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How Salesforce Sales Cloud Helps Organizations Empower Their Sales?

How Salesforce Sales Cloud Helps Organizations Empower Their Sales?
By Team TIS

Enlighten, accommodate, enhance, improve, sell, connect, manage – in a world where commerce is increasingly conducted on a screen in your hand, these terms have come to be sales mantras. Getting to the right customers with fast, accurate and seamless communication and options is not just important; it’s non-negotiable. The customer is king like never before, and servicing the customer increasingly depends on comprehensive tech-enabled platforms.

The pandemic and resultant lockdowns across the world served to push sales and marketing initiatives to phones, tablets and computer screens. To be competitive, businesses must have access to customer-related data and an overall view of customer needs. To enable this, a one-stop skill and software solution in a customizable framework is now increasingly indispensable, which Salesforce Sales Cloud promises to deliver. 

Salesforce Sales Cloud brings a host of features that help in facilitating real-time interaction with customers to increase productive results while reducing the time that salespersons spend at their workstations or computer screens. It brings mobility and speed by automating multiple manual tasks and simultaneously helps prioritize opportunities.

Salesforce Sales Cloud: The Perfect Partner to Grow Your Business by Leaps and Bounds

Salesforce Sales Cloud services and Salesforce Sales Cloud solutions help enhance businesses by:

Reducing expenditure: A browser and an internet connection are all you need to access whatever you want. Salesforce Sales Cloud’s cloud-based sales applications do away with the need to install expensive hardware.

Being ready-to-go: Salesforce Sales Cloud can be run quickly after turning on, so say goodbye to time-consuming and often frustrating configuration processes. It comes with easy-to-follow guidelines to run CRM solutions.

Customization:  Salesforce Sales Cloud is fully customizable and configurable. It can also be enhanced through the use of third-party apps and comes with easy-to-use components. 

Training: Resources provided by Salesforce Sales Cloud can be used to train sales teams with content that provides insights useful in making the most of a sales team member’s potential.

Accommodation: Now you have a size for every client, be it a small business or a multi-million dollar one. With Salesforce Sales Cloud tools, specific sales approaches can be formulated based on the client’s needs.

Enhancement: Identify and approach your targeted customer profile with enhanced strategies tailored to increase the number of clients and the overall business revenue. Salesforce ensures personalized support as well as access to detailed client data. This will help to optimize lead acquisition and make clients confident to commit.

Improvement: Latest updated analytics and options for detailed reporting help businesses to improve their strategies, and plug loopholes where necessary. This can be done on the go, which means doing away with strategy-modification delays or waiting for quarterly reports to assess progress and find flaws. 

Selling Power: The more quickly businesses can sell their products, the more they gain. With Salesforce Sales Cloud, businesses have the power to shorten the sales cycle with automated campaigns. These adaptive campaigns ensure that businesses can be a step ahead of their clients to provide them with the best possible service. 

Connecting: While it is important to have well-trained sales teams, it is equally necessary that the right salesperson is interacting with the client most suited to his or her skills and knowledge. This will help businesses effectively manage their sales territories to get maximum productivity and results. 

Experience: Salesforce Sales Cloud has been helping businesses grow their client base for close to 20 years, and has been consistently recognized as the market leader in cloud-based sales applications.

Unmatched mobility: With the Salesforce1 app, all sales functions can be managed directly from the phone. Business owners and senior executives can access data and dashboards in real-time on their phones, enabling them to respond to developments, wherever they may be located. This does away with having to spend a lot of time in the office to deal with situations that may arise during the business day. The app also provides access to all data on the system. 

The Unmatched Power of Einstein AI to Boost Your CRM 

Customer is king, says Einstein AI. The customer is at the center of all sales activity, and making the customer experience seamless is the challenge. The artificial intelligence tool by Salesforce, called Einstein AI, provides forecasts and trends related to customer behavior. Einstein AI is designed to collate and analyze such data to suggest how the sales approach to a specific customer can be tailored. 

