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Why Choose Magento for eCommerce Website Development

Why Choose Magento for eCommerce Website Development
By Team TIS

When trying to create your own eCommerce store, you will have hundreds of choices as far as the software and platforms you can use are concerned. Each program seems to offer you plenty of benefits and choosing the right one can be a nightmare, especially when you consider that the success of your online business might be on the line.

Design, simplicity, and elegance are extremely important factors to draw in customers and persuade them to shop from you, instead of your competitors. The reliability and popularity of the software will determine whether your business will be safe and whether you’ll be able to find online assistance when needed. Your eCommerce platform needs to have both great design and reliability to work for you.

Magento offers a delicate balance between being dependable as well as extremely flexible. The customizable and flexible nature of Magento is what makes it a platform and not just a simple piece of rigid software. It comes as no surprise that leading firms like Nike and Samsung have chosen a reliable as well as an elegant program like Magento for their online commerce.

Here’s why…

Very High Reliability

The first thing you have to look at when searching for reliable software is who actually created it and who owns it. The more famous the name of the producer, the more dependable your program becomes. This makes reliability one of the most prominent features of Magento because it is powered by eBay Inc itself.

Magento is owned by one of the leading online commerce businesses, which certainly is an attribute none can sneer at. Especially if you consider the number of years of actual hands-on experience which has gone into the programming of Magento. In a way, you know that some of the formulas that made eBay so successful at online commerce will be inside your very own software when you use Magento.

Extremely flexible

Software is usually an already finished product, which has certain uses that the developer intended it to have. This is not the case with Magento, because it actually works more like a platform on which you can build your own business site the way you want it and need it to be.

Instead of just being handed like a toolbox, you are being offered ability; the ability to create a site that exactly meets your business needs. You can tweak and adjust your online business site in so many ways that even Magento’s developers could not have predicted.

Add to that a huge community, which creates its own plugins and extensions that you can adapt to your program, and you have an extremely flexible eCommerce software solution. Using Magento is a sound business plan since you use the ingenuity of a whole community to create the perfect site for your business needs.

Thoroughly Specialized

Magento is made to create online commerce sites, nothing more or less. This specialization is an extremely important benefit when using Magento because everything about it is designed and tweaked to facilitate efficient eCommerce transactions.

Many programs can “also” create business sites, but this ability is usually only a bonus feature of a program that was created for a different purpose. This makes handling your shipping list, your clientele, and your sales with such unspecialized software a nightmare.

On a professional level, you need a professional program that will serve you in as many ways as possible, and which is focused on the singular task of creating an eCommerce site. WordPress, for instance, is great when trying to create blogs and quick sites from scratch, but handling a business with it can be extremely hard. This is where Magento comes in with its high specialization in eCommerce.

Steady Popularity

The popularity of a program speaks volumes of its value. The more people use a program for a specific purpose, the better this program usually is. When some of those clients are actually high-end brands, then you know that you have found a treasure.

Magento has many users who are unrelenting fans of its flexibility and great design. If you have chosen the community version of Magento, you will be in touch with thousands of people who can guide you through the process of building and handling your own eCommerce site with it.

Most of the advice and plugins you get from the community will also work on your Enterprise version of Magento, which offers more versatility and support, but also comes at a higher price.

Being popular also means that your program is widely supported and thus you will not have any compatibility issues, which is often the case with less popular eCommerce platform solutions.


From the above-mentioned points, it becomes clear why so many firms around the world prefer Magento when it comes to creating their online stores. The program might take a while for you to get adjusted to it and it does have a steep learning curve, but once you have mastered it you will only be limited by your own imagination and creativity. Since the codebase of Magento is written in PHP, it can be hard even for experienced designers to use it efficiently. But developers around the world love it because of its finest feature which is flexibility as anything can be done using it as per your requirements.

Yet, that pretty much constitutes the software’s only substantial weakness, which can be overcome with some dedication and support from the community. If you’re having trouble using the software, you can always have a specialized professional help you with using Magento to optimize your eCommerce store’s functionality.

Being far more flexible to use than other platforms like Opencart, Magento is perfect to make your eCommerce site look and feel professional. It is no surprise that 10 in every 15 eCommerce businesses prefer to use Magento as their platform of choice.

If you go for Magento as the platform for your eCommerce store, TIS is the right choice for you to help you set up your account on the same. With our enhanced Magento eCommerce system solution, you will be able to sell your products as well as manage all your retail operations in one place.  Book a consultation with our team of experts to understand it better and we can build the best suitable solution for your eCommerce business.

By Team TIS
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