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Sell Upto 40% More This Christmas With These 18 Ecommerce Optimization Tips

Sell Upto 40% More This Christmas With These 18 Ecommerce Optimization Tips
By Team TIS

As seen in the last 3 years, eCommerce sales shoot up to all-time high during the Christmas shopping season (Nov1-Jan31) making it the most profitable time of the year for online merchants.

With the festive season catching up fast, how should you tweak your online store to give your customers the most exciting shopping experience while fetching maximum sales? In this post, I’m sharing the top 18 eCommerce website optimization tips that can increase the conversion rates of your e-shop by up to 40% more, if implemented rightly. For your convenience, I’ve listed all the tips under 3 major categories – eCommerce website design & user experience, promotional marketing/email campaigning & eCommerce SEO tactics along with living examples so that you don’t miss any single aspect while prepping up the whole store to boost sales for the big Christmas shopping carnival.

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18 eCommerce Optimization Tips

Tip 1- Get a complete festive makeover – Christmas Theme, Banners & Imagery

Ask your website designer to use a themed background with a golden, silver, green or red color scheme and create beautifully styled banners. You can also get a completely custom-designed theme by hiring dedicated resources from professional website design companies. While most of them are busy this time and have already stopped taking eCommerce projects for Christmas 2014, TIS India will be taking up overseas projects from eCommerce merchants worldwide till the end of November 2014 so that shop owners across the globe can cater to the last minute rush easily !!

Tip 2 – Create an effective mobile-optimized landing page to promote product sales on Black Friday, Super Saturday, and Cyber Monday

Creating targeted content-specific landing pages convert better than the homepage when it comes to exclusive promotions and sales especially if you’re planning a PPC ad. Get an attractive responsive landing page design for Black Friday, Super Saturday & Cyber Monday deals. Don’t forget to include some of the key landing page elements like Header, Body copy, call to action, and trust elements (testimonials, return policy, etc) while designing a landing page.

You can also download some popular Christmas Landing Page templates like Noelle, Feast, XMAS Season, Gadget, Mistle Toe, etc from Themeforest.

Example – Last year Tesco, the biggest online retailer of electronic devices used the below Landing Page with a countdown in their PPC Campaign which highlighted their products and ranked their website 5th in the paid search index, just after Amazon, Apple, Techradar & Kobo. The sale targeted Cyber Monday – the busiest day of Christmas weekend in the US & UK & ended up with an exponential boost in revenue.

Tip 3 – Create an Easy cum Quick Path To Conversion – Point shoppers in the right direction by making navigation shopper friendly

Make sure you make the navigation easy enough to help visitors reach the most relevant product they’re looking for in no time. Using website architectural organization as a sales tool will make it even easier for visitors to stop by.

Optimize the no. of clicks by mapping the whole user navigation so that customers can find your products easily & quickly, like if you’ve just one subcategory for a product, remove the subcategory and place the subproduct under the top-level navigation category only.

Say, For example – If there’s a top-level-category Christmas Decor and you just have Christmas Trees to sell under this category, then instead of making complicated navigation like Christmas Decor à Christmas Trees & creating a separate page/link for both; list down all the Christmas Trees directly on your Christmas Decor webpage. This will make it less time-consuming for the shoppers.

Promotional Marketing and Email Campaigning Tips

Tip 4 – Make way for Consecutive Sales – Highlight the kick-off of Christmas by offering Thankyou Gifts to your loyal customers

Last year, eCommerce website Totes-Isotoner positioned 50% off as a thank-you gift to their customers by scheduling a second message immediately after a customer bought something from them. 

This “thank you” message delighted their customers up to an extent that they kept on purchasing more & more and in turn, the website was able to boost sales to a great extent.

Tip 5 – Spot the “Bestsellers”, and “Favorites” and put them in exclusive sections like “Deal of the Hour”

Research the top-picked gifts, top-rated products, or the most trending items on your website that have received the best ratings/reviews from customers. Tag them under brand exclusives and showcase them in sections like “Deal of the Hour” with a countdown. This is a great way to prompt visitors to take action almost instantly.

Tip 6 – Optimize your Paid Advertising Campaigns

Research shows that 50% of all eCommerce sales on Christmas are now driven by Search advertising. So, don’t follow a “one-strategy-fits-all” approach here and assign different bid levels for each advertising campaign. Before campaigning, research the right data & plan which high-value products you can monetize on for gaining maximum returns. Use some conversion-tracking tools also to know the success %age of each campaign and understand how you need to change bids based on the performance of keywords (Cost-per-click bids). Use competitive intelligence tools to find the best keywords that you can target for selling products on Christmas. Also, don’t forget to create dedicated landing pages relevant to what you’re selling through the ad.

Bonus Tip–  For executing effective PPC Campaigns to get maximum returns on your investment, always avail of services from a PPC advertising agency that is a Google Partner and comprises Google Adwords Certified Professionals only.

