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An outdated or poorly designed website can take a toll on your business. Such a website provides a bad UX and drives visitors away, increasing the bounce rate. And that can hamper your SEO ranking. So, you should ensure that your website should have an appealing design to attract and retain visitors. At TIS, we create attractive and engaging website designs to take your business to the next level. As a trusted and best website designing company in Noida, we have helped numerous businesses to accelerate their growth with our creative, responsive, and focused designs.

UX-First Design

The top website design companies in Noida create stunning designs to give visitors a great UX that will prompt them to return to your website repeatedly. In addition, due to the interactive designs, you can build good relationships with your target audience.

Custom Designs

Our competent design team is adept at creating custom designs to suit the specific needs of different businesses. As the custom designs define your business, your target audience will easily understand your focus and that will immensely help in attaining conversions.

Mobile Optimization

The top website designing companies in Noida deliver mobile responsive web applications. The designs are optimized for all devices, from smartphones to tabs, to give visitors to your website a great UX.

Maximize Conversions

After you hire TIS, the best web design company in Noida, you are assured of the best design to attract more and more visitors, helping to generate more qualified leads for conversions.


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Your brand can effectively communicate with customers if you have a digital presence. It also enables you to tell a story about who you are as a brand and differentiates yourself from the competition. Since our inception, we have built long-term relationships with 1000+ satisfied customers. With more than 1500 successful projects worldwide, we have worked on a wide range of projects. Our customers range from start-ups to small, mid-sized, and large corporations, including Fortune 500 companies such as Hindustan Zinc, Omron Healthcare, GS1, Sharda University, IB Group, and many more. In order to evaluate one of the best web design companies in Noida, we will be happy to share the complete portfolio and case studies.


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Know All About Web Design Services Offered By The Top Web Designing Companies In Noida

The choice of hiring the best web designing agency in Noida can be challenging since there are so many to choose from. Thousands of web designers exist online worldwide, ranging from one-person bands to established award-winning agencies. So, the question arises, which agency will get you the results you are looking for?

Well, here are some tips to consider before selecting a website designing company in Noida:

Identify your business’s needs. Are you in need of an eCommerce site? Are you interested in allowing online bookings? What is the number of pages you need? Etc. Consider benchmarking your competitors or looking at similar companies for inspiration.

A budget will help you determine what you can afford before you begin approaching web designers.

Almost all professional designers have a portfolio of their past work on their websites, so you can browse it and decide if you like it.

You can learn more about a business by simply getting in touch. Send them an email or give them a call. Are you getting a certain vibe? How do they handle customer service? Are they people you would like to work with? Following up on your initial contact, if all feels well, set up a video call or a visit to get to know them better and discuss your needs further.

With over 15 years of experience in the industry, TIS is one of the top website design companies in Noida. Creating a stunning website for your business is in the hands of our team of expert designers.

You can count on us for support on your website journey, as well as to keep your website fresh, relevant, and up-to-date. We encourage providing fresh content to your customers and search engines as much as possible since they love it.

An effective website takes time to create, depending on several factors. The best web design agency in Noida can take anywhere from four to twelve weeks for a custom design to be completed, depending on how complicated the design is and how many revisions are required. Depending on the number of pages and the functionality required, the design and development phase may take additional few weeks. It is important to note that these are general guidelines, and we will do our best to meet your deadline.

As the top website design company in Noida. After discussing your website requirements with you, we price your website design accordingly, and once you have ordered your website design with us, we strictly adhere to that price.

The TIS team has designed many websites for a variety of clients in a range of different sectors and we have been acclaimed as the top web design company in Noida.

From simple one-page websites to complex interactive websites with video backgrounds, booking systems, and e-commerce functionality, we do it all. Additionally, we design and develop corporate websites and web portals. It is our pleasure to work with new clients and help them realize their ideas.

The best website designing agencies in Noida follow certain standard steps that are listed below:

  • A thorough understanding of the needs of the client
  • Website structure planning
  • The design of each individual web page
  • Website content creation
  • A test of the website’s functionality is conducted
  • Website launch

We are the top website designing company in Noida. Each potential client signs an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) before we begin talking about their website idea. In this way, you can rest assured that your idea is protected. The contract we make with you specifies that all the work done on your project belongs to you, along with any products and by-products resulting from it.

Yes, absolutely! Having a mobile-friendly website has become more important than ever. You can count on TIS – the top web design agency in Noida,  to make sure your website looks great across a wide range of devices.

Being the top website design agency in Noia,  it is very common for us to do so. Time and distance are no longer an issue in today’s virtual world.

Using the latest technologies, the team at TIS brings you the whole web design and development process right to your screen, allowing you to see the progress of your project as it is developed.

Our virtual support team provides 24-hour virtual support via email, phone, and chat (Skype).

For over 15 years, TIS has provided custom website design services in Noida and has been recognized as one of the best web designing agencies in Noida. With the help of our web design company in Noida, you can create a beautiful and user-friendly website that will attract potential customers.

This question can’t be answered in a single way even by the best website design agency in Noida. Depending on the nature of the project, a price is quoted for a website design. We design and develop custom websites that are tailored to the needs of businesses. Each website requires a different set of components. During our consultation, we’ll ask you several questions, assess your needs, and provide a quote based on that evaluation. But for a simple website, though, our prices start at $14 per hour.