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How Will Content Marketing Strategy Influence SEO?

How Will Content Marketing Strategy Influence SEO?
By Team TIS

SEO is not just a ‘gift of the internet’ but an asset to your brand/business that backs you for your online growth. On the other hand, content marketing and SEO are like best friends that work hand in hand to obtain desired results. Wondering about its relevance? We have listed down the influence of content marketing (changing pattern) on SEO to bring the internet revolution. Let’s see how best friends can become game changer!

Bite Size Content

The length of the content has always been a topic of discussion. When Twitter introduced 140-character policies, the face of content marketing completely changed across all the digital platforms. Later when it increased the limit to 280 characters, companies increased their number of tweets per day to scale up their content marketing game. Do you think, the shorter message delivery on social media has empowered the SEO strategies? With shorter messages and easy-to-understand content, the audience prefers reading these messages to get the information handy, compact and in a jiffy.  If you are a company that is looking to nail this trend with your open strategies, you need to cover your information in a crisp, short and fresh format and attract maximum readers on your targeted page.

Personalized Rich Content Experience

Remember eCommerce companies showing up in your email inbox to say, “We have a 50 % discount coupon just for ‘you’?” This is what we call personalized content and it is comparatively an essential technique to ace the content marketing strategy.

With the bombarding numeric, statistics, and information on the internet, how do you think, your content can stand out? How is your content unique? Why should people connect with you? It’s all about empathizing with your target audience and even better, sending out a message to them in a better personalized and enriched form.

When you empathize with your target audience, you bond with them in relatively less time, leading to strong trust formation. Ever seen a fairness cream ad? The fairness cream brand highlights the problem of its target audience by not just getting into the psyche of its audience; in fact, it creates an inevitable solution for their challenge.

This is the reason behind personalized content being top-ranked in winning your target audience and enhancing your industrial growth at ease.

Similarly, if you are an e-commerce company, the best approach that you can apply to acquire a customer is by formulating personalized e-mailers for both men and women with shopping suggestions matched with their buying habits- after all everybody loves to explore the best for themselves.

Trending Voice Search

What do you think has enabled Google voice search to penetrate the market with such limited users? It’s the thought behind this innovation that connects the audience with voice search.

We could have never imagined a visually impaired person using a smartphone just like we do- but Google voice search has empowered this thought to come true.

The changing ecosystem of SEO has made the internet inclusive and accessible for everyone; thereby bringing specially-abled people into the fold of the internet. Now the question arises of whether SEO strategies fail in the coming years due to the popularity of voice searches. The face of display advertisements will have no use? The answer is no, we need to gear up to cope with the changing technologies and fuel them with our added efforts.

To align with the increasing use of voice search, you need to create content that is conversational. By building dialogues in plain and simple language your brand can appear in the top results when someone searches for it by using a voice search.

The Change in the Content Pattern

Gone are the days when the content piece revolved around the long-tail keywords to build links and apply content marketing strategies on it to enhance its Google ranking. The deceiving part about this content pattern is, that it has started to attract content just for the sake of ranking and without any useful content in it.

Accordingly, the new pattern is more user-friendly and result oriented. Now, instead of overloaded keywords, Google prefers content that is intent on finding a solution and providing suggestions to the end-users, greatly influencing the searching habits and content pattern.

Context is the king

From content being the king for nearly a decade, the focus has now shifted to context. What has brought the remarkable change in the content marketing strategy affecting the algorithm of Google? Well! It’s the change in the search as well as information delivery pattern that is being applied these days.

Do you still have questions about the concept of context? Context helps in resolving your query as quickly as possible by matching your query with its own data collection to reflect the best match for you (the concept of the long tail keyword will slowly fade with the advancement of Context).

For example, if you search for ‘Taj Mahal’ in India, your probable suggestions will be a local guide to the Taj Mahal, an official government site, some local videos, etc. When you search for the same Taj Mahal in the USA, the search result will greatly vary. It might show some Taj Mahal’s history, timings, about Agra or maybe flights to India. Hence, Context aligns your search result with the most suitable answer to enhance the SEO game.