Einstein AI, a cutting-edge Salesforce Sales Cloud Service, will have access to all available Customer Relationship Management (CRM) data available across the Salesforce framework. It analyses factors like leads and helps to rank those leads for effective follow-up by the sales team. Einstein AI will also similarly rank possibilities so that the sales team gets to prioritize clients.

In addition to these features offered by Salesforce Sales Cloud, Einstein AI also provides account insights. Using this feature, Einstein AI collates information from various sources and integrates it with CRM account data. These collated news updates on accounts help businesses keep track of developments at the client-end, such as a change in senior management.

Being armed with such up-to-date information and news on client activity keeps businesses more in sync with clients, and interactions with them can be more accurate. These advantages can give businesses a better chance at closing deals in shorter timeframes.

There’s much more to Einstein AI, should you choose to opt for the Supercharged Sales Cloud. 

Einstein Forecasting

This feature of Einstein AI is a prime example of how Salesforce Sales Cloud Solutions makes it so much easier for businesses to navigate highly-competitive markets with accuracy and gives them an edge over their rivals. Einstein Forecasting does exactly what it promises – offer the user a range of predictions on how the business is likely to perform in the near future. Einstein AI’s forecasting feature and predictions are based on available customer-related data. 

Sales Cloud Einstein helps to prioritize leads and opportunities. What makes it special is the constantly-updated scores that Einstein AI gives to prospective clients and leads. The Einstein score serves to prioritize leads based on various factors and parameters. This gives an edge to sales team members as they formulate their approach. Using the score, the salesperson can act on the lead by communicating with the customer on priority. 

Einstein AI also provides handy performance charts and account insights that are updated in real-time. It includes scheduling and productivity tools that empower businesses to use precious business hours more productively. It helps to manage tasks from a central location, while constantly updating them.

Advantages of Salesforce Tools

Use data effectively: By integrating with Salesforce Analytics Cloud for AI-driven insights and reports, businesses can improve their effectiveness and work better on their leads. 

Micro-manage remotely: While modern sales tools make sales teams more focused and productive, in the end, it is the customer who drives a business towards being profitable. To get to the right customers, sales teams must work smoothly and in full collaboration. Salesforce Sales Cloud Solutions helps to track and evaluate your sales processes, all in real-time. Salesforce Sales Cloud features enable sales executives to use visual representations to see how teams are performing, their strengths, and key areas in which their performance could be improved.

Considering that the client is the focus of sales strategies, Salesforce Sales Cloud empowers businesses to integrate the customer into every aspect of sales. This is achieved by using detailed analyses of sales data collected and processed using Salesforce’s tools and applications.

Flexibility: Salesforce Sales Cloud is designed to allow each member of a business sales team the freedom to choose their preferred sales mode, be it over the phone or in person. This makes for a personalized experience for the client. 

Online presence: Salesforce tools make it easy for businesses to be a part of the Salesforce Community Cloud, where they can build communities of their clients and customers. This is used to bring customers together on a common platform on social media for feedback and suggestions. Also, discussions on social media give wide exposure to businesses to various sections of customers. 

Among other notable features for enabling online presence is the option to sync emails with Salesforce for sending emails from the business feed. Also provided is the option to refer to for gathering sales-related data.

Be more effective: While it is great to have the best available sales tools, successful sales in the present context depend more and more on data. Salesforce provides access to its constantly-updated and growing data, along with invaluable tips, articles, detailed reports, and trend insights. This data is easily searchable and well-organized, which saves time and can be used by all sales team members to formulate better approaches to their prospective clients.

Communication: Right up there on the priority list for successful businesses is communication between employees, teams, and departments. Good communication leads to great collaboration between sales team members, enabling them to sell more effectively. 

A sales team that doesn’t have good communication channels could wind up underperforming. Salesforce Sales Cloud Solutions offers built-in collaboration solutions, so your team can act faster on leads and close deals more quickly. These collaboration solutions help salespersons to find the right information easily, connect on projects and share data.

Increase the reach of your CRM: Salesforce AppExchange helps businesses take their sales game to the next level. With app integration, many limitations on CRM effectiveness can be resolved. 

