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Why is Mobile SEO Important For Your Business?

By Team TIS

With mobile internet usage facing explosive growth nowadays, Mobile SEO has also moved from the category of “Someday” to “Priority”. With a sudden surge in mobile internet uses, the competency for establishing your business existence among mobile users has also grown extensively. If you do not own a mobile-friendly website yet, it is the right time for you to invest in building a responsive website for promoting your business among mobile phone users. However, owning a mobile site is not enough to lure mobile users to the services you need to adopt unique and successful mobile SEO strategies for receiving fruitful results in this competitive era. A recent survey conducted on behalf of Google has revealed that 74 percent of mobile phone users use search engines for their shopping purposes while 83 percent of users show an inclination to make a purchase in a day and 55 percent of mobile users intend to make the purchase within an hour.


Is this figure interesting? This figure highlights the growing importance of mobile marketing and they clearly signify that if your website is not customized as per the mobile phone screens, it will certainly hamper its search engine rankings and conversions.

A responsive web design corresponds to the technique that makes the website responds to the device, which is being used for viewing the web pages. It gives an optimal viewing experience to mobile phone users. Responsive websites remove the pains of having different websites for desktop and mobile phones since a single website has the ability to optimize itself as per the varied screen sizes.

As the percentage of page views from mobile devices has boosted notably in the past few months, it is very important to implement mobile SEO strategies successfully on your website to improve your business productivity.

It is equally significant to note that no mobile SEO techniques will do a miracle for escalating your business unless you own a responsive web design. We must have to find out the essential ways that guarantee mobile SEO success in 2022.

However, do you know why mobile phone searches have grown extensively in the past few months? It is because most people often access their social networks through mobile technology and hence, optimizing your social media existence will give a positive impact on your business conversions. A social presence of your business will add to your site’s implication and visibility.

Explore the Importance of Mobile SEO

Do you ever try to notice the reason that encouraged the need of optimizing the website as per mobile searches? The answer lies with Google, whose search engine is completely inspired by mobile design. When we search on the desktop version of Google, it shows eight paid ads above the fold and it still has space for a map and three organic searches accompanied by a couple of local packs but in the mobile version of Google, the case is completely different.

It shows only two paid ads above the fold with only one organic search that pops over the mobile screen. This single organic search has the benefit of being the only organic search on the page thus grabbing the attention of users considerably.

Unquestionably, Google has started favoring responsive websites that are designed to lodge both mobile search and viewing. This is why mobile SEO has become mandatory for online businesses if they really want to enjoy the taste of success in this competitive marketplace. Google is consistently attempting for improving the mobile user experience. Therefore, following the mobile strategies that fall in alignment with this goal will surely impart success to the website owners.

Role of Mobile SEO in Improving Business ROI

Every business tries to get its Return on Investment (ROI) in the shortest period while some businesses want a significant increase in their ROI. With the current trend of mobile phones and tablets, mobile SEO is also gaining importance. Meanwhile, it is equally important to analyze how mobile SEO helps in improving business ROI.

For a successful online business, monitoring Google’s actions is very essential and with the launch of the design improvements in its search engine, Google has shown a greater inclination towards mobile and tablet users. An annual state of report was launched recently, which states that a great deal of Google searches are performed by mobile users and the adoption rate of smartphones and tablets is increasing considerably.

Moreover, mobile phone users are social in nature and they like to keep posting their views, thoughts, and pictures on social media sites, which have ultimately affected their inclination towards mobile sites as well.

Investing in developing RWD sites will eventually lead to an improvement in business ROI because the trend of using the net through mobile phones tends to increase in the imminent years. The best examples of businesses with improved ROI are eCommerce websites.

The majority of mobile phone and tablet users search for making a purchase through an online shopping portal. Earlier also, we have discussed the figure stating that 55 percent of mobile users have an inclination for making a purchase within an hour while 83 percent have an inclination to make a purchase within a day.

If you are eager about how Mobile SEO directly affects the business ROI of an eCommerce website, you can compare the visitation rate of any famous online retailers, (Amazon, Walmart, and Target) through both desktop and mobile devices individually.

The survey graph will reveal that the visitation rate of all these retailers is averagely double on mobile than that of the desktop which is why retailers, as well as other business, are focusing more on improving the key components of effective mobile eCommerce websites and promoting their sites via mobile SEO. If your site is ranking well on Google’s mobile version of a search engine, then it will positively influence the ROI of your business. Consumers are visiting the websites through their mobile devices at a rate double than desktop and if your site is not mobile-friendly, then you might lose a significant percentage of your valuable customers including those who are searching for your store information as well as those who are making purchases from your store.

Impact of Mobile SEO on Local Businesses

Whenever the word local comes to our mind, the most common thought that strikes our mind is “Something or someplace nearby”. Now, let us come to the main question that pops up in our mind after reading the title. How Mobile SEO influences local businesses? Does it have a positive influence? I will explain it to you with proper examples.

A survey done by Our Mobile Planet has revealed that 94 percent of mobile phone users have performed searches for getting local information and around 84 percent have taken action as well. BIA/Kelsey has also forecast that the volume of mobile searches will see massive growth in the upcoming years and Google itself has predicted that the percentage of mobile searches will surpass desktop searches in the near future. You can assume these forecasts as self-prophecies because if you have also searched anything on Google through a mobile device, you must have noticed that the location has a significant impact on your searches. Hence, it is mandatory that businesses capitalize on this trend. Let us assume that you own a restaurant in your locality, and someone has searched through his or her mobile device about the restaurants in your locality. Now, if you have used the Mobile SEO strategies accurately for your website, then surely your website will be displayed in the top list of organic searches and the user will definitely visit your website to go through your restaurant menu. It will not only help in increasing traffic over your website but will also help in improving conversions.


This article will help you with all the details of mobile SEO including its meaning, its importance, its utilization, and the ways it can help you improve your conversions. So, if you want your website to be supported by all types of different devices, you may follow this guide for desired results.

Also from all the above-mentioned examples, you can easily understand how an effective Mobile SEO strategy will help your business to become popular and known among mobile phone users.

So this is the time that you do your best and make your website mobile friendly and apply these Mobile SEO strategies on your website to give your website optimum results.  Also, you can hire professionals like us for your web design services and we shall help you to get more and more visitors to your website.

By Team TIS
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