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Adverse Content Marketing Mistakes Leading To Customer Engagement Failure

Adverse Content Marketing Mistakes Leading To Customer Engagement Failure
By Team TIS

In 2022, the use of the Internet has grown up significantly, speeding up the implementation of successful content marketing strategies by website owners to endorse their business brands online. Undoubtedly, content has become king of the website promotion process because it is the key tool for generating interest among the users to remain on your website and to know about your offered services and products.

The world of content writing is a vast one and some of the initial reasons for its popularity can be owed to its thoughtful nature and its uniqueness. Content marketing has fundamentally altered the way companies utilize their website, blog, and social accounts. The concentration has shifted from a self-centric approach to sharing useful information and developing long-term relationships. But some old practices are not so easy to leave that causing many companies to commit big mistakes.

If you want your website to rank well among the top pages of popular search engines, then you must have to adopt strong and valuable content strategies to compete in this highly cutthroat marketplace.

To help you get out of this problem so that you could execute the content strategies effectively on your website for better traffic and enhanced sales, we are listing the 14 most common content marketing mistakes. We will also scrutinize how to avoid these mistakes to ensure enhanced leads and conversion rates through the site.

Your content lacks uniqueness

Brands often confuse content marketing with the large-scale production of content. And obviously, when you need to produce such a large chunk of content, you would have to find enough sources to fetch info to write them down. In such circumstances, keeping a close eye on the competitor’s content strategy seems to be the easiest way. And this is where the problem starts.

This is what leads to the web being flooded with the same content which is something that restricts your content marketing strategy from being similar to that of your competitors. Obviously, when similar content is presented all over, it would only make it harder for your content to attract customers easily.

Let’s elaborate on this with an example. If there is one grocery shop in your locality, then it is bound to get all the business of your area. Herein, if you see that there are 5 grocery shops in your locality then the business will be shared, hence reducing the profit quotient likewise.

A similar phenomenon takes place for content marketing, which according to quite a few experts has been explained to become a lot less profitable over time. The only way to change things for you here would be to understand your business better and ascertain its true value.

This is what will allow you to formulate your content marketing strategy accordingly and produce unique content on the web about your brand.


When you talk about marketing, personalization is considered to be extremely important, not only for the customers but also for the brands. Personalization deals with targeting content keeping in mind the reader’s preferences and tastes in mind.

Personalization is done on the basis of who customers are where they reside, what interests them, and so on. Surveys have shown that nearly 85% of the brands are using personalization models for marketing purposes which is a staggering statistic in terms of content marketing.

If a reader found good and useful info on your site which is what he was looking for, he is sure to return back. And the cycle continues.

However, the real challenge is to use personalization in a way that customers get comfortable with it, without you bombarding them with tactics on them. Herein, another survey was conducted to find out the actual problems which the customers feel, and here are the results

  • 38% of respondents were not sure whether the data was accurate
  • 40% faced issues getting an insight into the product at first
  • 39% of the respondents feel that they don’t have enough data

But irrespective of the problems, the tendency of most marketers here is to get over these issues and provide much more careful and strategic content to the customers. As a result, brands that actually implemented such a personalization strategy prudently saw a rise of 19% in their overall sales.

It is highly recommended to serve content that has quality and relevance to the customers. Moreover, it would be wise of you to keep a keen eye on the type of content they are already being exposed to understand how they respond to it.

This will allow you to devise your own content likewise. This thorough study of your competitors’ content will also help you realize what your customers actually look for in the content, a piece of information that is crucial for better content marketing.

It effectively assists you in formulating a better strategy that will be tailor-made for your customers. The best way to initiate your own study on the behavior of your customer base would be to follow the ongoing trends and understand how and why the preferences change from time to time.

You have to understand if you can understand their basic personalization, then you will be able to adapt to customer behavior with ease.

Content that is not good enough

As already said, bombarding the users with a lot more content than what is actually required is not going to do any good. Quality content is the key here. This is the reason why even after putting all the relevant information in your content, your competitors win the race with their short and simple content.

You need to start a dialogue with your customers, engage them, and interact with them to make sure that the required info is imparted while keeping them hooked. Creating one-dimensional content that hinders the reader’s flow is one of the prominent reasons why your content marketing fails.

This content does not have the X factor which separates your content from the others, and why would users like to read the same content twice and thrice when they have already read it at your competitor’s blog? Most of the surveys conducted here have found that the respondents would want the content to be made according to their specific needs.

Moreover, as many as 91% of the total respondents have advised the brands to come back with quizzes, calculators, and information in a graphical form which will help them understand and engage with the brands better.

Content shock is not good for your customers

One of the reasons why content marketing is such a sound strategy is that it lets the customers get information and an understanding of your brand. But after the initial content surge on the web, the supply of content actually exceeded the demand.

And soon it was realized that there was a lot more content than what the customers could take in. This capacity of the customers to take in the content is known as content shock.

In simple words, this can be described as the content about a brand being a lot more available than it should be. This in effect distracts them to such a degree that they cannot consume it as much as we would want them to.

Moreover, content shock is something that is more likely to happen if the consumers perceive your content to be way too similar to that of your competitors as it makes them think of you to be boring.

Messages not right for the medium

Humans are fickle-minded and can be easily distracted and when it comes to the web, their attention span is not more than 15 seconds. It is for this simple reason you have to formulate your message in such a way that it can direct their 15 seconds of attention to your product.

You need to realize that it will not take them a lot to move on from your product which also means that you are losing valuable customers each minute or rather every 15 seconds if not less.

Therefore, the key here is tailoring your message to exact specifications which you can provide the customers at the right time. However, a safe distance should be maintained from delivering monotonous messages, which is certain to harm you and will make you lose customers faster than you can count.