Build your own apps: By integrating with the Salesforce Platform, you can build your own apps with user-friendly app-building tools. Now, all sales-related calls can be logged automatically. You also have the option to use as little or as much coding as you want. Salesforce AppExchange app-building tools offer no-code and low-code options, making it possible for users without coding skills to design the perfect applications for their business.

Go multinational: Businesses looking to penetrate foreign markets to sell their products and services have Heroku Enterprise at their disposal. This Salesforce Sales Cloud service can be used to implement and scale sales apps around the world, in all mainstream developer languages.

Businesses can maximize the reach of their CRM software by integrating with Salesforce platforms. Users can build their advanced applications using a variety of user-friendly tools. For those who prefer to use pre-built options, Salesforce AppExchange offers hundreds of downloadable options.

Often, what makes a telling difference between a successful and unsuccessful business is the level of service it provides. In a competitive market, poor customer service can cost your business. By adopting Salesforce Sales Cloud Solutions, businesses can give customers the benefit of the world’s most trusted CRM solutions, which will go a long way in ensuring more customer loyalty and brand recall. 

Salesforce Cloud Consultant – The Ultimate CRM Warrior!

The Salesforce Cloud Consultant program is designed for sales and marketing consultants who have experience implementing Salesforce Sales Cloud solutions in a customer-facing role. 

By successfully attempting the Salesforce Certified Administrator exam, such consultants can confidently claim to have experience with the administration and configuration of a Salesforce application. The Salesforce Certified Sales Cloud Consultant can design and implement maintainable and scalable Sales Cloud solutions that meet the client’s business requirements and contribute to customer success in the long term.

What does a Salesforce Sales Cloud Consultant do? 

A Salesforce Certified Sales Cloud Consultant designs and deploys solutions that support customer business processes and requirements using Salesforce applications. The consultant has experience designing solutions that optimize Sales Cloud functionality and can take the lead in the implementation of such solutions for a client. 

The consultant has prior experience working with sales and marketing organizations and has expertise in creating, implementing and using Salesforce Sales Cloud applications. Salesforce Certified Sales Cloud Consultant has the necessary expertise and knowledge needed to implement multiple applications in common sales scenarios.

As they specialize in implementing Salesforce Sales Cloud features and services, such as automation, Salesforce Certified Sales Cloud Consultants are empowered and trained to have expertise in cloud computing implementation. Usually, a Salesforce Certified Sales Cloud Consultant will typically have at least two years of experience as a senior business analyst. Their skill sets include: 

  • Thorough knowledge of Internet technologies and cloud computing
  • Comprehensive experience in data management and database concepts
  • Structured skills as consultants 
  • Knowhow of full project lifecycle of Sales Cloud implementations 
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving abilities
  • Complete familiarity with the Salesforce product lines
  • Knowledge of software development lifecycle

How do Salesforce Sales Cloud Consultants Enhance Business? 

With the training and prior experience in sales and marketing roles, Salesforce Sales Cloud Consultants help businesses to keep tabs on what could go wrong, while ensuring a great customer experience through successfully implementing Salesforce Sales Cloud Solutions

Sales Cloud Consultants are trained to spot areas for improvement in the business management practices and suggest critical changes and solutions that would go on to ensure success in the long term.

Thanks to their training and ability to successfully implement Salesforce Sales Cloud Solutions, Sales Cloud Consultants are able to deliver effective business solutions. They also take care of solution delivery and issues related to solution delivery. 

Sales Cloud Consultants accord fitting priority to issues brought up by customers and escalate them as per importance. This includes troubleshooting and providing resolutions in real-time to enable businesses to sell better.   

By being up-to-date with the implementation of Salesforce Sales Cloud applications and solutions, Salesforce Sales Cloud Consultants are able to anticipate and mitigate risk. This makes it possible to build solutions that are scalable and maintainable

They make it easier for the sales teams to manage customer expectations and meet them in a more prepared manner. This serves to increase customer confidence. 

