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The Impact of Digital Marketing on Business Growth and Branding

The Impact of Digital Marketing on Business Growth and Branding
By Team TIS

The way companies communicate with their clients and the way they carry out general operations has revolutionized since the introduction of digital marketing. 

Digital Marketing has impacted the profit margins and the growth of businesses as well. 

Any business that doesn’t incorporate digital marketing strategies into its practices, risks limiting its growth opportunities. This is why it is crucial to use Digital Marketing for business

Here are some things you can do with Digital Marketing, to grow your business digitally:

  1. You can find clients that you wouldn’t have come across without SEO
  2. You can establish an online presence
  3. You can Enhance and Customize your brand and manage messaging
  4. You can access tools that enable you to target core audience
  5. You can provide content that is tailored to your customer needs

1. Finding Customers Via SEO:

If you know the basics of Digital marketing, you would have come across the term ‘SEO’. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. 

This is a technique that is used with the objective of getting your content to rank higher in search engine results. The higher the rank, the better your website or content visibility. 

This greatly increases the chance of your content being presented to the potential customers. 

75% of the people who visit a website, won’t go past the first page. This is why Ranking is absolutely important. 

It is a simple fact, the more traffic you are able to direct to your website, the higher your chances of growing your business. Every visitor on your site, that isn’t already a customer, is a chance for you to increase your database. 

This visitor could end up becoming a new customer for your business.

This doesn’t mean that your current customers are now obsolete, but you need to keep growing your customer base to remain competitive.

SEO is specifically designed to that effect. 

SEO also builds credibility with Google, this is also one of the reasons why it helps enhance your digital marketing efforts.

You need to establish your website as an authority on its subject matter, Google values such websites highly. 

Your visibility to web browsers will boost by doing this. You can also create quality backlinks to improve your website visibility and increase your authority. 

2. Establish An Online Presence:

In today’s world, you need to establish an online presence for your business to keep track of the growth and impact of digital marketing on business growth. 

Without an online presence, it is almost impossible to survive among the competition. 

In today’s world, everyone uses social media. Be it businesses, potential clients, current customers, everyone! No one uses the outdated phone books anymore, they use social media like Facebook, Instagram, etc. 

If you are not actively present on these platforms, you are missing out. 

People check out everything online these days, be it a service or a product, if you have a presence on these platforms you can grow your customer base exponentially. 

Creating a Social Media account is the first step to expand your digital marketing impact.

You don’t need to be available on every social media platform, just do some research on which platforms your target audience uses the most and create a presence on those platforms. 

This is the first place where your potential clients will look for a company.

Since Google is the most prominent search engine, you must take advantage of every tool they have to offer. 

One thing that is extremely important and should not be ignored is to claim your Google Business listing

By doing so your location will pop up in local searches and on Google maps as well. These listings include your website address, your address and phone number.

3. Enhance Your Brand and Messaging:

You are in total control of the message you are delivering to your customer and the responses you provide to the customer feedback on digital media. 

For instance, if something is published about your brand online, you can’t really do much about it or the comments that are made on it. 

If a news story is posted online about your brand, you have no ability to counter any of the comments made by readers. 

However, you are 100% in control of what you say, as well as how you handle the responses to your critique if you choose to post it on your own social media channels, along with any reflections or rebuttals you have. 

A perfect example of this is Google Reviews.

People post whatever they want on an organization’s Google Reviews. 

The brands that are smart make it a point to respond to these comments and reviews either by rebutting the comment if it is false or by working through the issues the comment has stated.

You can also control your brand message in a number of ways:

  • Instead of sending a generic response or mail to every customer, try to personalize your emails by including their names, or any other specific details that may seem relevant. 
  • Use the customer data and information to tailor the content that you are creating for them. Ensure that your content is tailor made to every individual customer and that it resonates with them.
  • Improve the decision making process for future scenarios by using the data that you gain on your customers through your campaigns. 

4. Target your Key Audience:

There are a number of reasons why you should use digital marketing instead of traditional forms of marketing, one of which is that it offers customer data to companies. 

Data Analysis makes it easier for you to know who is interacting with your content and when, and the more you know about who is interacting with your content and website the better it is for your future marketing strategies.

You can adjust the channels on which your content is displayed and the content itself based on the needs and requirements.

  1. Display Content Tailored to you Customers’ requirements:

Content Marketing is the heart of any Digital Marketing strategy. 

Content is so much more than just words on your website. Content includes blogs, hashtags, videos, web copies and even pictures. 

You can provide your customers with what they want by developing a strategy that is enriched with these forms of content. 

This is why you should provide high-value content to your website visitors: 

  • Providing educational content on your site creates a whopping 131% increase in sales. 
  • Developing a solid content strategy can lead to an increase in the generation of leads by 3, and to top it off, it costs less than traditional ways by 62%.
  • The quality of leads that are generated after implementing a robust content strategy, has been observed to be a lot better than they were before putting content marketing in use. 

Final Thoughts

Digital Marketing has revolutionized the interaction between businesses and their customers. The way in which companies handle business processes has changed a lot too. 

As the number of brands that go digital increases, so will the impact of digital marketing on business growth. 

A lacking solid digital presence sabotages the opportunity to find potential customers and retain current ones, severely. It also ends up with customers losing their trust in your brand. 

This is why having a strong digital presence and a well planned digital marketing strategy in place, that encompasses content marketing and social media, is important to drive growth to an organization’s business processes and help the company succeed. 


Q. What are some of the key factors to consider while implementing digital marketing strategies for growth of your business?

It is utterly important to focus on SEO while implementing Digital Marketing strategies for your business to observe growth. You need to understand which channels  drive sales while establishing a strong online presence and using social media effectively. Personalizing brand messaging, targeting the right audience with the best tools and providing content that is both valuable as well as relevant, are also some crucial factors to keep in mind. Concentrate on these areas to optimize the digital marketing efforts and you are sure to drive growth to your business. 

Q. How can digital marketing tools help in measuring the impact of marketing campaigns on business growth?

Tools such as HubSpot, Hootsuite, GetResponse and Google Analytics can prove to be gems in helping you monitor your metrics. Website traffic, social media engagement, email open rates and conversion rates all can be analyzed using these digital marketing tools. This can help you to determine how effective your campaigns are and also in identifying areas for improvement so that you can make informed decisions on where to focus your marketing budget. This will help you optimize your digital marketing efforts and finally drive business growth. 

Q. How can content marketing play a significant role in driving business growth through digital marketing?

Content marketing is an indispensable part of your Digital Marketing strategy. Through content marketing you can attract, engage as well as retain your customers and target audience. By providing valuable, relevant, and informative content, you can establish your brand as an authority in your industry, build trust with your audience, and generate more leads. High-Quality content is responsible for improving your search engine rankings and this keeps customers coming back for more. Implementing a solid content marketing strategy can lead to better-quality leads, higher conversion rates and an ultimate increased business growth.


About the Author:

This blog is authored by Nandini Pathak with an area of expertise in technology. Uniquely blending her legal background to create engaging content, she is passionately involved in emerging technology trends. An avid dog lover, her warmth and empathy enrich her writing style. Nandini’s passion for learning and her SEO proficiency ensure her work stays relevant and visible, making her an impactful content creator who seamlessly integrates personal pursuits with professional expertise in the technology domain.

By Team TIS
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