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7 Inbound Marketing Aspects Must for Ecommerce Businesses in 2023

7 Inbound Marketing Aspects Must for Ecommerce Businesses in 2023
By Team TIS

The eCommerce business has taken off for a long flight. With an annual compounded growth rate of more than 25% across the global economy, it looks like finally, eCommerce has announced its bid to stay in time.

One can expect big things to happen to the eCommerce vertical by the end of the year 2023, especially the manner in which inbound marketing is leveraged shall be a key differentiator.

TIS, the leading digital services consulting company in India offers an insight into these top seven inbound marketing best practices that shall enable the eCommerce vertical to leverage digitization to take the big leap after having crossed the threshold level of growth in sales and gross merchandise value.

Put a Premium on Shortened Lead Times and Charge More from the User

One-day delivery or same-day delivery is going to be the next big thing for eCommerce enterprises. Walking into 2023, there is ample evidence to suggest that the end user is more than willing to pay a higher price for the same-day delivery of merchandise at his doorstep.

Two things matter. First, is the creation of a fully digitized supply chain network to facilitate fast innovation to market, time to order, and order to cash. Second, the leveraging of smooth logistics infrastructure and assets to ensure last-mile delivery of merchandise shall hold promise for the end user to pay more.

Review Marketing for Greater Transparency and Incentivizing Customer Reviews

Great customer loyalty is earned. At times when discounts and offers are used as traffic-building measures by eCommerce portals, there is a smarter way. Customer review marketing can be leveraged by eCommerce portals on search engines to drive traffic by lending credibility to their brand value.

The eCommerce sponsor brand lavishing praise on itself in advertisements and customers going gaga on it are completely different ball games. Again honest customer reviews with the usual and believable hint of negative reviews that are bound to come from a minor fraction of customers are bound to gain more traction than sponsored reviews that can be easily made out to be false.

Customers can be incentivized for leaving great reviews with personalized discounts and offers that motivate review marketing.

User Generated Content Marketing on Social Media Platforms

User-generated content marketing is expected to pull eCommerce enterprises in a big way on social media platforms in a big way in 2023. This implies that e-commerce brands must resort to and will be seen leveraging new inbound marketing strategies like user-generated content on social media platforms to motivate user engagement, pick insights on trends and market demands, curate product development, and delivery and interact with customers to make them feel empowered. Ecommerce brands can be expected to focus more efforts on social media optimization and user-generated content that is 20% more effective in gaining traction in the market.

Augmented and Virtual Reality Technologies to Redefine Customer Experience

Small things matter in a big way. The use of augmented and virtual reality technologies to reinforce and strengthen customer experience shall be one of the greatest levers of change and growth in the eCommerce vertical in the year 2023.

Augmented and virtual reality technologies can reinvent the way people try products, especially wearable durables like clothes, smart watches and wrist gear, spectacles, and others. To be able to experience the look and feel of such wearable products without having to put a toe out in the sunshine is going to be a big brand differentiator for eCommerce enterprises.

Triggered Emails Shall Be More Effective in Driving Sales than Legacy Email Marketing

Imagine the plight of a user that awakens from a state of deep sleep to a flurry of emails that have no context, purpose, or value. On top of that, to receive such emails at odd hours is even more frustrating and is likely to draw the wrath not the loyalty of the user.

Triggered emails that are precision controlled for offers, discounts, content distribution, and well-timed shall be far more effective in driving sales. Keeping space between two consecutive emails sent to the customer is important. Timing the triggered emails to perfection using automated mailing software products shall also create more value as opposed to legacy email marketing practices.

Digital Wallet Payments for Less Cash Revenue Models

According to Andy Defrancesco, digital wallet payments are likely to drive fewer cash revenue models in the eCommerce vertical in the year 2023. A study on digital payment trends suggests that 23% of payments are made on smartphones, 19% on tablets, and another 16% on desktop devices. Digital payments can enable eCommerce enterprises to save big time on the shoe leather costs of having to deal in cash, cash logistics, cash security systems, and cash management.

Chat Bots are Likely to Redefine Customer Relationship Management

Chatbots are going to be in use big time in the eCommerce vertical in the year 2023. Imagine the plight of a customer that awakens to a rude shock in the evening after returning from work to open the pack and find a demerit in the product that mandates an exchange or a quick remedy.

The store is closed and the customer services team may have winded up for the day leaving the customer no other option but to share his angst on social media platforms. This can and will change with the use of chatbots that can be used to send automated replies to customers when they send their grievances.

It goes a long way in retaining the customer with credible evidence of care and assurance that the necessary shall be done sooner than later.

Influencer Marketing to Gain Traction in the Market

On the eve of New Year, a reputed global eCommerce brand ran an influencer marketing campaign involving an actress that was shown opening a surprise gift box sent to her on her birthday. The box was personalized and the influencer opened it to explore the inside stuff.

The video of the influencer sharing the happiness of being gifted by an eCommerce brand went viral and caught traction in the market. Influencer marketing on social media channels is likely to be one of the big inbound marketing innovations in 2023.


Today it is evident to all that the eCommerce industry is flourishing at a very high rate and simultaneously it is also becoming very competitive. This article provides you with the most updated, relevant, and trending practices that can help you to improve your sales growth with the best eCommerce marketing strategy.

You must reach out to your customers using a variety of methods and ensure that you have a team of experts with varying and diverse skill sets. You must always listen to everyone’s ideas, so that you may find new and improved ways for upgrading and enhancing your current campaigns and outreach methods. Also, please make sure that you keep a check on your website analytics in order to explore new trends, and keep your website optimized.

Improving your skills as an eCommerce website marketing manager will aid you to go through the roof and become more attractive in the market.

By Team TIS
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