Another reason why you should avoid monotonous messages is that they don’t appeal to the customers, hence taking longer to get out even on platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.

So what you need to do here is make your content accessible and interactive which you can do by providing quizzes, breaking the content into shareable parts, providing graphic information, etc. This will eventually help your content get the exposure it needs and allows the customers to decide whether it is meant for them or not.

Even if they think that the entire message you are sending is not worth their time, they might choose the ones which cater to their specific needs and can also pass them on to more people. You have to understand that the web is flooded with messages and most brands don’t let their consumers pick and choose.

Therefore, allowing your customers to choose which messages to view, receive and share will only play to your advantage as it allows your message to stand out. However, if nothing is working out and your content marketing strategies are not yielding the desired outputs, it is the right time that you to look for content marketing services. It is better to be late than never!

Absence of Customer Centricity

The success of both online and offline businesses depends on how much you are able to satisfy your customers with your services. Therefore, it is very necessary to highlight the need to recognize, anticipate and satisfy the customer requirements if you really want to get higher productivity through your website. If you are not focused on your customer’s needs and there is an absence of customer Centricity policy in your services, then your business revenue will definitely suffer. Listening to your customer’s talks and pains through formal or informal meetings is an indispensable requirement part of a proficient content strategy.

It does not matter if your website has high-quality content, but catering your services according to your customer’s needs is the best way of increasing leads and sales through your online business.

Quantity vs. Quality

Google search engine algorithm Panda or Penguin update cannot affect the ranking of your website if it has high-quality content because it is “Quality’ only that matters the most and if you execute the quality of your services then you are meant to gain uninterrupted success in your business. A single piece of low-quality content has the potential of damaging your complete content strategy. Use an editorial calendar for planning and creating objective-focused content because lack of content quality can affect your website traffic while quality content makes sure to retain as well return the users to know more about your services. Focusing on the quality of content instead of the quantity of content will surely drive better traffic and leads to your website.

Writing Content with No Sharing Intention

Do not write content by completely ignoring the need to share it over popular social platforms because sharing is the best way to get your services and products known among internet users. Ensure that all content on your website is written with an objective to share. The effective sharing of your content is guaranteed by integrating social sharing icons on all your web pages.

Unsure About Your Content Purpose

This is often one of the blunders committed by website owners that results in low traffic and lesser productivity. While writing content requires quality to gain better user engagement, the purpose of the content should also be clear to the readers about why you are in this business and how effectively you are doing content marketing. Every single piece of content written for your website has an obvious reason for its existence, which includes blogs, articles, podcasts, videos, as well as the content shared through social platforms.

Reaching Your Audience

High quality and great content are not so effective if it does not reach the audience. For strategic planning of content marketing, ensure to perform thorough research to explore what are your audience levels and their needs. After all, marketing is all about finding and reaching the right customers, at the right time in the right place.

After a profound interpretation of your audience and their requirements, you can create user-engaging and creative content for your website, which eventually drives more leads to your website.

Repurpose Your Content

It is not necessary that once you have written a piece of content over a certain topic, you cannot write it again. Instead, a piece of content can be used repeatedly. Try to prepare a good leadership piece for every single survey question. You can also create a variety of tweets for a piece of content or blog post. Meanwhile, you can also promote your content over several platforms. Whatever content, and format you are opting to write, ensure to stick with its objectives which range from lead creation to lead nurturing.

Creating Monotonous Content

Sometimes we get stuck with monotonous content, and writing style, but not everyone wants to read the same type of content repetitively. It affects the user interest in reading your content which will impact your website traffic significantly. There must be a balance between the types of content you are writing for your users since people like to consume information in various ways. Some users prefer reading texts while others prefer visuals. Some users have enough time while some don’t and hence it is necessary that you adopt different styles for providing information on your website to get better user engagement.

Trying to Create Content That’s Too Perfect

Often content marketers engage themselves in creating and editing high-quality content that is fit all reader’s points of view and they set the bar so high that all other rivals involved in content marketing are afraid to create anything less than just right.

However, perfection is not what triumphs in the content marketing game. Your content might be perfect for everyone, but it should be informative and valued by your customers’ prospects as well. It clearly means that you don’t require winning a prize with every piece of your content published on your site, but following an intelligent policy of publishing valuable content will indisputably bring tremendous leads to your website.

Content That Is Not Measured

Every business has goals and some of them are sketched in your mission while others are sketched in your performance goals. Does it make true sense that you must have your content strategies aligned with these goals? After all, it is the goals only that you always try to achieve for both long-term and short-term business success.

Understanding what success looks like is important for improving your content marketing strategy. Does it mean that you must track and measure every part of your success journey to evaluate what role content plays? What metrics will you select for measurement completely depends on what you are trying to measure. Your measure depends on what you are struggling to achieve.


Good content marketing is a continuing process and not a one-time investment. There are many mistakes that are often committed when it comes to effective content marketing. Some of these mistakes might be minor, while some may be major. Having a clear understanding of these mistakes will help you in avoiding traffic dwindling on your website, but an effective and comprehensive content strategy is a must for achieving compelling results. It is better to spend our time compiling a successful content strategy rather than doing research because quality content develops through hard work, ensuring long-term engagement and developing brand reliability within your customer database.

Hence, if you think that just by creating blogs and social media posts, you will hit the jackpot; it is not going to happen so easily. In order to be successful with your content marketing, you must build a comprehensive and holistic strategy. This will help you to grab the attention of the targeted audiences and engage them and generate the desired conversions.

Therefore, allowing your customers to choose which messages to view, receive and share will only play to your advantage as it allows your message to stand out. However, if nothing is working out and your content marketing strategies are not yielding the desired outputs, it is the right time that you to look for content marketing services. It is better to be late than never!

By Team TIS
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