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10 Awesome Local PPC Tips You Should Be Implementing Right Away

10 Awesome Local PPC Tips You Should Be Implementing Right Away
By Team TIS

Are you trying hard to gain maximum output from your local PPC campaign, but all in vain? Is your PPC campaign not delivering the expected benefits?

Well, you’re not alone! We all have been there, and ultimately end up realizing that you don’t need to think big to get maximum returns, especially when it comes to PPC. It pays to be local and your local markets are only going to make your campaign a success.

You might aim to target big, your whole country for instance. But, if you are a small business owner, you will end up realizing that you don’t have enough budget to run a campaign at that level. And while all million-dollar companies are doing far better nationally, how would you be able to make a space for yourself? Well, that’s the epic moment. You need to realize that while the national market is already occupied, your local area is still offering you less competition. The big companies are not focusing there and this is perhaps why you should bridge that gap!

For example, if you run a local business in Chicago, why run your PPC campaign targeting Illinois? It is only evident that people from Chicago would be your direct buyers, and this is the reason why you should route your efforts targeting the local market only.

Let’s understand this better with the help of the following successful local PPC campaign tips.

Top 10 PPC Campaign Tips

1) Keep monitoring your budget

It is important to define your PPC budget before triggering the campaign. Further, it is even more important to keep monitoring your pre-defined budget in order to avoid crossing it.

Undoubtedly, your budget limit is reached pretty quickly when you are executing a PPC campaign, which is why it is necessary to spend your money only on the most profitable services. But how would you recognize your most profitable services?

One thing you should do is analyze all your past campaigns, make a list of all the products and services that have performed fairly well, and invest in them going forward. This analysis of past data followed by framing out a systematic strategy should be left up to PPC experts who have proper knowledge and intent about it.

Hiring experienced PPC professionals would definitely ensure that your budget is allocated wisely and that it would reap maximum outputs on your limited investment.

This would not only ensure that your budget is allocated wisely but would also reap maximum outputs on your input.

2) Enhance your PPC campaign with Google Search Console data

This local PPC strategy is fairly simple. All you need to do is identify your best-performing keywords from your Google Search Console, and compare those keywords with the keywords your PPC campaigns were built around that you have executed so far. If a certain keyword is fetching you good impressions, it can definitely prove to be a profitable group. It is thus highly recommended to run your next PPC campaign revolving around those keywords to boost your search engine positioning.

3) Create Ad Groups and Ad Copies based on the targeted cities

It goes without saying, the more locally relevant your ad groups and ad copies are, the better the chances that they will rank themselves better. Let’s consider a simple example. Let’s say you run a local shoe store in Chicago, USA, and have allocated a limited budget for your PPC campaign.

To fetch the best out of your budget, it is highly recommended to create a campaign targeting Chicago and then create an ad group for your targeted keywords aimed at Chicago.

This reaps better results. Further, you can even narrow down your efforts, and create a campaign for each city you do business in. Thus, the probability is high that when someone looks for boots in Chicago, your business would rank far better than what it could have been if you would have targeted it on a national level.

This is where the real beauty of local PPC advertising lies!

4) Customize your site links and call-outs locally

You can boost your conversions significantly by making the best use of ad extensions. Go a step ahead of just providing your business address and phone number, instead, try adding your location to your site links and callout extensions.

5) Communicate with your target audience in the local language

This has two advantages. First, you’re able to build a better connection with your target audience. Second, it rules out bad and unwanted clicks.

Let’s understand this with the help of an example. Let’s assume that you own a waterpark that is famous among the locals as ABP. But this is not your waterpark’s official name though. You named it AB Water Park, but locals like to call it ABP.
If you really want to reach out to your local community and want them to visit your park, you don’t only have to use the terms like water, rides, ocean, and others while writing your ad copy. You also need to talk about what locals can relate to better. Talk about ABP, ABP rides, and ABP fun because that’s how the locals are able to relate to your waterpark better.

6) Include zip code both in your display URL and ad copy

Ads with numbers definitely catch more eyes. Take this a step ahead by including your zip code. This would not only garner easy attention but would also convince the users of the fact that you share the same locality with them!

Imagine you run a Botox treatment clinic in Northerly Hill. What could be a better way to relate with the locals of your area than using the 24567 zip in your ad?

This would not only help you in targeting your audiences better but would also garner more eyes.

7)  Put Ads at the Opportune Time

One of the successful ways of running successful PPC campaigns is to show the advertisements to the audience at the most opportune time. To schedule the ads for the right times, you should understand the behavior of your target consumers well. You should find out at what times they are most active.

In the beginning, you can schedule your PPC ad campaigns round the clock and gradually learn about the behavior of your target audience to schedule your ads at the times when they are the most active.

If you are a B2B company, then you have the privilege of running your PPC ad campaigns during office hours as your audience will be most active during that time.

8) Keep Rotating Your Ads

You cannot display all your ads in one place, especially when you have many ads to display. So, you need to rotate the ads. You can optimize your ads for rotation in the following ways:

  • The ads which receive the highest number of clicks are to be displayed frequently
  • The ads entailing good conversions should be prioritized and be shown more often
  • For the ads without clicks for a longer period, say 90 days, replace them with ads getting clicks

9) Select Right Keywords

Selecting the right keywords that fit perfectly to your PPC campaign is not as easy as it sounds to be. Finding out the appropriate keywords is vital to running the campaign successfully.

For selecting the right keywords, you should figure out the words people would be using when they:

  • Casually conduct research on your business
  • Narrow down their options

You need to be very careful in selecting the keywords. You should be extra careful to ensure that the keywords will specifically display your ads and not excessive ads with respect to other businesses similar to yours.

10) Create Mobile-Friendly Ads

You should leverage the proliferation of mobiles in your PPC campaign. As mobiles have proliferated across almost all segments of the human population, you should create your ads in mobile-friendly ways so that they reach the maximum of your target audience.

There is a facility in AdWords that allows you to set your ads as mobile-friendly so that you can tune your content as well as CTA to best suit mobile devices.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that if your ads direct users to a landing page, it has to be mobile-friendly. Or else, your ads will fail to deliver consumer engagement.


When you are the owner of a local business, it can get a bit hard to be present in front of the right audience. By using local PPC campaigns, you can run effective online advertising in your budget. Such campaigns are very useful and will definitely help you in increasing your brand’s awareness and enhance your conversions. These local PPC campaigns are easily trackable and allow you to run relevant ads which are necessary for your business.

We are sure that if you keep the above-mentioned factors in mind and follow this guide, you can reap better outputs on your investments and keep a track of your budget as well.

By Team TIS
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