Salesforce Sales Cloud Implementation Consultant – Your Partner for Growth

An Implementation Consultant is a professional who is trained and experienced in evaluating a sales project and bringing together all required changes or implementation activities. This would cover support activities as well as other key processes like documentation and integration.

What Does a Salesforce Sales Cloud Implementation Partner do?

Businesses looking to grow and scale benefit from associating with a good Salesforce Implementation partner. An implementation partner can enable a business to automate its processes. They will also handle in-depth training of sales teams based on identified areas for improvement, and ensure that such training is successfully Implemented by the sales teams.

An organization that specializes in delivering this service based on Salesforce Sales Cloud services and solutions, and has been reviewed and approved by Salesforce to implement CRM solutions on Salesforce’s behalf, is called an implementation partner. An implementation partner will usually specialize in a particular sector.

Different Levels of Salesforce Implementation Partners

Salesforce has 4 levels – Base, Ridge, Crest and Summit. The levels serve to classify Salesforce Sales Cloud Consulting partners. These partners are evaluated, based on which their level may be changed. The evaluation is done on a quarterly basis in a financial year. 

A Salesforce Implementation partner earns through referral fees and from software or services that they add to the Salesforce database for deployment. The Salesforce partner program serves to act as a measuring scale of sorts for software being uploaded to Sales Cloud and how often it is being used.

How Does a Salesforce Implementation Partner Enhance Business? 

A Salesforce Sales Cloud implementation partner provides assistance in Salesforce solutions implementation and customizing as per the needs of the business hiring their services. Salesforce Sales Cloud implementation services include migration, configuration, integration, support for various industries, and customization.

Salesforce Sales Cloud implementation services can ensure that your business needs are met in a structured and personalized manner. A Salesforce implementation partner seeks to be on the same page as the business they are servicing. They will endeavor to understand the business’s needs in detail and provide the right Salesforce implementation solution. To make the functioning of the business more efficient, a Salesforce Implementation Partner will work towards mitigating risks and resolving any problems that may arise. 

Salesforce Implementation: A Vital Service in a New Business Age

Providing training: Sales teams, just like other business teams, are prone to getting used to existing technology and may show resistance to upgrading to new technology. There are many possible reasons for this reaction, but it remains a fact that resistance to new technology is a major reason for sales team members not adopting upgraded technology and trying to continue working with the existing versions. Salesforce Sales Cloud implementation partners provide specialized, relevant and interactive training sessions as per the business’s requirement. These training sessions inspire confidence and make it easier to adopt new technology by the teams.

Ensuring best practices: Given their proven expertise in implementing Salesforce solutions, implementation partners have comprehensive knowledge of the best practices for smooth deployment. By adopting this approach, costly and time-consuming errors can be avoided. By knowing the best practices to be put into use, Salesforce Sales Cloud implementation partners take all necessary precautions to ensure Salesforce Sales Cloud solutions are implemented successfully.  

When experience counts: The Salesforce Sales Cloud implementation partner is well-versed in the intricacies of successfully implementing Salesforce Sales Cloud solutions. As a professional organization working across businesses and industry sectors, Salesforce Sales Cloud Implementation has widespread experience. Using their services, therefore, would prove beneficial to a business, rather than trying to implement Salesforce Sales Cloud solutions on their own. 

Conclusion: Many Sizes, Many Fits with Salesforce

From the various uses, features, solutions and implementation methods mentioned above, it is clear that Salesforce Sales Cloud solutions have little competition in the field of enabling sales teams of different businesses to perform better and be more productive.

As the world grows ever smaller to fit into the customer’s palm, the need to provide a seamless and integrated buying experience is more important than ever before. Often, in this scenario, the better customer experience – be it servicing them, interacting with them or providing relevant and timely updates – can make all the difference between success and failure for a business. 

With hundreds of startups taking birth across the world, the focus is on better presenting sales approaches and getting to know the customer in a more personalized manner, which is what Salesforce Sales Cloud accomplishes through its customizable solutions, irrespective of the nature of business.

By Team TIS
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