Tip 7 – Start Email Campaigning on a high frequency

Email marketing still remains the most effective way of reaching out to customers. The biggest evidence is the Direct Marketing Association that claims email marketing campaign has a 4300% impact on ROI. So, plan exclusive email campaigns for the pre-Christmas weekend rush especially for Cyber Monday, Super Saturday, and Black Friday by creating newsletters with suitable imagery & catchy subject lines.  But remember to space your campaigns decently so as not to end up annoying customers. Map out the suitable dates for sending campaigns and make distinct campaigns every time. Also, include links to get customers back to your product pages while designing the newsletter. One amazing idea that can fetch you even more conversions is by implementing an email remarketing strategy after tracking the success of previous campaigns and using effective email tactics to reach out to people.

According to a recent data report from Exact Target, a large chunk of merchants miss sales opportunities due to the inability to use effective email campaigning tactics & messaging.

The data clearly shows how important it is to implement all the five email tactics wisely to produce “excellent returns”. For Christmas sales, just focus on the 4 strategies like Loyalty email, Welcome series, Browser Retargeting, and Abandoned carts.

Tip 8 – Ramp up for the social media rush, earn “Word of Mouth” sales and allow endorsements from other customers

Social care is the major factor that influences customers. Besides this, adding product ratings and review sections to the website can build up trust and will allow customers to make ‘more informed’ purchases while enabling them to recommend your products within their social circle. Ask shoppers to make word-of-mouth recommendations by offering them special Christmas gifts or you can plan some group purchases for better response. An amazing idea is to allow shoppers who use social media networks like Facebook to access customer service or seek shopping advice through Facebook timeline/comment/post just like NM Incite did last year. Also, encourage positive customer reviews by offering them rewards. Here’s a screenshot that will give you an idea of how to do this.

Example – Below is a screenshot attached from an eCommerce website that sells baby products & accessories. Look at the highlighted top message that they incorporated into their website to reach more people, build loyalty and boost sales

SEO Ecommerce Website Optimization Tips – Tweak your SEO strategy for Mega Christmas Sales

With Panda 4.1 rollout, it is necessary to tweak your SEO strategy beforehand if you don’t want to lose sales during this big shopping season. Apart from the 4 tips shared below, you can read this blog on Ecommerce SEO Tips to drive more sales- 10 Secrets shared that explains 10 quick tricks to optimize the website for search engines using examples from popular online stores.

Tip 9 – Make your product and category pages more unique, engaging, and relevant

Now the Google search engine is no less than a human and will turn off if you offer irrelevant product pages that don’t add any value. Take time and write effective product descriptions for what you sell. Don’t clutter the content here and there as Panda 4.1 will slam the websites that look like a content farm

Tip 10 – Freshen up your website with Up-to-Date content for more visibility

Update the whole content of your website to get ready for more Christmas cheer. Tailor your content according to relevant industry, link popular sources, and sync your content publishing efforts with social media as well to create maximum impact.

Tip 11 – Solve the Duplicacy issue – Don’t end up selling the same Christmas gifts on 4-5 similar pages

Run link tests, especially on the landing pages designed for conversion. Visitors should not end up on similar product pages while looking up the same product. Use canonical versions to be safe and tag the “child” pages with a ‘noindex, follow’ in your robots.txt file.

Tip 12 – Handle Removed Products – Have a Broken Link Check & handle pagination properly

Broken links are the worst thing that can happen to your eCommerce site and cost you sales. Identify them and fix them before launching the new store.

Tip 13 – Test Server Load

The last-minute rush can crash your website. To avoid this, pre-check whether your site is equipped enough to handle bulk visitors. You can detect this by signing up free with Load Impact and checking it via running 5 free tests per month.

5 Bonus Tips to make your online store “stand out” this Christmas

Here, I’m sharing some bonus tips to help you ramp up your eCommerce store for more sales.

Tip 14 – Offer Free Christmas gift wrapping service

You can offer a Free Christmas gift wrapping service along with Free Delivery.

Tip 15 – Create a Christmas Gift Purchasing Guide

How about creating a Christmas Gift Purchasing Guide for customers and showcasing selected products that can make up the best gift according to different age groups.

Tip 16 – Launch E-Gift Vouchers

You can Launch E-Gift Vouchers and outline the benefits of choosing a voucher as a Christmas gift and surprise friends. You can also lure customers by giving Cash Back Offers on a selected range of credit/debit cards.

Tip 17 – Launch a Christmas competition

Competitions will help customers win free stuff. This will get you extra visibility & potential traffic straight on your website.

Tip 18 – Promote across multiple channels

You can promote your store and offers across multiple channels for extra visibility.

Wrap Up

Big Christmas bucks are eagerly waiting for you!! So, it’s high time that you take action and touch up your eCommerce site to gear up for the biggest shopping carnival. If you have any questions or queries, you can take actionable advice from our eCommerce consultants. Happy selling!!

By Team TIS
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