Influencer Marketing is in

We believe lux to be the most amazing beauty soap available in the market with unmatched fragrance and quality- that’s the power of influencer marketing. With the advent of a free flow of information via the internet, people have started believing more in online recommendations rather than offline.

Do you still lack trust? Open your Instagram, explore your news feed, and open profiles of ten famous bloggers. You are likely to notice paid partnership updates on each of their profiles- and that’s how influencer marketing is spreading.

Transparency is the key

What was your first thought when you heard about the leading internet company being irresponsible in handling your crucial data and information content? How can they be so stupid? Is there any authenticity and credibility in what they say and what they do? Probably you lost an ounce of trust in them- to put it plainly if the internet can make you, it takes a second to break you because people are extremely exposed to the insights of anything and everything- and the internet is all about transparency.

There are millions of websites with perfect SEO strategies applied to them but how can you become the most preferred amongst the lot? You need to depict transparency on your website. For example, if you are accessing the users’ personal data, firstly get it approved by the user. They might stay and accept your request or will simply leave your site- but at least, you will not be liable for legal actions and perform well with a strategic SEO algorithm

Trending Video Content

What will you choose to complete your syllabus a night before the exam, online video classes, or an online article? Without even a second thought your interest might turn towards online video classes as they are more appealing and interesting- that’s exactly what’s happening in the content marketing strategies and SEO techniques these days. Users are more interested in video content, therefore create content that is engaging, relatable and has high video quality, and aligns with user preferences making it easily searchable. Switch to video content to cope with the demands of the user and to facilitate SEO.

Acceptance of Native Advertising

Native advertising is like a date wherein the ambiance, food, and overall feel are overwhelming and starting points to engage in a meaningful relationship. Similarly, native advertising is a package of everything of your interest according to your searching habits, and opting for it can result in better relations between the buyer and the consumer. Whereas content marketing involves long-term customer relationship building and trust building over a relatively greater amount of time.

What do you think can work in favor of native advertising? This advanced form of content marketing has recently become the most preferred SEO technique due to its wide acceptance by users. The message easily gets delivered to the target audience without the hassle of imposing the ads on your laptop screen- native advertising is the face of new SEO.

Do We Write Content for the Content Marketers?

Type “best indoor games”: on the google search page, and go through the top 20 results. What did you see? Probably, you came across similar content in approximately 6 content pieces. What does this suggest? Do you write content for content marketers?
With ever-increasing competition in the internet industry, you need to be extraordinary, original, and informative to announce your existence or else there are millions of websites offering the same as you. If you do not want your content just to be part of marketers spinning words, write to engage with your audience and create an inevitable platform for you/your brand.

Our Way Towards an Adaptive Change!

Personalized content might not boost your SEO ranking immediately but it is the most ideal approach to engaging with your target audience and eventually becoming ‘people choice’. Hence, SEO is directly or indirectly influenced by the pattern of content marketing that needs a follow-up and a change in the delivery of the message.  Here’s the most amazing part of the influenced and altered SEO, it will have enhanced: reach, awareness, consistency, visibility, and traffic, in the long run, empowering all the sections of people in the society with equal opportunity of absorbing technology.


You can write the most exciting and engaging piece of content for your company but it is of no point if it does not show up for any of the 3 billion searches that happen each day. 

You must prioritize content marketing in your SEO strategy as it will provide brand new pieces of content that are resourceful and utilize the most valuable keywords. Instead of over-optimizing your current content, as it will affect your search ranking negatively, you must focus on the right content marketing as it will only add value to your already existing content. 

Furthermore, by using new and updated content on your page, you will definitely improve your ranking as Google gives priority to freshly updated content. Hence, the more new and right content is added to your website, with the correct use of valuable keywords, the more your SEO ranking will improve.

By Team TIS
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