. Parallelly, you should analyze and interpret your SEO results to stay competitive. And for that, you should use the relevant tools to refine your content and enhance content ratings on Google. By making changes to content, you can increase your website traffic to boost SEO.

Let us focus on how to produce better SEO to rank your website higher on Google. You can implement the following best ways to improve search engine optimization:

Track Google Analytics 

The first step in the game of improving your SEO is to track Google analytics. The tracking will help you to determine the number of visitors to your website. And whether the website traffic is increasing or decreasing.

The understanding of the traffic pattern for your website will help you to make intelligent data-based decisions. You will understand not only how your website is ranking but also your audience. So you can create better content.

Google Analytics can help you target your potential customers by revealing some metrics that help you understand your visitors. The metrics are:

 a) The Browsers Visitors Use

Google Analytics can provide you with information about the types of browsers the visitors use. As such, you can improve user experience by implementing the best web designs that work on the most-used browsers.  

 b) The Devices Used to Visit Your Site

Google Analytics can provide information about the devices your website visitors use while visiting your site. For example, it can happen that most of the visitors used mobiles to access your website than desktops or vice versa. Understanding the most-used devices will help you create content tailored to the screen size for improving user experience.

 c) Referral Traffic

Google Analytics also provides you with information about the social media platforms from which visitors accessed your website. Then, it helps you to run advertising campaigns on those social media platforms.

 d) Understand Competition

Google Analytics also provides insights into competitor traffic. As a result, it helps you to improve your content to outrank competitors.

Identify Low-Performing Content

Engaging, relevant, and valuable content is a must for ranking websites higher in search engine rankings. Therefore, do not fall behind in identifying low-quality content that can jeopardize your SEO efforts.

You should follow the latest trends and brainstorm new content ideas to publish the best content for your target audience. And make sure you flush out low-performing content. And to identify pages with such content, use a Content Audit Tool to identify pages with minimal backlinks, low number of social shares, oldest pages, content with low word count, and low organic search traffic.

Once you identify such pages, use new keywords to target your audience. It will reduce the time for developing content for your website. Moreover, it will help to create an impactful content strategy to increase audience engagement.

During your content creation, you should focus on the type of content that can resonate with your audience. So, examine what headlines and topics can do well.

Use a Primary Keyword and Relevant Secondary Keywords

Keyword research is a mandatory part of your SEO campaign. Proper keywords are essential to develop engaging content and figure out what content appeals to your target audience.

You cannot escape understanding what keywords will work for your target audience to build an effective content strategy to improve audience engagement.

SEO-based content writing involves striking a balance between keywords and everyday language. This means you should write your content in such a way that it flows naturally. And keywords should naturally come up in your content.

A good way of doing this is to use secondary keywords relating to your primary keywords. Then, you can use an available tool to look up related keywords to your primary keyword.

Diversify Your Backlink Portfolio

Backlinks play a decisive role in helping your website rank higher in search engine results. But you must ensure that you generate backlinks from high-authority sites. 

The diversity of backlinks can originate from two sources:

  • A backlink can be a dofollow or nofollow. A dofollow backlink carries more weight.
  • The site that links back to your content would be the source of your backlink.

A diverse backlink portfolio is an indication to Google that your site is an authoritative source. And you are generating links in a natural way.

Use Header Tags

You should take adequate care to structure your content in the right ways. Publishing content with a logical structure is one of the most impactful tactics to improve SEO

Usually, most readers spend most of their time looking at the content at the top of the page.

Google does not consider a page for ranking based on what is written at the top of a page. Instead, it looks at the entire article to figure out whether it is valuable.

A good way of engaging readers with your content is using headers, which also help readers skim the content. Usually, content without headers looks unappealing to drive away visitors. It will increase the bounce rate, which is detrimental to SEO. Headers are effective ways to break up your content and improve the overall experience.


Check your website. If it is not performing well in the SEO arena, implement the steps outlined in this article to achieve outstanding results or employ someone best at providing SEO services.

By Team TIS
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