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10 Essential Ways to Boost Your Digital Marketing ROI

10 Essential Ways to Boost Your Digital Marketing ROI
By Team TIS

We are in 2023 and we have yet to let go of the many age-old approaches to digital marketing that bring nothing but higher expenses and low ROI. Mention digital marketing to a CEO and they will most likely begin answering your question with SEO and PPC. The problem with this is that years have gone by since traditional SEO and PPC used to dominate a business’ digital marketing strategy.

Today, businesses are operating in an almost entirely different world that consists of new customer expectations and a greater amount of competitive rivalry. Enterprises need to stay one step ahead of the competition by utilizing new digital marketing techniques and approaches.

For this reason, we present 10 new channels for the growth of a digital marketing agency

Boost Your Digital Marketing ROI

1) The future is in mobile

Considering how Statista anticipates mobile users to exceed 7.69 billion by 2027, and the fact that young Americans spend more than 90 hours a month on mobile, according to Comscore, the advantages of going mobile are huge, to say the least.

Mobile marketing is expected to account for a major share of online traffic in the coming years, and businesses that are slow to implement their mobile marketing efforts have everything to lose. Essentially, all digital marketing channels are anticipated to go mobile, from mobile search engine optimization and mobile-friendly websites to enterprise mobile applications and mobile conversions.

Businesses, therefore, need to redirect their marketing efforts towards leveraging mobile technology to the fullest extent to accommodate the growing mobile online traffic.

2) New payment methods are the next thing

With mobile payment methods such as Apple Pay and Google Wallet all the rage, there are plenty of opportunities that online businesses can benefit from. Online payment transactions came under immense scrutiny following numerous cases of credit card fraud and misleading websites. However, through these payment systems, businesses can once again market their products and services with restored confidence and commitment.

Safer payment methods will encourage many to use the mobile platform to purchase their favorite brands of goods and items. In addition, the nationwide adoption of the EMV standard will give new hope to countless traders as a result of substantial financial fraud.

3) Focus on conversion optimization

Marketers cannot hope to increase their sales revenues without customer acquisition. So why not include customer conversion rate optimization as part of the budget?

Conversion rate optimization refers to the method of acquiring the highest online traffic possible to a website for the purpose of converting them to customers. It constitutes an understanding of website functionality and more persuasive landing pages and call-to-action statements that can capture the attention of their online visitors. The benefit is that it ends up being more cost-effective than other methods such as ad placements.

4) Never compromise on website loading speed

Following on the previous point, a website that slowly loads its pages will put off visitors and cause them to a rival’s website. According to a study by Radware, two out of every five online visitors will abandon browsing a webpage if it takes more than three seconds to load.

Marketers in turn need to make sure that web designers do not add too many features to their websites which may make the browsing experience suffer. Doing so can result in many lost customers and therefore significant lost revenues.

5) Looking past Google is long overdue

It is high time marketers stopped depending on Google for acting as the focal point of all their digital marketing efforts and expectations. There are numerous effective avenues to attract the online crowd to your business, and Google is just one of them. Putting all your marketing eggs in the Google basket is placing too many hopes for your plans to come to fruition. Instead, marketers need to concentrate on more direct digital marketing platforms.

6) There is still use in PPC

PPC is long gone, but that is only if we are referring to the traditional PPC model. It is fairer to say that PPC has taken on different guises. Organic video ads, for instance, are becoming more popular, and marketers need to focus on such means to be a step ahead in the marketing game.

7) Content is king

It is very common to find marketers utilizing content marketing through the use of blogs, articles, and press releases to showcase their brand presence and gather more support and loyalty from their target audiences. Despite the concerns of content marketing suffering from poor strategy, content is still king in the world of marketing, now more than ever.

To effectively utilize content, businesses need to focus less on the quantity of their content marketing efforts and more on quality. This means tailoring content exclusively to the interests and preferences of their target audiences. This will help target customers more efficiently and enable the business to grow manifold.

8) Fortify marketing with marketing automation

Digital marketing has taken multiple routes, which is why it can be very difficult for businesses to keep track of multiple channels and assess their performance on a continuous basis. This is why it is crucial that marketers benefit from a coordinated digital marketing strategy through the use of a marketing automation system.

Essentially, a marketing automation system allows a business to synchronize all digital marketing efforts under one roof, making campaign execution as simple as a touch of the button.

Whether you want to conduct marketing activities through e-mail, social media, business websites, or search engine websites, marketing automation is nothing but a necessity.

9) Email lists are gold

The adage ‘old is gold’ rarely applies in the business world. But, if there is one that aptly fits the description, it is email. While it may be conventional, e-mail provides marketers the advantage of segmenting their customers through e-mail lists through which e-mail marketing campaigns can be conducted with greater effectiveness.

E-mail is also incredibly easy-to-use and is a great means of two-way communication that can be pivotal in maintaining long-term relationships with customers, and being an excellent source of generating customer leads.

10) Harness data with data analytics

Data is growing at a phenomenal rate, considering the multitudes of applications of big data and cloud computing networks. In lieu of this, making use of a data analytics tool as well as a database as a service can help you leverage useful customer insights for refocusing and readjusting your marketing efforts, as well as providing you with fresh new business opportunities.

Businesses need to hire exceptional talent that can enable them to harness data to its fullest potential and invest in business intelligence solutions such as data mining and data warehousing.

By Team TIS
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